Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beautiful Tennessee

Hi All! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Another week gone by? I can't believe it.

I thought that life after volleyball would slow down a bit...and it has, just not enough to sit down and post. I must confess I also have a new obsession...Facebook Scrabble. It's hugely addicting. I've never played Scrabble in my life! Well, let me clarify that...I HAVE played Scrabble Jr. with Bex when she was small --but that doesn't count because the words are already on the board. So, I'm still in learning mode.

Also, last week Mr. Fix-It completed work on my new van. Friday I took it to Bless My Car to have it detailed. They did such a good job. So, I've been riding around in luxury--in my OWN wheels! I am such a blessed woman. Today, with Bex going to school and Mr. Fix-It headed out of town to work, I can make my very own schedule without counting on anyone to drive me! Wahoo!

Now, I'll show you a few pictures from our wonderful Tennessee trip...

We left Tallahassee in the school's 15-passenger van. Did I mention its almost 100 years old? Nevertheless, we were loaded up and on the road...for about 25 miles...when the engine STOPPED. So...me, two female coaches, and two moms who were following us get out to assess the problem. Are you laughing yet? At first we couldn't get the hood up--it does NOT open like the one on my car or van. Then, we get on the phone with the Athletic Director (who has driven the van a lot) he asks "Did you hit a bump?" No, we did not hit a bump. When you hit a bump, the door flies open. Then he says "bang on the fuse box"...oh yeah, right. So I bang. He says, "Well, if you just wait for about 10 minutes it will start again." When I relayed this to the other women...I'll just say "if looks could kill"...LOL!!! Since we ALL were moms, we set about devising a solution involving 2-3 other vehicles to haul all these girls to Tennessee. Too much work had gone into this trip to have it ruined by us breaking down between Florida and Tennessee. After a few minutes of planning, the AD called back and said to come on back to the school and they would "rent" a van for us to take. THANK YOU, LORD!!! We were so blessed to have this happen at the beginning of the trip --every day something would come up where we acknowledged how blessed we were to be in a rented van--rather than the old, school van!

Here are a few pictures from a beautiful park called "Pocket Wilderness" in Dayton. We took the girls here to shake out the stiffness from the trip. It turned out great!

Our first morning in Tennessee, it snowed! Quite a big deal for Florida girls. The only problem was that most of the girls slept through it! By the time they got up that morning, the snow had pretty much melted...

While we were at Pocket, the coach had the girls do a little team building exercise. They had to get lined up on the log by age. The only problem was they couldn't step or fall off the log or they had to start all over again.

It was VERY entertaining to say the least!

Not a great video, but you can see just a bit of God's splendor. What's even more of a miracle...ME watching the sunrise!!!!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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MamaHenClucks said...

What a beautiful trip! I would not have known what to do had I been in the van and it broke down!

Laura said...

Lovely pictures. And, I liked the little video. Did you take that with your phone or your camera?

Mama Weso said...

That's snow on MY trampoline! Loved being there with you ... and am sooo glad we didn't break down on the interstate where there were NO shoulders!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH MY WORD my van is doing the same thing!! My husband hit the fuse box and it started! Who ever heard of such a thing? My van is a newer model; it's only about 80.


BEE.U.TI.FULL video!

Kelley said...

I love Pocket! You are so luck you got some snow. I want to see some snow! You think I have a chance to see some during my 3 weeks in Tally?