Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Random Thoughts

Since none of you seem to want to answer questions from my previous post Random Thoughts and Questions (i.e., shamelessly begging for a comment or two or Is anybody really out there?), I'll answer a few of the questions myself and maybe add another thought or two. I'm also going to re-ask some of my burning questions...hoping some of you readers can give me some answers. (Another shameless plea for know what!)

If you notice my little hyper-link above, you should be proud! You are probably the one who taught me how to do it! If not, well...then be proud of me anyway! I'm nothing if not a lifelong-learner...even at my advanced age!

I've been trying to come up with a cool pseudonym for that fits him like Pioneer Woman's "Marlboro Man." I've decided to go with dd's advice and refer to my dh as "Mr. Fix-It." I was truly considering HOBL (Hunk of Burning Love) but then dd couldn't quit laughing! Come on! The name, Mr. Fix-It, doesn't exactly give you that mind picture of a rough and rugged HE-man but it's better than Jack-Of-All-Trades. Although, MFI is kind of bland, it does pretty much fit my sweetie. Not that he's bland, but that he can fix anything, if he wants to! (The "want to" part gets to be a problem sometime! LOL!) The only thing we've found that he can't do... is ...Give Birth!

Nobody commented (to my face, anyway) on my question: Does piano practice for a 16 yo who wants to be (out of the house) riding her horse ALWAYS have to end up in tears? (Thanks a lot, Princess!) However, I've come up with my own answer and plan to eliminate this particular dd problem. This would involve chains, saying NO to outside activities and giving lots more hugs!

Is Publix out to get me? No, they were just out of stock! Hallelujah!

How does she [Pat Weso] get so much done? Nobody seems to know the answer to this unbelievable mystery. I've decided that God is probably the only one who can answer this...especially about the bustier! (Okay... so Don may know about the bustier!)

Burning Question:
How deep does dust need to be for it to be classified as dirt? I really need someone to answer this...not sure why!

Burning Question from yet another unanswered post:
I would really appreciate someone telling me what kind of bug is in this picture. It was so ugly,and since it ate little holes in my shower curtain that I have to look at every day... I'd like to at least know it's name.

Left click the picture to blow it up and get a close up view of this ugly guy!

Okay, after all those questions...I don't have any other thoughts to add today. I've been in town all day and I think my brain is fried from the heat...

Stay tuned!

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Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Very proud of your link and the picture of the cricket (although I haven't studied it closely). HUGS

allhisblessings said...

What a yucky bug!! I'm guessing it's some kind of cricket, grasshopper, or katydid. I find this a helpful website

Laura said...

I think dust has to actually look like dirt before wiping it to be classified as dirt. So if your thick layer of dust hasn't collected and become soil-like, then it is still dust. I'm only telling you this to protect my own psyche from melting down at the stuff I vacuumed out of a corner the other day.

Anonymous said...

Well mother, that shower-curtain-eating night cricket is so ugly, and I wasn't very happy to find one just like it in my bathroom the other night! Right by the toilet too! lol I was very glad it wasn't chewing up MY shower curtain! (Even though I always use your shower!) Oops!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH MY WORD!! I was coming over here to howl at your May 18 post, but saw this pic on the way down!

You need to go back to my blog and read my post called "Jeepers Creepers" dated July 17!!