Monday, February 2, 2009

The Panama-Mama in My Life

This is my friend, Cynthia. She's from Panama and is probably my most traveled friend. This woman has traveled the world! She rarely stays seems she's always on the way... somewhere! Cynthia is one of the busiest people I know.

We've known each other since we worked together before Bex was born. If it hadn't been for Cynthia, I would have been naked through the last half of my pregnancy with Bex (Okay...not totally naked!). She would come to work on a Monday and say "Here, try this on." And I would have a new outfit to wear with my huge tummy. Did I mention she is an amazing seamstress? Nearly all my maternity clothes were hand-made just for me! She doesn't have much use for patterns for herself anymore. She just sees fabric she likes, buys it and sews an outfit. This is her idea of fun.

She has a lot of other amazing qualities, too! For example, she has a fantastic talent for being a friend. She collects people. She gathers people into her family on a daily basis. And once you're in her're her family! She doesn't let you go!

This woman has mentored and nurtured countless teenagers and young college students as they passed through her home. They may have been there a week, a few months, and some a year or two. Her home is always open to friends and family...and this woman has a LOT OF FAMILY!!!

Though she has no biological children, she has a lot of "daughters" and a whole passle of grandchildren all over the world. In fact, she's Bex's "Chocolate Grandma." Yep! You see, Cynthia believes what the Bible says about "loving one another." Anyone who knows her feels that love whenever you get within 10 feet of her! She exudes love.

She also has a contagious smile...this woman SMILES!!!! She also laughs. She loves to laugh! You can't help but have a smile grow on your face as you talk to's just not possible.

Even though we haven't worked together in about 18 years, we have remained friends. She's one of those friends who you may not see or even talk to for months -- but when you finally do get together, you feel so close. I'm sure you all have those friends.

When we had lunch together a few weeks ago, I learned that she's preparing to retire in a few months. When she retires, her plan is to move to the Tampa area to be around her family there. She deserves some peace (there will NEVER be quiet around her!), but I don't want to give her up!

I'll miss her, but I know one thing...she'll never let me OUT of her family. That makes me smile through my tears.....

Stay tuned.

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allhisblessings said...

Cynthia sounds great! Good friends are such a blessing from God.

MamaHenClucks said...

What a wonderful friend to have.

Mama Weso said...

Love the Panama Mama ... you have far too many good friends woman. You are truly blessed. Now take your scrabble turn.

Laura said...

Friends like that are so special. I guess now you'll have a place to stay when you want to visit Tampa!

mamajil said...

What a neat friendship!!!

Kelley said...

What an amazing woman! Sounds like she's the kind of person I'd like to spend time with and hope those awesome characteristics rub off on me :-)

Laura said...

I've tagged you on my site. Go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good friend girl! :) Really good friends are hard to come by these days, and when you find them it is hard to let go! But remember, that even though they may live far away, that doesn't mean that they are gone forever! :) You can still call, email, and best of all visit! God places people in our lives for reasons and also for special seasons in our lives. :D
Good to check up on you all again! :) Missin yall! :)