Friday, December 5, 2008

The Un-Florida Florida

What does Florida look like to you? For those of you who have only visited Florida, I would guess the picture that comes to mind has a decidedly South Florida flair. You know--beaches, palm trees, and alligators. Well, here in North Florida we have those too...not necessarily in such abundance (except maybe the alligators).

For those of you who aren't familiar with Tallytown, I'll tell you that it is most definitely NOT the "Florida picture" you're thinking.

Tallytown is more south Georgia than Florida. We have BIG hills here in this area. You go 50 miles east or west of Tallytown and it flattens out again. Here, we also have what is commonly known in other parts of the country as "seasons." Again, not to the extent other parts of the country enjoy this...but we DO have seasons. Fall just happens to be one of my favorites. The Bradford Pear trees are spectacular this year!

Since you've been so kind as to put up with my bag lady rant...I'll just post some of God's magnificent artwork for you today. I hope you enjoy some of the beauty I've been looking at every day just going back and forth to work. I wish you could see it in all its splendor...but alas, my photography skills are quite lacking...especially since most of these were taken from a moving vehicle!

Color? We got some color!!!!

Not WORDLESS...but close...for me!

Stay tuned!

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Grandmama said...

How beautiful. It reminds me of how much I loved the changes and the colors of the fall when I lived in Tallahassee so many years ago.

Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

Just a couple of days ago I noticed that suddenly everything is red. This happens every year. One morning I wake up and, SURPRISE, it's fall.

Mar said...

We always say we live in South Georgia our address just says Florida. We live 5 minutes from the Georgia border.
I miss living in the Florida Keys were the only season was tourist.

Laura said...

Where the heck are those turkeys? I haven't seen them.

And, we are NOT south GA. There is still enough difference in the people that we are decidedly Floridians (of course, I grew up in Central Florida). Is it only the Tally area that is considered S. Ga or all of the northern part of FL?

lea said...

so great to see you today! love the pictures, it is truly a stunning time of the year. i keep seeing trees that i want to take photos of, you have inspired me!

Kelley said...

Beeeeeeeeeeeautiful! So happy I get to see some color in the trees during this season!

Meg in Tally said...

LOL, Laura! When I read your comment, I couldn't figure out what turkeys you were talking about! So I just went through and looked at the pictures again and realized what you were talking about! I had forgotten I added that in there. Those turkeys are out on S. Hwy 27 (the Parkway) past Mom & Dad's just before you get to Nino's. The lady that lives there dresses the hay bales each year for Halloween as ghosts and such...then turkeys for Thanksgiving.

The last picture is my favorite!

Kara said...

Tally has BIG hills??? LOL! When I lived in NY, where Dom's parents still live, the hills are so big, they are almost mountains, but don't quite qualify. I agree we have hills, but they seem tiny to me compared to upstate NY.

But I am enjoying the fall colors! I love the "seasons" here compared to when I lived in Melbourne. I have to agree with Mar, that there is only tourist season there, just like the keys.

Joan said...

I am so Jealous!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm glad you posted these, because I did have the palm trees and alligators paradigm about Florida. You really do have color...those trees look just like some of the ones up here in North Georgia!