Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Will the Real DD, Please Stand Up?

A friend of ours has decided she wants to be a photographer. She took her sister (my dd's sweet friend) and my dd out for a photo shoot one day. She got some great shots of both girls. Thought I would share some of the pictures. (Please be aware I have cropped some of these and lowered their image sizes so as not to blow Blogger's mind.)

Most teens tend to look like this a LOT of the time! Of course, you should see their mothers!!

Does this face look familiar? Probably not. I've sure seen it a time or two or three or a BUNCH! Not my favorite look, obviously. This is dd's mad look. This particular time it was a pose for the camera, but there are times when it is very real! It's very rare for anyone other than her dear mom (and one other who will remain nameless) to see it. Why is that? So I'm sharing it with the world-- just in case you doubt it exists. (See PrincessDeb...she DOES do this!)

This is the look she gives when she can't quite believe her dear mom could be so stupid!

But here is the look I love and cherish. This is the one her parents and the world most normally see.

A laughing, smiling teenager makes my heart feel blessed!

Yes indeed, I am surely a blessed woman!

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Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Horses are good.

Horses are nice.

Horses keep girls home at night.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

frames around the picture come from the template that I'm using.