Sunday, September 13, 2009

That Brings Us to August!

Our August started out with a bang!  

On Monday, (July 27) Bex won some tickets from a local radio station to a Rascal Flatts concert in Atlanta on Friday night (July 31).  Now, if you know my Bex --she LOVES her some Rascal Flatts!  FREE TICKETS!!!

Okay, if this had been in Tallytown, they might have seemed more FREE!...but this concert was in ATLANTA, GA -- 5 hours away!  Let's see...ummmm...gas, food, a place to stay...FREE? And the kicker even to that is that she had a volleyball tournament in Albany, GA the very next morning --bright and early!

But did I mention, my girl LOVES Rascal Flatts... "a chance of a lifetime" to hear them in concert!  So, after much coercion coordination, we worked it so that Mr. Fix-It would take her to the concert on Friday night, then get her to Albany on Saturday morning for volleyball.  Did I forget to mention that Mr. Fix-It isn't really a RF fan? Hmmm... But he sure loves his girl!  You can bet there was NO WAY her parents were going to allow Bex (at 17) to drive to Atlanta --even with a friend for such an event.  (We're so mean!)  So, off went Dad and daughter.

Oh, by the way.  The concert was in an amphitheater and it rained...

They had a great time.  It was a bonding experience!

So, after a busy night for Bex and Dad (where they ended up staying the night with wonderful friends in Macon), on August 1, the volleyball team arrived to play in a summer tournament at Sherwood Christian Academy in Albany, GA.

Sherwood is now famous for their church's movies, Facing the Giants and Fireproof!  Much of FTG was filmed at the school (just a little neat trivia--no charge!)  We played against four other teams (I think it was 4!) and didn't lose a game.  Our girls played really well most of the time.  We were undefeated and won the tournament!

Then on August 8, we had our Women's Ministry quarterly event at church (which I help coordinate).  Our theme was "It's A Fruit Festival."  It was a fun look at what IS a fruit of the Spirit and what is not.

Galatians 5: 22-23  "But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! (NLT)

Each table was decorated with a different fruit (i.e., banana, strawberry, grape, cherry, pineapple, etc.)   The food consisted of lots of yummy "fruity" things like pies, cakes, cookies, breads and a few breakfast casseroles thrown in for fun.  If you're on FaceBook you could see some pictures that somebody else took of the event...alas, I was too busy to take any.

On August 13, Bex and I headed out on a road trip with my dad...Grandaddy CW..from Bronson.  Now let me explain right up front.  Grandaddy CW does not take vacations...but he DOES take road trips.  Once he is away from Levy County, FL he doesn't let any grass grow under his feet.  Don't expect to stay in any one place more than 48 hours--TOPS!  But he can surely put some mileage on a car.  This particular trip was supposed to be...leaving on Thursday and starting for home on Monday or Tuesday.  But remember, if Grandaddy CW is away from Levy County --timetables change drastically when he's more than a 10 minute drive away from home!!!

We started out on our trip heading west to Montgomery, AL...or more specifically, Millbrook, AL.  My dad's first cousin, Billy Carl and his wife, Pat (and their grown kids) live there.  We arrived at their lovely home in the late afternoon.  They took us to dinner at their favorite BBQ restaurant and we had great food!  Then we went home to have some of Pat's homemade Red Velvet cake for dessert...oh my!  I was STUFFED!

This picture is of Pat, my dad and Billy Carl.  I'm not sure why they look so happy.  They really do like each other --a lot!

Did I mention they have a lovely home?  Oh, it is gorgeous!  Bex felt like it was one of the finer hotels she's ever stayed in.  And the service was fabulous!

Now, back to Grandaddy's timetable changes.  Before we went to bed, he had decided we would leave around 7:30 or so and get on the road towards Illinois.  No problem.  We can handle it...but I knew better.

So, the next morning, I get up at 5:30.  Billy Carl and Pat live in such a pretty, quiet, safe neighborhood, I decided this would be a good morning to go for a walk and try to expend some the calories from the night before.  I lovingly SHOOK my daughter awake (did I mention it was still dark outside?).  I conned her into walking with me--with the promise that she could sleep all morning in the car!  I'm thinking, we'll walk for 30 minutes, get back to the house with plenty of time for a  leisurely shower, do my hair and get dressed for the day.

So we walk 30 minutes and get back to the house about 6:15.  Dawn is just breaking....and  my dad is standing in the driveway with all his stuff already in the car READY to go!  Really!  I'm sweaty from swimming/walking through the muggy morning air... so I beg for a few more minutes to get that shower.  Daddy is never belligerent in being ready to go, he's very agreeable to whatever I want to do....but HE IS READY TO GO!  So, being the good daughter, I hurry.

Stay tuned for more Grandaddy, Bex and Meggy adventures!

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Bex :) said...

yep, twas the truth...our departure time would first be an hour earlier, then 2 hours, then 6 hours, then half a day, then a just kept getting worse. Thankfully though, we were able to convince him to stay the full time we had first planned. It was fun though. :)