Friday, May 22, 2009

Bex's New Baby



Okay, not THAT kind of baby! But a baby none the less. This one came on four legs when she was around nine months we NEEDED another mouth to feed around here.

These pictures are from March 3, the day we picked her up. Her former family called her Jasmine. Bex doesn't think that quite fits her personality. Bex wants to name her Cherokee because she looks like an Indian horse. The actual breed is American Paint horse.

Cherokee's mother's name is Pandoras Spell and her father's name is Big Guns Talk. Bex thinks Cherokee's REAL name should be Little Guns Talk Too.

As Bex has been working with the baby, she just calls her Girlie...I'm afraid that's going to stick.

You can see our (aggravating) Thoroughbred, Kodi, in the background checking out the new little filly.

It was getting dark and we were trying to get her settled into the round pen. The other horses were quite intrigued!

Didn't take her long to demolish the hay. This "baby" can EAT!!!!

Here Bex is starting to work her magic with her. Bex wants to spend her life training is her first real chance to see how that might work. Bex seems to have a knack...we'll see.

We're so thankful to the Brookins family for giving us this opportunity. Hopefully, Bex and Girlie will make them proud!

Stay tuned!

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MamaHen Em said...

What a beautiful horse! It certaintly looks like Bex has a magic touch. What sweet, sweet photos! I had to call my horse obsessed chickie in to look at the horses!

allhisblessings said...

What a pretty horse! We'll have to live vicariously through your horse ownership until we own a farm :)

Kelley said...

Yes, she is beautiful! I can just see the natural talent beaming out of Bex in these pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a beautiful horse ... that's kind of neat that Bex wants to spend her life training horses. I always wanted a horse when I was a little girl ... sure does take me back. Praying all will go well for the both of them.
Beautiful pictures of the two of them!!

♥Bex♥ said...

She's finally starting to grow into that big behind of hers! It was so big in these pictures! haha