Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Brothers

Today marks a birthday for two of my brothers. No, not twins. While Chuck stuffed chocolate birthday cake all over his one-year-old face (at least that's how I imagine it) mom had to head to the hospital to deliver Randy! My parents were living in Alexandria, VA (just outside Washington, DC) at the time. I don't really know the labor/delivery story...guess I need to check on that with my Dad!

My brother, Chuck, lives in Gainesville with his darling wife, Maria Elena. Since they have been married (9 years?) my db has morphed into a wonderful man. I'm sure it's because of his sweet lady's influence on him--I did say she was darling!!!!!. He was wonderful before times...but now he is pretty terrific MOST of the time. Today marks his 51st year.
Chuck has five great kids. Charlie (30), Christy (28), Chana (21?), Chaisten (19) and Charity (15). He is a builder by trade and does absolutely quality custom work. He loves to fish and he loves to take folks fishing. He doesn't seem to understand that his (only) sister ain't much into fishing. But he did manage to talk me into going out in the boat last November on the Suwanee and we all loved it!

My mom always said that Chuck had a photographic memory that drove his teachers wild because he would do nothing during the entire semester and Ace the finals to pass the class...but that is another story all together. He may still have a great memory...even at his advanced age! LOL!! But because of his memory and love for animals he can tell you all about them, what they eat, where they live, what they sound like, etc. He is an avid hunter, yet he was always bringing needy critters home. We had opossums, raccoons, squirrels, bobcats and all kinds of wildlife at one time or another. He's a great tour guide on the river or in the woods.

Chuck and his wife, Maria Elena

Chuck and his BEST sister

Now, on to my brother, Randy who hits the Big 50 today! He lives in S. Florida near Ft. Myers. He is married to Sharon and they have two children, newly wed -Destini (23?) and Randy J (20). Randy has always been a fun brother and also a sentimental slob like his (only) sister! Through high school all my brothers worked on the farm with my dad and grandfather. Randy loved it more. So after high school he went to work for a man in Immokalee, FL who had a huge vegetable/watermelon operation. He managed to fall in love with a local girl and ended up staying wayyyyy down there. He LOVES growing things...I wonder why this didn't rub off on me? Anyway, he has a plant hauling business now and also grows and hauls palm trees. He's NOT an avid hunter or fisherman. But he likes horses, dogs and SPORTS!!!

Randy is probably most like my Dad. We all know not to call Daddy between 10 and 10:30 at night, because he is on the phone with Randy every night. Daddy and Randy are really tight. We all joke that he's Daddy's favorite (he probably is!). When we are at family gatherings, the rest of us introduce ourselves as Daddy's Son's brother or sister. Daddy always seems confused as to why we do this...but we just do it to tease Randy. (Weird?)
We all know Daddy loves us just as much...but siblings do LOVE to pick!

My crazy brother Randy in the middle (making a silly face), his wife Sharon to the left
and another crazy brother, Alan on the right.

My dad on the left and Randy on the right.
This was taken November 2007 at Randy's dd's wedding.

So now you know the scoop on two of my brothers. I love them and don't tell them near enough! Please pray for them today on their birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Chuck and Randy. Now I look forward to hearing about brother Alan on his birthday. I had to send this to Gerald.