Tuesday, May 13, 2008

California or Bust - Part 3

So here we are in Sunny California (truly, sunny!). We left the car seller's home in Vista, CA in search of food. We were not going to be picky! Even though our bodies were into Sunday afternoon...we had to remember it was still Sunday 'morning' to folks here. So as we were driving through Oceanside, CA we started looking for restaurants. Now remember, we're not just site-seeing in a car -- we're driving a huge truck and pulling an expensive car on a trailer...so our options are somewhat limited!

Here are some pictures of the scenery as we drove around...

We pulled into a couple of good prospective eateries...but since it was brunch time in CA, there were long lines. Finally, we spotted a trusted friend...McDonalds! Wahoo! Next to this fine establishment was a perfect parking lot for our 'rig'. We went in and ordered breakfast. Let me tell you, those were the absolutely best hotcakes and sausage I have ever tasted in my life! We were so amazed that Mickey D's could have such gourmet food...of course the fact that we were starving may have had something to do with it!

After filling our tummies, we are now off to search for a decent motel to spend the rest of the afternoon and night. We are looking for a place that is reasonably priced, has a good television (to watch the race), and a big, safe parking place for our precious cargo. Yes, our friend was paying our expenses --but we were trying to be frugal in spite of his generosity.

At one point we had to stop and adjust the cover on the car. It had started flapping fairly soon after leaving Vista.

Driving south from Oceanside, the view reminded us very much of S. Florida with the 'trendy' stores, lots of 'beach' shops, etc.

Finally, we found an appropriate motel in Carlsbad, CA. It was a decent place, with a place to park our rig right outside our room, and only about 6 blocks to the ocean. We were there so early (CA time) they weren't checking anyone in yet. My dh told them that was fine, we would just be sleeping in the truck in the parking lot until they were ready. She took pity on him at that point and quickly found us a room that was ready!

As we were moving our luggage to the room, dh was talking to a local police officer asking about how safe the area was. The officer told him not to worry, since there was a big bar right down the street they were in the area quite a bit, so the car would be fine. Hmmmm...that didn't really make us feel warm and cozy! Another thing the officer told him was that we shouldn't miss the sunset on the Pacific. He suggested that since we were so close, it would be easier to walk since parking would be a problem.

So we moved into our room and settled in for a relaxing afternoon watching the Daytona 500! Needless to say, we didn't actually SEE much of the race (after being up for about 30 hours without sleep...). We did 'hear' a lot of it and we were wide awake for the last 25 laps or so.

As sundown approached, we decided to walk down to the beach. We wanted to be able to at least say "We've dipped our toes in the Pacific." The walk was really nice....very touristy...probably what you would see in a S. Florida beach community with the exception of the hills. It was quite hilly and there were skateboarders everywhere!

On our walk we saw some very unique buildings like the one here. This beautiful old home is now a swanky restaurant. Can you imagine actually LIVING in a place like this?

Me and dh dipping our toes in the super chilly Pacific!

Here is dd who did NOT want to go on this trip, having a blast playing in the ocean!

Wayne and Becky

Word to the wise: After dipping toes in chilly ocean water in February, toes get really, really cold. One solution is to dip them in something else....

So....we had a little time on our hands waiting for the sunset.....

I would not say this is the prettiest beach I have ever seen. I'm sure there are nicer beaches in California, but these here can't even be compared to our beautiful Florida beaches. At least we can all say "We've been there!"

There were some homes that made an effort towards beautification...this is February, remember! Green grass -- blooming flowers?

Finally, the sunset we've been waiting for. It was a sunset...it was okay...the clouds kind of hampered seeing the sun.

We start the trek home tomorrow!

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