Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Self-Unemployed Again!

Since I'm writing these days about what has happened in our lives over the past couple of months...this is a biggy.

As most of you know, I had been working for an attorney here in town since September. It was THE perfect job! I could not ask for better. I worked whatever hours I wanted --went to work when I wanted--left when I wanted--worked as many hours as I wanted. The work was great too! Challenging, but not tooooo challenging. Did I mention, I was well compensated too? was idyllic. When I needed to go do something with Mr. Fix-It, I would just tell the Office Queen I wouldn't be in the next day. When I needed to go spend some family time with my extended family, I would tell the Office Queen that I would be gone and wasn't quite sure when I would return. It was wonderful.

But alas, all good things generally come to an end.

In April, my boss decided to merge his practice with a larger firm out of Miami. He would be moving to and managing the existing Tallytown office of this firm. The bad job was no longer necessary. All this firm's billing is done out of Miami. sad for me that my job was to be over at the end of April.

Now for all my dear readers...this is a perfect example of God answering prayer. Before finding this job, I prayed for a job that I could deal with at least until we paid Bex's car off. Well, God answered my prayer! Her car was paid off in March. Isn't that a perfect example of God's awesome faithfulness and love? Maybe I should have been praying for a job that I liked AND that would go on until Bex was out of college? Hmmm...

My last day was actually, May 11. It took a bit of extra time to finish out some of my workload. So, now I'm unemployed and looking for a job again. Not that I HAVE to work, but I really enjoyed it. Having a little play money wasn't bad either!

Stay tuned!

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Laura said...

Sometimes I wish I could earn some money to add to the kitty. Would take some pressure off the hubby.