Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Gas to Go...Bummer.

Some days it just ain't fun living WAAAAAAYYYYYY out in the country! Tonight is MNO...and I can't go.

If you aren't familiar with MNO, it stands for Mom's Night Out. This is where homeschool moms (or any mom, really!) get together and learn from each other. We especially like hearing from those veteran moms who have been in the trenches longer than we have! Sometimes we learn how to deal with our children better; sometimes we learn how to deal with our husbands better. Sometimes we learn ways to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes we go just to be able to spend a few minutes talking with friends without being interrupted by kids pulling on us. No matter what we learn...we always laugh!

Do you know how good it feels to laugh? Even when you've had a crazy week (or month) and don't feel like laughing? MNO should really stand for Mental Night Out. It really does improve your mental health! My dd learned a long time ago how much better things went at home after Mom went to a MNO. (Except for those "child-training" nights. She used to groan when she saw me come in with CD's or cassettes on this subject. She knew 'Boot Camp' wasn't far away! LOL!) For those moms who don't go -- You are really missing out!

But tonight, I just can't go. I went to town this morning for a Dr's appointment, had a Women's Ministry meeting over lunch with a friend, walked at the Mall, ran a few errands...then ran out of things to do. Even though Wonder-Woman and the Princess are planning on being there...I just couldn't justify hanging out until 7pm. So I came home. It feels like my friends are throwing a party and didn't invite me. Did I say, "Bummer?"

Don't get me wrong...Mr. Fix-It would probably not give me a hard time if I went back to town. But I just can't do it. I can't seem to justify spending that $4/gallon to do something for ME when Mr. Fix-It works so hard to provide for his family. Right now, he is having to work outside in this vicious heat so that I can run the air-conditioning here at home (sorry, Kell!). It's just not in me to spend $15 on gas just to hang out with my friends. At least not tonight.

The theme for tonight is training your children to sit quietly in church. I have a really good story about that -- it actually might help somebody! Well, probably not...but its a true story. Thankfully, we are wayyy past this problem...so I can't justify going even knowing they will talk about other wonderful things, too.

So, I'll just sit here and have my little pity-party, missing my friends and my little girl....


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Sage said...

Hey Meg! Thanks for stopping by the Sagewood Farm Blog! Like you, I was raised 'putting up' food, now I do it for us. It's a fun project at the beginning, but boy, by the end of the year, I'm just hoping and wishing the garden will stop producing! Sorry you had to miss MNO! been there! Again, thanks for stopping by!

Kelley said...

I feel your pain...I wasn't able to attend last night due to traveling cost as well. However, I do need some good ideas for training the munchkins to sit well in church so please share your story! Just please don't remind me that everybody over there in the good U.S. of A are sitting in air-conditioned churches!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you girl! I didn't go last night either. Although I think I would have benefited from hearing the advise from those wise women since I still have wee ones to raise. But, I live even farther away from TLH than you do, out here in the sticks, which I love. Except for the gas prices keeping me home more these days, I wouldn't trade it. Good thing I am a natural home-body.


mamaweso said...

Well, I went to MNO so I could SIT IN THE AC at the church! (Sorry Kell.) We have new central AC but the ductwork isn't hooked up yet ... but it's on the "to do" list and if it ain't done soon this hot mama may move to TN until it is (in a submissive kindhearted manner, of course -- LOL). I told your story to the others Mary -- you'll have to tell Kell. I'm going to start a blog cataloging our new Weso money making venture. Stay tuned . . . and after someone tells me how to get started ... and after I think up a catchy name ... I'll let you know!


Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

I was right there with ya! I have a really hard time justifying a trip to town just for myself.