Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mall Meanderings

After the 'extensive' shopping trip yesterday, dd and I decided to go to the GS Mall so that I could get my walk in for the day (in the air conditioning) and then we could eat lunch.

It's so much fun to walk around with someone to talk to ...instead of having to get all introspective and evaluate my life as I walk alone...asking the Lord to point out all of my short-falls. (Believe me, He will!) Our conversation today was sweet. We talked about the crazy fashions in the windows...most had at least 3 pieces on the tops. We couldn't figure out why, if you KNOW your top is immodest, do you think adding an ugly t-shirt underneath, with a bustier on top, makes it all better? As we passed Victoria's Secret, I wondered out loud whether she thought I should buy the outfit in the window for myself...her reply was that Victoria should keep her secret instead of showing everybody! We talked about so many things...I wonder how often in the future will I have her full attention for 30 minutes at a time? Did I mention that it was a sweet time?

[Note to Self: Even though it is a delightful experience to have teen dd walk and talk to said Self, dd's long legs and athletic self will KILL YOU!!!]

After we finished walking, and before her mother keeled over in exhaustion; we pulled out her little coupons for Chic-Fil-A. Buying their calendar is soooo worth the money! We had a Grilled Chicken wrap, regular Chicken Sandwich, large fries, a Coke and a cup of water for $3.17! The Grilled Chicken wrap costs nearly $5 by itself! What a deal...I feel like... Pat Weso!!! Wahoo!

Now, lest you think..."Hmmm...she walked and then ate a chicken sandwich with a gazillion calories??" Aha! I knew you were thinking that! Actually, according to my handy-dandy little Calorie King book, a regular Chic-Fil-A sandwich is only 410 calories; which, in the scheme of things is a pretty good deal! My sandwich probably had a lot less calories because somebody forgot to put that yellow, buttery looking stuff on the I'm sure I don't have to count the WHOLE 410!

So, just for good measure, after eating we made another loop of the top floor....then ended up at the Dollar Store so Mom could pick up her prescription glasses...of course, at a bargain price! Pat is really rubbing off on me...maybe I ought to look into that Wonder Woman bustier, myself!

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Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

I have yet to learn to shop at Good will, though!

lea said...

now i am YOUR blog stalker. loved your comment on my blog today and your shopping tips for mothers of teen girls yesterday!

Laura said...

I hope time with my daughters lasts so long. I really enjoy them (most of the time).

mamaweso said...

We have several calendars (thanks to JJ and Impact 360) but we keep forgetting to use the coupons. Ugh.