Friday, May 9, 2008

Behind the Scenes in the Flower Shop

Yesterday, I blogged about (doesn't that sound too much like "blabbed about"? I think I like 'blogged' better) working in the florist shop. Soon after posting, I realized I should take some pictures and share a 'behind the scenes' look.

So here are some pictures of the chaos behind the scenes . Even though you see designers only on one side of this huge counter, there are usually two more on the other side. They must have been busy elsewhere when I took this picture. Surely, they weren't taking a break..{gasp}..those are certainly not allowed! LOL!!

Flowers, flowers EVERYWHERE! This is just one small grouping. There are buckets of flowers anywhere they can put them. Little pig trails all over the shop are the only bare spots during holiday preparations. You really have to pay attention every time you put your foot down...these flowers tend to stray into the path when you least expect it!

Another view of the designer's area. But don't think this is the only place flowers are arranged. Sometimes they'll grab any bare spot to put flowers together. It amazes me they can even remember what they want to put in next!

This is the floor underneath one of the work stations. You would never believe I had just swept up all the trash off the floor 2 minutes earlier!!! This area is usually piled high with leaves, stems and flower petals. I felt right at home...I clean it up--they trash it!

Some of the finished products. These pictures do not do these beautiful blooms justice. How can anyone look at these delicate, colorful, unique blossoms in such a variety and not believe in God's intelligent design?

Another pretty bouquet.

This particular variety of rose is so beautiful! If you look really closely you can see that they are a variegated variety with dark pink and light pink swirls. I can't remember the name of it....but the name starts with an 'I'.

Couldn't resist posting a picture of one of the funeral sprays for Ms. Edna. She loved and collected frogs--not live ones. This was her motto: Fully Rely on God! 'FROG' I like it.

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Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Hi Meg in Tally! (Can you believe I never new "Meg" was you, commenting on my blog, until yesterday!!! Am I dense or what? (don't answer that...)

I LOVE your blog. I can almost hear you talking as I read it.

I just spent an hour reading YOUR blog, and now I have to go post on mine before midnight comes and I miss a day in May!!

I'll be back :)

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

Those flowers are gorgeous.