Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funerals R Us!

I know you're saying...ENOUGH ALREADY WITH YOUR FRIENDS DYING!!! Actually, I'm really tired of funerals too...even joyous celebrations of Christians lives. Does this make me strange? I've just had quite enough of them lately. Actually, waaaaayyyyyy too many!

Today we celebrated the life of a lovely lady, Betty Hough. I've known Mrs. Betty since I was a little girl. We went to church together. Mrs. Betty and her husband were very instrumental in discipling my Dad as a young Christian--which sure made our family's life take a new route!

About 27 years ago (next month) Mrs. Betty introduced me to my future husband. She was big on manners and would never let someone in a room go without being introduced to EVERYONE! Hospitality was probably her middle name...even though they said it was "Lou."

As a young college student, fresh away from home after losing my Mom, I knew I could always count on a wonderful, home-cooked Sunday meal if I took the initiative to get up and go to church. I wasn't shy about accepting her invitation! During one of those afternoons, she taught me how to make the perfect Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. Every time I make it I think about her.

Mrs. Betty had four children. The oldest two were quite a bit older than me and my brothers. But #3, Phyllis, was only 2 years older and always seemed to be in my brother's class in school. We became friends (probably because she is so much like her mother and is so friendly and outgoing) and kept contact even after my family moved out of town.

Long story...shorter, at least --Phyllis was the Matron of Honor at my wedding. Her older sister made our wedding cake and decorated the church. Mrs. Betty's girls gave me a wedding shower here in Tallytown with many people coming who hadn't seen me for years...they were there for Mrs. Betty, I think. Mrs. Betty loved flowers and trimmed and pruned her beautiful, huge Boston ferns all summer long so we could use them in the wedding. Her family basically put on our whole wedding! Did I say they were wonderful?

When I was pregnant with Bex and ordered on bed rest, Mrs. Betty and another dear friend made it THEIR mission to get me to my Dr.'s appointments. Even then we lived WAYYYYY out in the woods, but they would come pick me up and take me home every two days for three weeks! They were so faithful and kind to me during that hard time.

Mrs. Betty fought her cancer for many years. She was always worried about being a burden on everybody. She never complained. She died five days before her 61st wedding anniversary. Wow! What a lady. Now she's reaping her reward with our precious Savior. What a blessing to KNOW we'll meet again.

Another milepost in our lives. Another wonderful picture of a life well lived.

Stay tuned!

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