Friday, January 9, 2009

A Few Christmas Surprises

Just a quick post... trying to keep to my resolution of posting at least three times per week. Today, I'll reminisce about a few surprises at Christmas 2008.

This big guy started off our Christmas surprises.

Meet the newest member of our family ...

He's actually only 4 months old...we're hoping he'll be HUGE! That's his main purpose in our family --to be scary.

His mom is an Australian Shepherd and his dad is a German Shepherd.

Spook doesn't look particularly scary here. But when he's bigger, we're hoping he makes "shoppers" think twice before lifting things from our home or property.

Look at those feet!

Notice a particularly fuzzy ornament? It's right in the middle of the tree.

For some reason this little kitten liked sleeping in the branches of my brother/sister-in-law's tree. He was so cute!

We were surprised on the day after Christmas to have my uncle and aunt from Illinois breeze through. Aunt Barb (in the middle) is my mom's oldest sister. When she's around, I'm so reminded of my mom's mannerisms.

The squirrel hunters on the right and left. Maria Elena cooked the squirrel...but if you'll notice...the bucket of KFC was quite popular!

Another surprise, not quite so pleasant, was the mild December weather. Most of the kids were in shorts and flip-flops or barefooted. Not very "Christmasy" if you ask me!

The biggest SURPRISE at Christmas (although it really didn't surprise many of us) was my niece, Tiffany's, engagement ring!

She and her boyfriend Jake --who have been dating for 8 years --decided to get engaged!
Auntie M says "It's about time!"

Tiffany and Jake... the night BEFORE!

See! He's still smiling. After two weeks of "wedding" talk, he's not smiling quite as big. Heeheeheee!

Stay tuned for more Christmas memories.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh that puppy is PRECIOUS! I love big dogs.

The kitten in the tree is priceless, too. ha!

How fun!

Laura said...

There are so many things I want to comment on!

1. I agree the Christmas weather wasn't Christmasy at all.
2. We didn't put up a full size tree because we didn't want our kittens climbing like that little darling.
3. The puppy is very cute. I wish my hubby would let us have a dog.

MamaHenClucks said...

Those are some seriously cute, LARGE puppy feet! What a cutie! And the kitty in the tree? I just want to squish him! How adorable. And a very, very lovely engagement ring, belonging to a very cute couple!