Saturday, May 3, 2008

Start at the Beginning?

Oh, I hope I don't have to start at the beginning! That was a very long time ago and most of it quite boring. However, I do want to start my "blogging life" by stating my purpose for blogging at all.

As my dd (age 16) continues to grow and eventually leave home [gasp!], I would like to have something that she can go back and read (maybe when I'm gone) to remind her of growing up, some of the things her Mom thought about, and some of the crazy, wonderful things we did as a family. Since I can't seem to journal in handwritten form...this seems to be the next best thing.

I was a very young 18 yo when my dear mother went to Heaven. I wouldn't say we were "close," surely not as close as I feel to my dd, but we weren't estranged either. It is hard sometimes not to envy those who have enjoyed a relationship with their mothers as adults. I've often wondered how my mom and I would get along now. How many times would I have called her at night asking "baby" questions or desperately needing HER recipe? If I were to guess, I would think it would be a precious relationship, other adults in life thought she was terrific! My father (who remarried after my mom's death) and I are close, but he's not a "mom"!

So, just in case God calls me home --sooner than later-- I hope I can leave a few of my thoughts written for posterity.

Since others in my "homeschool" circle have taken on the challenge of blogging, I shan't be left behind -- although I doubt anyone will find it necessary to read about my life on a regular basis. I'm sure I won't be as witty and full of wisdom as others...but maybe a little nugget will creep in occasionally!

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Sam said...

Just FYI I love reading about your life!!! FUN STUFF and enjoy your FB posts too!

Lauren Scott