Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Spook and Squeak

Let me just state right up front that I am not a "big dog in the house" type person. I'm not opposed to other people having dogs in their home. I like dogs.

When Mr. Fix-It and I first married, I had to adopt his bulldog-child, Major. Major lived just like a child in our home until his death in 1990. Since then, with the exception of one tiny Shih-Tzu we had for a few months, we have not had a dog in the house. Cats, yes. Dogs, no.

No dogs in the house...until now. I don't know why. Maybe, because Spook is such a sweetie, he has been spoiled and allowed inside. WHY is he any different than our two other dogs? I can't put into words the WHY of this. He's just different.

Here are a couple of pictures of his sweetness...and his desire to just be near somebody...ANYBODY will do...even the Squeaky, the cat.

Bex informed me this morning that Spook slept IN her bed with her last night. She said he was really warm to cuddle with. Ewwww! He smells like a... DOG!

Stay tuned.

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mamajil said...

cute picture...sweet dog....I would let him in too!!! My Millie would probably pull him in bed with her too.....Not me...too many kids end up in my bed in the night....especially these days that they are not feeling well...a dog would throw me over the edge...literally :)

Laura said...

The dog would NOT be allowed in my bed. We don't even let our cute kittens in our room.

Sweet pictures, though.

♥ Bex said...

Pooka IS warm!! And yes, he did smell like dog, but he so cuddly, that didn't matter to me. After all, he's my baby...what can I say? He's not big on sleeping in bed with me anyway...he prefers sleeping on my clean clothes on the floor...of course, that's not HIS fault.