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Our Summer -- Camp Charis in June

Meggy is BACK by popular demand!!!

Okay...only 3 people asked nicely for me to post to my blog...but that's popular demand, right?

Two months without posting? How does the time pass sooooo quickly?


June seemed to d--r--a--a--a--a--g by for me, I guess because Bex was at camp the entire MONTH!!! Can you believe she would CHOOSE to be away from her loving mother for a whole month??? Four very long weeks away from her Mom...okay, truthfully they were long for MOM...but Bex thought they went by wayyyy too quickly! I did see her a few weekends, so that helped a little.

Well, there aren't many places I would let her leave me for, but Camp Charis in Pelham, GA is one of them. Her time there has taught her leadership skills and responsibility, encouraged and discipled her spiritual life, and she's made many, many wonderful friends. Here are a few memories of her June 2009.

These pictures will give you a taste of WHY she loves Camp Charis and WHY you should send your children there...

This particular week, Bex was the Counselor for Trailblazer girls (Ages 11-12). This is Bex favorite age group! (Bex is in the back in a yellow shirt.) Their wagon was "Turkey Trot" so they are doing their turkey signs...can you see it?

The first night at camp, they have to make up a cheer and a poster for their cabin...this is the performance of said cheer.

Bex (in brown t-shirt) working with her "Cadets" on their poster for the week. Cadets are kind of 1/2 worker/1/2 camper for the week. Bex was pushed WAY out of her comfort zone being their leader for the week. But from all reports, she did a great job! (They won Top Wagon for the week!)

After some hard work, the Cadets are getting ready to head out on the lake for kayaking, canoeing and row-boating.

Bex rowing the boat...thinking "Why did Duh say this was hard? She's such a wimp!"

Swimming in the lake. Although they really love this, I believe this picture shows the beginning of Bex's double-ear infection which reared its ugly head in her third week!

The Friday of her Week 3, I got a call that I should come get her because she was sick. After a quick doctor visit, diagnosis of both ears infected, and antibiotics started, she spent a painful couple of days. But before the fever even subsided she was begging to go back and finish her 4th week. Hmmm.... Against my better judgment, Mom caved and took her back to camp. I figured that was preferable to hearing her whine all week about staying home. Thankfully, Bex survived!

Another favorite activity...the MUD PIT! You may be saying "Ewwww!"....but we all know rich women pay BIG BUCK$ for this spa treatment!

Here are the Trailblazer's cleaned up a bit! (Did I mention they won Top Wagon honors for their week, too!)

LOVE this picture!!! Kids reading and studying God's Word out of their own Bibles!

You never know who will stop by to help tell a Bible story!

Bex hates this picture -- but I thought it was a good picture to show you the wagons they sleep in with the lake in the background.

The wagons sleep 8 (on bunk-beds) and are air-conditioned!

Ever made tuna salad for 70? This is my friend "Mamaweso" mixing it up! Different folks volunteer to cook each week. She's one of the favorite camp cooks.

At camp, different days have different themes. This day was "Messed Up Monday"...I don't think they dress like this on a regular basis!

These are the Cadets... Bex giving them the thumbs up!

These are the Trailblazers on  Messed Up Monday.

The Trailblazer's all decked out for Western Wednesday! Bex would be the one with the big belt buckle...a gift from Mrs. Becky.

One of the treats for Trailblazers is they get to "camp" out one the woods...

Just in case you wondered, Bex is probably not having fun...just likes to jump high!

Just glad it's her...and not ME trying to keep up with that crew! Would you leave your nice air-conditioned bunk for this?

Just in case you ever wonder who "Duh" is...she's Bex's BFF and fellow counselor (the one in the middle).

Here's a good picture of the Cadet girls. They had a fantastic week!

One of the highlights of the first camper's week...the dedication of the new swimming pool! After the old pool was condemned because of numerous leaks, God blessed with this new pool! What an awesome experience to be the first group to get to enjoy it.

Can you tell what this is? This is a game of water volleyball (boys against girls)...with a human net (the boys with their hands up are the "net")!

The "net" also helped the boys team. Gives new meaning to hitting the ball OVER the net!

Preparing for Water Wars!

Staff -vs- Campers

Water Wars in full motion! Bex running for her life...or more likely for more water!

Sometimes things are just too funny! Bex is really laughing...and her dear friends are laughing "with" her!

So there you have a small snapshot of BEX's June. There are soooo many more pictures, of soooo many other activities, but I decided to spare you and just give you a few highlights.

I have a few more pictures of my own June to share... later.

Stay tuned!

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♥Bex♥ said...

YAY! first comment! Oh, and btw, it's "messed up monday", and "Western Wednesday" lol There's no such thing as "wacky wednesday" other than the Dr. Seuss book. :) Great blog! I LOVE YOU!

Meg in Tally said...

NOW is a fine time to tell me after I already posted it!

So folks, I stand corrected...Messed Up Monday and Western Wednesday it is. Please correct this in your minds and go back and read it again!

Pat said...

A pix of the cook, eh? I love it. Thanks for posting, finally .... been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Now take your scrabble turns.

Laura said...

Yay! You're posting! I guess that means I had better get on the ball with mine.

Camp looked like so much fun! My oldest girl had a great time, but this is the first time my second girl had a less than shining report. She even said she wished Miss Becky could have been her couselor :) Boys had a great time, but were so exhausted they couldn't hold it together anymore.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I'm famous.. i made it into two sentences.. in mrs mary's blog! :D lol..
n btw.. i just can't work the row boat.. i'm not wimp.. just a lil lifeguard.. :D