Thursday, July 2, 2009

Voila! Ain't So Complete!

So.... a few weeks ago, I decide to try something new for supper.

In a fit of fancy, I had purchased this Voila frozen dinner at Publix. It was on sale. I had the silly thought that we could give it a try on one of those busy nights when I didn't feel like REALLY cooking. It looked promising.

Check out the picture.

"Voila! -- A Complete Meal in 10 Minutes"

Maybe you can even read the ingredients: "Carrots, Broccoli and Red Peppers with White Chicken and Pasta in a Sesame Garlic Stir-Fry Sauce"

Yummmmm! you say? Okay, it does sound pretty good. All the healthy "colors" covered, right? Orange, green, red, etc.

So I follow directions, pour it out in my skillet. Hmmmm...interesting...but it looks like something's missing. So I look at the bag --then look in the skillet --then look IN the bag (its empty) -- then look in the skillet. Yep! Something just ain't right.

Then I got my camera.

Check out THIS picture:

Notice anything missing? Why not compare this to the bag picture?

Okay...not quite Pioneer Woman photography, but you can see there is something missing.

Oh, wait!!!! LOOK!! I found it!!!!

There IS broccoli!!! See? Right there...on the end of the spoon!!!

Here's a close-up shot...I found another piece of broccoli!!! Yay! No false advertising here! There really IS broccoli...just not quite what the picture promised.

Now considering I don't even LIKE broccoli it was no great personal loss to me. However, the rest of my family DOES like broccoli and it would probably have been the most nutritious part of the entire meal.

So what would YOU do?