Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours and full of tradition. The table was mostly filled with the same foods we have every year. A few new ones manage to sneak in, though. We had fried turkey and it was fantastic as usual. There was so much food --so many sweets -- it was overwhelming. But I did my best to make a dent in the sweet potato casserole, scalloped potatoes, watergate salad (don't ask me why they call it that...I made it this year according to my SIL's recipe), turkey, ham and so many other things I can't remember. For the "NEW" food department, my SIL from Venezuela made a really interesting bread that had ham, olives, raisins, and some other stuff. I'm going to have to get the recipe...unless its takes more than 10 minutes to make!

Here are a few OLD -- and NEW -- traditions:

OLD: It's not unusual to find Mr. Fix-It perusing my brother's Cabelo's catalog or any of his NRA magazines.

NEW: Seems that all day different groups were gathered around the computer playing games, checking e-mail, surfing, posting to HER blog, etc. Don't think this will be going away anytime soon. The young man in yellow looks a little put niece (in green) invited him, but seems to be paying little attention to him. Oops!

OLD: After stuffing ourselves, all the women spend an inordinate amount of time poring through the sale papers looking for that elusive PERFECT gift for nearly nothing!

I guess this should be NEW...but seeing my crazy brother, Alan, stretched out on the floor with his daughter's dog probably ain't new... weird, but not new.

OLD: Girls gathered around the table to play Tri-Ominoes. One of our favorite games. Hours and hours and lots of laughs keep us coming back to get stomped year after year!

NEW: A "MALE" at the table! Both of my SIL's children spent Thanksgiving with us and tried their hands at Tri-Ominoes. Apparently, Danny whooped up on the ladies--big time!

So, now Thanksgiving is over and we seem to be jumping into the Christmas season with both feet!

After stuffing ourselves at lunch on Thanksgiving, we spent much of the afternoon and evening poring over the newspaper ads. This year, the bargains seemed few and far between...but we went anyway. It's tradition.

This tradition started Friday morning at 4am. Yes, you read that right -- 4 AM!! Actually, I got up at 4, my SIL picked me up at 4:30 and we were heading to Gainesville with another friend by 5am. As far as I'm concerned that is very close to lunacy. Days should NOT start until the sun is well over the horizon! This is yet another SIL tradition... and if its tradition then we MUST keep it without question! Usually, my sweet SIL and I head to town on our own and eventually meet up with other friends and family for lunch. This year, we allowed someone else to go with us. We even let her drive HER car and burn HER gas! Aren't we wonderful to share the love?

This is what happens when you are FINALLY getting to eat breakfast at 7:30am. Folks are a bit crazy! (Sorry, Jeannie. I HAD to post this...its the bloggy rules!)

The AFTERMATH...notice, not much left even after stuffing ourselves the day before!

I rarely buy much on these crazy expeditions. I go mainly for the fellowship with the other shoppers! You believe that, don't you? Actually, I go because I just MIGHT get to watch two women fight it out over some silly toy or find a sale that fits my budget. It HAS happened in years past (both things!), but it usually takes a miracle to find anything good that fits my budget. I hate shopping. I look at things as I pass by...and if they don't scream DEAL! I usually keep going. I also enjoy people-watching. Too many crazy people drag little kids through the mad rush while trying to juggle bags filled with goodies. I always feel sorry for the kids. The mom's, I think, deserve what they get.

All in all, the day worked out pretty well. My SIL shopped mostly in tandem with her friend and I wandered about as I pleased. When I got bored with walking around Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, or wherever...I would get the keys and go sit in the car and read my VERY interesting book. I even took my book into the mall with me. When I got tired of walking at the mall, I just found a seat and enjoyed my book. That's my kind of shopping!

At lunch we usually meet up with other folks. This year we met up with my niece, Tiffany, who works at the hospital right across the street. Since we were at the mall, we decided just to eat at the food court. It was so busy, we had to hover like buzzards to find a table. We finally got a table and left one by one to buy the delightful fast-food of our choice. Tiffany and a co-worker showed up, scarfed their food down and headed back to work. Wow! I'm not sure why we waited around for that!!!

After finishing up at the mall, we headed home. We had one last stop at Lowes and our friend bought a sink fixture and saved $44! The best deal of the day!

Before we could even get on the road, Mr. Fix-It called to find out --very nicely -- when we were going to be home. He and my brother were getting antsy to get into the woods to look for Bambi. Somebody had to be home to look after my SIL's 86 yo father who can't be left alone... so we really tried to hurry that way.

After arriving home, we enjoyed just laying around watching television and eating some more. I sat there, full to overflowing, yet was still thinking about getting another bite of that wonderful potato salad. What? I was absolutely stuffed -- but STILL wanted more. I guess I was being greedy...knowing when we left I wouldn't get anymore. (Not that I can't make potato salad at home...but will it be as good? Probably not.)

So, after relaxing the afternoon away, Mr. Fix-It and my brother finally showed up about dark-thirty. We pulled out all the leftovers, nuked what was necessary and ate again. It was getting so late, I was hoping to spend one more night. Apparently, Mr. Fix-It did NOT have the same idea. At 9:30 pm he said he was ready to go to Tallytown (this is also tradition...leaving LATE to go home). He wanted to be up "early" on Saturday morning...AT HOME. So we headed up the street to my niece's house where our family was headquartered. We quickly packed and we were on the road by 10pm.

We pulled into our driveway about 12:30 am. I drove the whole way and was pretty tired. We all sacked out and didn't budge until "EARLY" Saturday. Actually, nobody (including Mr. Early-Bird) got out of bed before 10am (another tradition...he NEVER gets up even though that's why we drove home so late!). As much as I wanted to stay another night, it was really nice to wake up S.L.O.W.L.Y. in my OWN bed.

Now that I've written yet another long...boring...rambling post, you know how I spent my Thanksgiving...and I'll leave you till another day.

Stay tuned.

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Kara said...

You are a brave women to go shopping on Black Friday. I hate shopping especially with little munchkins in tow, that's why I buy everything over the Internet. Of course, I could be swayed to shop in actual stores if I had lots of money, but that is the main reason I hate shopping. It's no fun to see things you can't have.

MamaHenClucks said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. Is there anything better than being surrounded by family and eating until you want to pop??

I only got up one time for Black Friday. I stood in line for an hour to get into the store and then they were sold out of what I wanted to get. I like your relaxing way of shopping!

Sue Glasco said...

I am with Mama Hen on the relaxing part. Especially taking a book with you to read when you get tired of people watching. Sounds delightful. Obviously I am not into the buying-kind of shopping.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

I'm glad I read to the end.