Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Road-trip Continues!

We were still in Alabama when we left off from the last post.  Today we head north with Southern Illinois dialed into our sights.

On the way, we stopped in Cadiz, Kentucky for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel.

This pig was in the front of the store.  I couldn't resist getting a picture...so I insisted  ordered encouraged Bex to take a ride!  Isn't this a cute pig?

HINT:  You can really see the beauty of the countryside in these pictures if you "click" the picture (it blows them up full size).  Then to come back, just use the "back" button on your browser.

We arrived at my Aunt Judy and Uncle Moose's home around 4:30pm.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  Here are a few pictures showing the view from my Aunt's home.  I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at the beauty surrounding this home.


The beautiful rolling "hills" are so gorgeous.  It was great just sitting and enjoying the scenery.

We had not been at my aunt's for more than 15 minutes when cousin, Cora, swooped in and carried Bex off to a local rodeo.  You know she REALLY had to twist her arm to get her to go!  (We had been away from home more than 24 hours --so Bex was in need of a horsey-fix!)

When my aunt got home from town, she commenced to planning dinner.  The number of mouths to feed quickly grew from 4 to about 15 by the time all the family had been informed of the arrival of the "Florida folks"!!!  It was quickly decided that we didn't have enough corn for everyone.  So....Aunt Judy said "Come on, lets go up on the hill and pick some corn.  You can ride a 4-wheeler, can't you?"  "Ummmm...sure!" I answered.

Okay... TRUTH time here!  Yes, I have ridden a 4-wheeler.  NO, I have never DRIVEN a 4-wheeler.  But the thought goes through my head, "how hard can it be?  I used to drive my brothers' mini-bike (35 years ago!!!), surely this can't be too complicated."

So, I mount up on this huge machine.  My uncle graciously gives me a quick lesson on how to make it go-- and more importantly, how to make it stop!  During this class time, my aunt has loaded up and is heading out on another 4-wheeler.  She leads the way up the gravel road to the "hill" which looks very much like a mountain to me.  After a shaky start, I follow her.  This particular scene was captured on video by one of my dear cousins.  Because of the video, I was able to see my skills (or lack thereof) and my backside from a different perspective AND to hear the "remarks" made by the elders still back on level ground!  Bex thinks this video is priceless.  (Thanks a LOT, Jon!)

Anyway, I made it up the hill to the corn field.  Here's the beautiful scenery that met me on the hill.  You can see the cornfield in the distance.

When I finally arrived at the field, my aunt was riding down the corn rows on her 4-wheeler, leaning over picking ears of corn and throwing them in the bucket on the back.  THIS is the way to pick corn!

After picking a sufficient amount of corn, we headed back down the hill.  The folks that live around there might not consider this a daunting task...but for this flat-lander-Floridian it was pretty scary!  But I DID make it down without embarrassing myself in front of the pile of folks gathered at the bottom.

Now...let me tell you about the corn...oh, my!  This stuff was so good!  In fact, when the meal was over I KNEW Bex would kill me if she didn't get some, so I wrapped up a left-over ear in foil and stuck it in my bedroom, in my suitcase just to make sure it would be kept safe and sound for BEX.   Let me repeat!  It was for BEX that I did that...not myself!

But when the passle of kids that were running IN and AROUND and THROUGH everything spotted that corn, they thought it was too funny that this crazy lady from Florida would put CORN in her suitcase!  Thus, the appropriate pictures were taken.

Next time, I'll make sure to CLOSE the suitcase!

Did I mention they also have a tomato patch??  Makes my mouth water just thinking about those HUGE, sweet, juicy tomatoes.

Stay tuned.

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Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

"How hard can it be?"...famous last words!! LOL

And boy oh boy, do I love me some home-grown 'maters! Yum!

The corn next to the hairdryer in the suitcase CRACKED me up! Funny girl! :-)

Laura said...

Hmm, I'll have to try the 4-wheel thing sometime.

Sandra said...

Now I have heard everything! Corn in the suitcase. First I was worried about you and the 4-wheeler but the corn just takes the cake.