Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bloggers Have More Fun!

One more picture to add to my post about the color around town these days. On dreary days, the yellow's look amazing!

NOW on to my real post of the day!

Yesterday, we had a party. A Tallytown-Blogger party. It was really fun to meet and put faces, names and blogs together. We ate, too. Eating is always good!

This great get-together all came about because Kelley (daughter-of-a-polish-man) is in town from Brazil to attend her brother's wedding this month. This is Kelley and her sweet 3 year old, Karis.

So...MamaWeso (wife-of-a-polish-man) decided we should all gather at the Princess Deb's (Cheaper By the Baker's Dozen) beautiful, decorator's dream home.

So, we gathered since EVERYBODY listens to MamaWeso! A few weren't Kara, Mar and Jilma...we really did miss them (AND their food).

For some reason, a lot of the time we gathered in the hallway. Here is Lea (blog it all) and a blogger stalker. Lea is as entertaining and fun in person as she is on her blog.

There was also a huge gathering in the bathroom... but you would have had to be there to understand the wisdom of that!

Another gathering in the hallway. This is allhisblessings in green with one of her little ones. (I know her name...but since she doesn't publish it, I won't either.) I've recently come to find out she is an EXTREMELY talented person; writing, drawing, singing, and probably LOTS more!

Behind her is Laura (Dance Mommy's Odyssey)
who blogged her way through an incredible trip with her family out west this summer.

We also spent gathering time in the kitchen... the PBJ sandwiches and muffins were for the kids. The adult food was in the dining room and was very delicious! Sushi, cheese, crackers, hummus, blueberry cobbler, banana bread, doughnuts, weird mushrooms that MamaWeso makes, and much more that I can't remember.

Here's the Princess getting cups out of her pretty cabinet. She has a strange look on her face because she couldn't figure out why I laughed so hard when a plastic container fell out as she opened the cabinet door.

I laughed because I admire her sooooo much and I think of the Princess as soooooo perfect -- you know... wayyyyy up there on her throne! So its very comforting for me to know that her kids put things up where they fall out, too! It just endeared her to me so much more!

Here's Karis enjoying the party. She is SO cute! I taught her how to roll up the salami to eat it...I'm such an educational person.

On the left is Kahlua Keeping Koala (Winding River Ramblings) with her mouth full of food. She wants a hair straightener for Christmas (JK!). For some reason Laura doesn't seem to be stuffing herself like the rest of us.

Can you have a Blogger party without someone breaking out the computer? Actually, I think the Princess is accessing pictures of that beautiful new grandson to show us.

Here's Kelley perusing a catalog of giant stickers for your home (I refer you to the bathroom gathering). I caught MamaWeso with a mouthfull also!

Kelley says she likes to come home to the U.S. because she feels thinner. Apparently, Brazilian people are very thin and she feels fat over there...around us...not so much. (Should the rest of us be offended? Or just head for the treadmill?)

This is Cindy. She is one of the sweetest, most loving people you will ever meet here on Earth. She used to be a trauma nurse. She's the one that made me go to the hospital when I had a concussion. She's a Blogger-wannabe.

There were other Bloggers and other stalkers in attendance, but I didn't get pictures of them. We love them anyway.

Here's a picture of the whole group. Yes, its blurry (I didn't take it--this time!)... Actually, we blurred the picture like they do on TV to protect the innocent. (Not really, but it sounds feasible!) Maybe somebody else will e-mail me one that isn't fuzzy?

There were a bunch of kids there, too! Somehow I didn't get a picture of them.

We had such a good time. Or should I say...A good time was had by all? NEXT time, you should make plans to come...especially if you're a good cook!

Stay tuned.

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Mar said...

I had no idea there was a party until Tam mentioned that she wanted to go. I really need to stop skimming my emails.
I gave the book to Bella Blog and told her she had to give it to someone else in need.

Mama Weso said...

Aw... I'm so glad you posted, even if I did have a mouth full (and what I wouldn't do for more of that food right now!). I'm in TN where Kelley and Karis surprised the other grandparents. So sweet. Such fun!

mamajil said...

Oh looks like such a wonderful time!
I hated missing. Ramsey has been sick and so I thought we would keep our germs to ourselves....

Laura said...

I had so much fun there. It was the highlight of my day since the kids remained bickery and whiny the rest of the day.

Doesn't the Princess' house make everyone look good?

Joan said...

I love the trees, That is long gone here... We are supposed to get a blizzard tonight!

lea said...

ooh, that photo of me in the hallway is SO BAD! but oh well, we had SO much fun it was worth a bad photo or tow... i think our spiritual glow was what messed up that group photo!

Fuschia said...

Um...hello...I'm a Tally blogger, too :(
Is the pay-back for meeting Mimi?

Kidding (a little), glad you had such a fun time!

Kelley said...

Great post! I have some pictures to post of the same party but will probably have to wait 'til my return...

Oh goodness, did I say something about feeling thinner around YOU GUYS??!!! I surely hope not...even though I DO feel skinnier in this country (especially in TN wal-marts. ha!)

It was a fun morning!