Tuesday, June 3, 2008


In the past I've spotlighted our family's equines and canines. Now it's time to introduce you to our FELINE, Squeaky. (Yes, I know I already posted 1 picture...but that doesn't count!) Lest you wonder about the weird spelling of animal names at our home...I lay that squarely at the feet of dd. She is an excellent speller...except when it comes to 'names.' She likes them to be spelled differently than most people would expect; thus, we have Kodi, Bessy, and Squeaky.

Squeaky came to us when he was already a year old. Mr. Fix-It didn't think this was a good idea because he didn't think the cat would bond with the family. But since his previous owner, who had adopted him from the pound, was desperate to find him a new home (offering a big bag of food, food/water dishes, food mat, litter box with bag of litter, kitty condo and 1 yrs worth of vet visits); how could we turn down this deal?

When he came to us his name was...ahem...Virgil. We know he was embarrassed by this name because he hid under my bed for his first two weeks at Lonesome Pine. By this time we had figured out that he didn't say 'Meow'...he squeaked! Very quickly, Mr. Fix-It started calling him "Squeaky" or "Squeakers"-- it stuck.

He sleeps in very strange places.

Since Day 15, Squeaky has wanted to be in the middle of any activity. We had worked on this puzzle for quite some time...after putting in the last piece, Squeaky quickly decided to try it out.

Here, he is impersonating a sheet in my linen closet. Needless to say, Mom was NOT a happy camper. Sorry, I'm not one of those people who like to sleep on cat hair sheets!

Here, he is dreaming of playing in Carnegie Hall.

He's happiest when cuddled up to sleep. He likes being held and cuddled. Many times he will stand on his back paws and hold his front paws in the air for dd to pick him up...just like a toddler.

He's even been known to sleep with Mr. Fix-It!

He likes to do schoolwork --or keep schoolwork from getting done...

He likes to read.

Here, he's enjoying a read-aloud book... probably about horses.

He's not really thrilled with English, but then again, neither is dd.

He likes to play the piano, too!

Here, he is acting in his capacity as a computer tech. Helping foster-dd with schoolwork on the computer.

He thinks he is human. This is HIS girl, and you can bet he will be somewhere close at bedtime... unless he needs to go outside...at which time he promptly jumps on Mom!

Even when strangers show up to spend time with his girl, he's right there in the middle.

He actually takes over the bed most nights and has been known to push dd off the bed.

DD loves animals...period! She loves horses, she loves her dogs, she loves her cat. That is just fine with me...she'll never want to leave home!

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Anonymous said...

Does she still fit in the princess bed made on the hill? Wacky Wakulla Woman

Kelley said...

If my mother-in-law didn't have severe allergies and my dh didn't have a strong dislike for felines, it sounds like Squeakers is the kind of cat that Karis and I would love to have!