Monday, June 2, 2008

Jumping Jehoshaphat...It's June!

Wow! May went so fast my head is spinning! I managed to blog every day after signing on to Blogger (on May 3). I won't expect that of myself again...but I wanted to start with a bang (and keep up with the Princess who did it so gracefully:p)!

I think I'll start a tradition with myself of using my first post each month to summarize the previous month in a few concise sentences. Okay, concise isn't really in my I'll just try to keep it as short as possible.

I think I'll call it....

Things I Figured Out in May 2008!

  1. Nobody actually cares where I start.
  2. My brothers don't actually care that I wished them a Happy Birthday online. Neither one of them was very happy to be awakened from a nice sleep early on Sunday morning! But that was the most fun part for me!!!
  3. I did manage to ask my Dad about the story of my mom having her 2nd baby on the birthday of the first. After dropping Mom at the hospital, he had to drop Mr. 1 Year Old off at a babysitter. Mom had Baby #2 before he could get back!
  4. I miss my dear, sweet friend Edna more than you can know. So many times I pick up the phone to call her and chat...then I realize she's spending her time with her old friend, Jesus!
  5. Mr. Fix-It misses the shooting tree. I don't.
  6. As my family rides around town together; invariably one of us will say, "Remember delivering flowers to that office? or that house?"
  7. After receiving a replacement phone, I've forgotten to program in my prayer alarm. Sure need to do that today!
  8. I'm very happy not to be in west Texas or New Mexico in the heat. Actually, I'm very happy to be sitting in very decent air-conditioning right now!
  9. That really was an ugly car we were sent to California to pick up. But we'd gladly do it again--even for an ugly car!
  10. The mountains in California were beautiful. The Mojave Desert was full of rocks. I don't want to live in any of those places.
  11. Our dd loves snow. (Okay, I already knew that!)
  12. Even looking at pictures of the Grand Canyon makes my heart swell. God really did a good job!
  13. Probably the most important thing I learned this month. If you post about an extremely humiliating experience that happens to you, EVERYONE loves it! They actually read your blog and post comments. Who would have thunk it?
  14. Even the person posting an ongoing travel blog gets bored with it!
  15. This month I've learned that if you actually walk at the mall on a regular can almost keep up with the old ladies! Or you can walk the route the opposite way of the old lady that keeps passing you and it will freak her out!
  16. Since posting that my dd always wears her helmet while she rides the monster; I found out that is not quite the case. Hmmm....
  17. Although my un-scientific friends tell me my shower-curtain-eating-bug is a common cricket, I refuse to believe it. I have sent the picture to a professional bug man...who is so professional he even has two beetle species named after him! Surely he will tell me that it is an exotic bug known only to a few and that they've decided to name it after my shower curtain!
  18. After meeting Boomer and Bessy, I bet you didn't know that Boomer got his name because...well...he had a very bad gas problem as a puppy and would run us out of the office on occasion! He lives outside now and it doesn't bother us.
  19. Thirty years is starting to feel like a very long time. Especially, when you have friends that tell you about attending their "10" year reunion this summer!
  20. Someone (Laura! Bless her heart!) has finally explained the correlation of dust and dirt. I'm so thankful to report that most of my dust has not made the transition as yet. But give it time!
  21. I'm thankful that none of my friends believe my dd can be unkind, less than sweet, or disrespectful to her sweet mother. Maybe we're doing something right!
  22. Putting off going to the eye Dr. was really stupid. I'm so thankful to be able to see faces again. I told our Pastor yesterday, "I'm so happy to see you today!" He looked at me kind of funny and said, "Well, I'm happy to see you today, too!" Then I said, "No! You don't understand...I'm happy to SEEEEEEE you today! I got my contacts corrected." He laughed...he knows how crazy I am!
  23. Anybody interested in a 4-bedroom house sitting on 2 acres on Highland Drive out Buck Lake Road? I know a good one for sale!
  24. It has come to my attention once again that dd is growing up wayyyyy too fast!
  25. I have a lot of random thoughts and questions that nobody cares about except me. But I will, if it kills me, find out what kind of bug ate my shower curtain!
Happy June!

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mamaweso said...

I've finally caught up and read all your blogs (wondering for ages about the bustier thing -- but, to be honest, I'm still confused and wondering). I've been too busy getting everything done that I've not had time to read blogs, but tonight is catch up night!

Pat, who showed property to a friend in TN (drove over 200 miles), found some gorgeous sites (who wants to move up soon?), worried over a roof leak until DH and DS dried in the roof, and just shipped off DD to Guatemala!