Monday, November 10, 2008

G-Girls Beach Weekend 2008


7 Comments in one day!!! I'm so glad to hear that somebody missed me! Here's another installment of "Where In the World Is Meggy?" More pictures from the beach...

Our G-Girls Weekends started out 4 years ago as a birthday bash for our former foster-child. It included me, my girls, two of my sister-in-laws and some nieces. Our first year we stayed in one hotel suite with 3 women and 6 girls and ONE bathroom! Ugh! Sounds terrible, but we had such a great time we vowed to do it every year. Since then, we've moved from Daytona Beach a little farther north to Crescent Beach--to a luxurious 3 bedroom/2 bath condo for less than 1/2 the price! Crescent Beach is very close to St. Augustine. Each year we see a little bit more of the local historical landmarks of the country's oldest city.

We arrived late on Thursday night, hoping to do some sightseeing Friday in St. Augustine (you know, touring without all the weekend tourists!). Unfortunately, Friday was overcast and rainy --not conducive to touring. But the girls had a great time anyway --playing on the beach, in the pool and inside our condo. Me and SIL enjoyed just relaxing, eating, visiting, eating, watching television, eating...etc.

Friday night we made a big pot of chili that helped ward off the dreary day!

You can see they didn't have much competition for the pool! The older girls played volleyball across the pool -- their skillful volleys would have made their coach cringe. The video is just too painful to share! LOL!!

Did I mention...they entertained themselves? Not sure where the 'gansta' came from...

It's pretty bad when an 8 year old can beat the socks off of two teenagers in the game of Life!

This was a funny sign outside our condo. I guess they REALLY want to keep folks off the dunes!

Another overcast day on Saturday. The girls slept in and enjoyed the sandy beach and all three pools. The sun finally appeared in the late afternoon. We headed into St. Augustine for a bit of sightseeing. Our first stop was the Lighthouse.

Inside the lighthouse. After walking up every single one of those 219 steps, I couldn't believe I actually PAID to be tortured like that! I really should have purchased one of the "I survived the 219 steps" t-shirts!

After a wonderful seafood dinner at O'Steens, we headed into downtown St. Augustine. We had a great time shopping and perusing the many art galleries. That's where we got our culture for the weekend. There were some amazingly beautiful paintings and we were really amazed at what people will pay for ugly pictures!

Here the girls hooked up with one of the better dressed guys in downtown.

Stay tuned. I'll finish up our beach trip tomorrow with a trip to the fort named for the slaughter of French soldiers. (Guess that was before they learned to run!)

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Bex♥ said...

hey.....try volleying across a pool!! It's a little harder than usual! =P

Love you! ♥

Anonymous said...

O my goodness!! I haven't been on the computer in days, and i was like, o man, i am never going to catch up on life out in the pines... and come to find out that you only posted three times since i was on last... I was like WOW! She must be busy!
Missed reading your Blogs! :)
Glad yall had fun!:) Miss both of yall very much!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Well you guys are making me start mulling some plans for a ladies' weekend for my family, too! How fun is that! :-)

Laura said...

I really like St. Augustine. I'll have to ask you more about Crescent Beach later.

Kelley said...

Yes, a girl's weekend would be so awesome!