Sunday, May 17, 2009

The "Other Becky" - Chapter 2

As milestones go, this one is another that is bittersweet. I've lost good friends in my life this past year-- my sweet friend Mrs. Edna; my friend, Pat; Grandpa Foster and Mrs. Becky. As promised in my Chapter 1 post in February, today I'm posting a few pictures with Mrs. Becky. (Better late than never!)

Mercifully, Jesus called Mrs. Becky home on May 2. She fell asleep and didn't wake up. Hard for us--but sweet for her. It was Kentucky Derby Day! Jesus must have wanted her to have a better seat for the show! (She was such a horse nut!)

Another milestone we've passed in our lives. We had so many special times together with Mrs. Becky over the last five years. She was full of wisdom, but oh, so much fun! Unfortunately, most of those memories are in our hearts and not in pictures...but here are a few.

This was taken the first year my girls started helping her every Wednesday. (They helped her nearly every single Wednesday for four years and LOVED it!)

Bex on the left--and K on the right. The dog in Mrs. Becky's lap is Mitzy...a certified neurotic dog. The dog is on Prozac--REALLY! It doesn't help.

This photo was after a softball game in Bainbridge. In those days, Mrs. Becky LOVED road trips! She loved watching the girls play...but she loved GOING more than anything.

These photos are from a dinner party at her home she helped the girls plan, prepare and serve. This was part of her "becoming a lady" instructional time. This was a FORMAL dinner party with all the trimmings! She loved all the fru-fru stuff.

Mrs. Becky was a true Southern belle and loved passing along all those traditions to my girls. She would have given Scarlett a run for her money!

The girls invited a couple of friends, used the good china and even did the centerpiece.

Of course, they all had to wear their formal's too! It was such a fun night!

This picture is Mrs. Becky and her friend Ellen. They had matching scooters. Our church's annual women's retreat was going on in Norman Park, GA and Mrs. Becky conned K into bringing her up for the day. She couldn't speak very loud--so she had her little speaker thingy on. This was taken right before she and Ellen went outside and raced their scooters on the sidewalk. It was a great race--neither wanted to lose!

Mrs. Becky was laid to rest pretty much the way she lived-- with the service perfectly planned by HER. Bex was honored to sing her requested "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." I think it was one of the hardest things she has ever done in her 17 years...but she did it beautifully. Mrs. Becky would have been soooo proud of her "Mini-Me!"

Over the past two weeks, we've laughed and cried thinking of our dear friend and mentor. We've talked about how much "blessing" we soaked up in the past five years and how much we'll miss that wisdom blended with humor, humility and so much nurturing. Some of her closest family missed out on this blessing...we were honored to fill that gap!

I miss her so much every day, she was like a second mother--and I don't say that lightly! On the last day of my job as I was on my way home I felt the pain of not being able to go and lay my head on her shoulder and receive her comfort. She would have comforted me...gently patted my head...and then told me "Okay, enough crying...Suck it up and get over it. God is FAITHFUL and tomorrow's another day!" LOL! I can almost hear her say it in my mind. Even with all her infirmity...she ran a good race and I know that today she is reaping her reward. With her AND Mrs. Edna, Heaven will never be the same! But it looks ever sweeter from this side.

Stay tuned!

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♥Bex♥ said...

yep, between her and Mrs. Edna, everything will be in order by the time we get there and Mrs. Bec will be making sure the angels do their piano lessons right. LOL :D

And gosh mom! Why in the world did you have to go and make me cry again?? I've been doing so good!

Love you :)

Mama Weso said...

Aw, you could have found me and laid your head on my shoulder ... you know what a "hugger" I am! :)

Sweet post. You were a good friend and I know you'll miss all your friends. Just so your other friends know, I am not "the" Pat that you lost this year.