Saturday, June 28, 2008

Help! Call the Geek Squad!!!

Last night I lost my mind. Yeah, really. I lost my mind.

As I've mentioned before, I am NOT a techy. I don't have one of those techy sons like the Princess does...or one of those techy husbands like my friend Tammy does. If it isn't a totally brainless operation, I will mess it up when it comes to changing something on my computer. I'm terrified of losing my credo is: Just Leave It Alone...maybe it will magically change itself.

I've actually got that Polish girl and her mom bamboozled into thinking I'm Super-Blog-lady because I added a few cool widgets. But those things kind of just added themselves when I pushed a that doesn't really count as techy. Even 'I' CAN follow specific directions...most of the time.

But I must admit...last night I succumbed to the poking and prodding of my sweet dd who has been at me to spiff up my blog with a 'cooler' layout. Yes, I lost my mind. What was I thinking? I admit, PRIDE got the best of me. Obviously, my brain was not functioning at it's highest power mode.

So, here is how it went down. I had been doing my normal blog surfing (yes, I'm addicted...more about that another day), drooling over the really cute layouts of some of these blogs. Where do they get these things? I kept showing these beauties to my dd and she kept saying that I should look at Pyzam and find one for myself. I thought, "What could it hurt to look?"

Well, they had some pretty spiffy layouts at many, I couldn't decide on one. They have every color, shape and blinky thing. (Those blinky ones would drive my friend Carole bonkers!!! LOL!!)

Finally, I decided on one. I must have followed the directions fairly closely because it actually put the layout on my site...but then, I didn't like it. To further muddy the pot...ALL MY LOVELY WIDGETS DISAPPEARED!!! Oh, NO!!!!

Yes, widgets can be replaced (but I worked so hard building my BlogList...and I deleted my bookmarks to those places and I'll have to surf for days and days and days to find them again...oh, no!). My dd felt terrible. But it wasn't her fault...again, it was MY pride...wanting to be spiffy! Girls, if you ain't just ain't spiffy!

But now, I don't like the layout. So, back we go to Pyzam and try for another. I found another one, I thought I liked better. I loaded it; just like before...I think. Only, it doesn't work. I try another. It doesn't work either. Oh, my. I've really messed this thing up good AND I still don't have my widgets! Even the first layout was gone and I couldn't get it back!

Help!!!! Where is the Geek squad when you need it. We kept looking for a help button or someplace to say "HELP!!!" but none were to be found. My dd kept saying "Doesn't Blogger have a "Tom" like they do for MySpace; we could ask him how to fix this." No, apparently Tom doesn't work for Blogger. Eeeek!

Long story...hopefully, a little shorter... (with me that's rarely the case!). After much more searching, restoring, un-doing, re-doing, updating, un-dating, etc.; I finally have a new, cuter layout--not from Pyzam. I hope you like it, because it ain't gonna change any time soon!

It does have some features I don't like. For example, it doesn't show the Blogger thingy at the top, so it makes editing the page a bit harder; the columns are too know skinny things and people intimidate me; and it won't let me change the I'm stuck with them. I'll probably find some other things I don't particularly care for, but unless I find some techy know-how somewhere, it ain't gonna change any time soon!

A free piece of advice for my loyal readers: Mama's, don't let your babies grow up to be non-techy. Make them learn how to do stuff so they can fix what you mess up!

We're off to pick more blueberries this morning with my friend, Bella. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the new spiffed-up look!

Stay tuned!

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Kelley said...

Well, you'll always be a Super-Blog-Lady in my book. I love how you find all the cool stuff (that we can steal from you) and step out in faith, making mistakes that we can learn from. I do appreciate it! Where did you end up finding your new layout? I really like the new butterfly picture!!! Makes me want to go spend some time spiffing mine up:-) If you want the code back for the scrolly thingy, let me know!!!

Kara said...

I think I will leave the layout of my blog alone after reading about your fiasco. But I do like the new layout.

It was fun picking blueberries with you this morning. Thanks for the personal tour. And I went to Tri-County Electric for you. I was happy to do it for such a nice person such as yourself!

Sue Glasco said...

Yes, I like it. Beautiful butterflys. To me you are a techie.

Joan said...

I found this blog that really helped me with my blog.

Laura said...

I'm still here. Our departure date it the 29th. As long as everything goes o.k., it will still be our departure date, but the 30th wouldn't be the end of the world. I like your new layout, but after the trouble I had tonight with my photos, I don't think I want to mess with anything else.