Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hear the Sizzle?

Sizzling Fajitas! Yep! I stepped out of my little rut and made something different tonight for supper. Even though Mr. Fix-It is your basic meat and taters kind of guy...I knew I could lure him in if I put plenty of bell pepper in it!

Last month we bought the basic Angel Food package and it included this 'fajita meat.' I've never eaten a fajita, much less cooked them. I have smelled them at restaurants...and they smelled pretty good.

So tonight I thawed the packet of meat, got on my trusty computer and looked up a recipe (or How to Cook Fajitas) so that I could impress my household with my prowess in the kitchen! My friends who know that the kitchen is NOT my natural environment will be very proud of my new dinner entree. The rest of you who know how EASY fajitas are to make will not quite understand my thrill at this accomplishment. (Of course, it's not as big a deal as if I cleaned out my cabinets and organized them like that Polish girl....)

Just so you know...dd and Mr. Fix-It really liked them. It must have been the peppers and vidalia onions!

So mark down this date in history. I made something DIFFERENT for supper! Wahoo! What's next?

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wackywakullawoman said...

Congratulations! How many ingredients did you have to add? More than 5 are out of my league.

Kelley said...

Sweet. We are huge fajita fans although I've never mastered the meat flavor. Did you find a good marinade recipe? (that doesn't include a "can of this" or a "package of that" that we can't get down here??) Do share!!

Laura said...

Way to go! I recently added Pioneer Woman's brisket to my menu. Wow! We all scarfed it down and I have been hiding the leftovers to eat myself.

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

But you make a killer Grilled Cheese!