Monday, January 12, 2009

No Pictures Today!

Hopefully, dear readers, you'll forgive me for the lack of pictures today. It has been a good day, but I refuse to archive it with photographs. That may be breaking Bloggy-World rules...but I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination today.

This morning I rousted Bex out of bed about 6:30am so that we could go to the dentist in a town about 50 miles away. Our appointments were at 9am. We were both a bit nervous. I hadn't had much dental "work" since teen braces --and Bex had NEVER had a cavity filled. So we were a bit out of our comfort zones.

Even knowing that I was a bit nervous, my dear sweet Bex SLEPT nearly the entire trip over... Wow! Thanks so much for helping me keep my mind off things, Bex! Then when she finally woke up --she had the audacity to make fun of my "music." Yes, they were oldies...but definitely goodies.

We arrived on time and looked forward to checking out some of the cool magazines (since I don't subscribe to ANY!) In fact, they didn't give us any time at all to change our minds! I hardly set my purse down in a chair before the nurse was calling my name to "Come on back!" They took Bex in within a few minutes, also. Did I mention this is a GREAT dentist?

It was kind of interesting, actually. The new partner (his daughter) worked on Bex, and the old guy (the dad) worked on me. He came in, sat down and started talking to me. He applied the topical anesthetic and continued to sit and talk to me while he waited for it to work...then gave me the shots and continued to talk to me. I'm used the dentist coming in, leaving, checking, leaving, etc. I enjoyed it.

We had an interesting conversation about solar water heaters, his dream of building a monolithic dome house so he could live completely "off the grid." Hmmm...very interesting. He also tried to sell me his 4-bedroom house in Gainesville right down the road from my brother. He bought it for his daughter to live in while attending school at UF...and hasn't been able to sell it since she graduated and moved out in May. I also heard about his trips to Alaska to have clinics for the natives.

Ah, yes. I knew you would be interested...LOL!!

Anywho, (I hate it when people say that...but..) we made it through the ordeal. In fact, I felt so good on the way home, I didn't bother stopping to get the prescription for pain meds filled. The dentist said he didn't think I would need to have it filled and that Ibuprofen would probably be enough... Au contrair! After arriving home and taking a short nap --the anesthetic wore off!!! How do you spell...EEEEYYYYYEEEEEOWWWWWWW!!!! Needless to say, about 4pm I was headed back to town to get some DRUGS, baby! Not to be mistaken for baby drugs! I wanted the full-blown grown-up ones!!!

Now, as I write this I'm mellowed out and the pain is controlled down to a low roar, if you know what I mean. So I thought I would share this with all of Bloggy-World since some of you have been hearing me whine for too long about this terrible tooth --that is GONE, GONE, GONE! Hallelujah!

Stay tuned.

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Kelley said...

Oh the dentist...I am still trying to figure out exactly why someone would want to be one. My least favorite place to go even though most of them are so friendly and talkative...

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Awww...Meggy I hope you feel better soon. But hey, the worst of it is over! :-) And at least it was a good experience! Double bright side! :-)

Pat said...

Are you better yet? Did Bex have a cavity? Will Roger apologize to Sandy? Who's Roger? Stay tuned . . .

Laura said...

So, I guess I should stop chewing ice?

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Came over from Sara noticed you are a Tally Girl, guess what? So am I!!!
Nice to find someone from TTown out here in blogworld.
Sounds like your son goes to Maclay, so does my Granddaughter
Hope to hear from you

Stacey Lee said...

I feel your pain. I absolutely hate dental work and the pain that follows. Sounds like a great dentist though, i've never been to a dentist that doesn't leave the room several time for what feels like hours.