Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More VBS

A few more pictures of our VBS Class.

Here are the 3 Musketeers...the only boys out of the 13 students today. [Just a note: God really knew what He was doing when He gave me a daughter!] These guys are so sweet...but they sure do act like boys!!!

This year we are doing a lot with 3-D glasses. Of course, these smart 3rd graders ALWAYS comment that they can read the stuff without the fancy glasses. (Of course they can!!!) So I just laugh and say "Yeah, but it's soooo much more fun this way!"

Not every class is lucky enough to have "Hannah Montana" in their class. Here's Hannah and Montana! (Sorry about the red day I'm going to learn how to fix them!)

Part of our fun crew waiting on parents to pick them up. Here is some advice: If your church ever thinks about going to 'theater seating'....scream at them..very loudly... and often... NOOOOOO!!!!!! It is nearly impossible to corral 450 kids in these seats and keep your sanity. (Just a freebie for my loyal readers!)

This young lady broke her arm playing soccer. Having your arm in a cast during the hot summer is not my idea of fun. When I was finishing 1st grade, I broke my arm the last week of school. I can tell you first-hand... IT IS MISERABLE!!!!

How could you resist this handsome face? For some reason, I call this young man, Parker. That is NOT his name. As far as I know, I don't even KNOW anyone named Parker! So what's the deal? It's really starting to irritate him after 3 days! But I've tried to explain how sometimes old ladies just get something in their brain and can't get it out. He smiles and says "It's okay!" Bless him...

Stay tuned!

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Kelley said...

Well, I was going to wait to comment since the munchkin is still sleeping and I thought I could go get a few things done real quick but then I realized that you know I've been here! (that Brazil flag really stands out to me. I love the Brazil flag!) So here's my comment...

My cousin just had a baby and named him Parker...have you been talking to my mom? I say just call him Parker...He won't mind.

mamajil said...

Hey if it helps he looks like a Parker to me

I am so bad at doing this too...except I do it with grown ups...

Years ago we went to church with a lady and to me she was a day we were talking about baby names
(I was pregnant at the time, imagine that!!??!!) any way she asked me what about the name Mellissa.....I told her I wasn't sure that name really grabbed me, it wasn't my favorite... GUESS WHAT HER NAME WAS...not Wendy....yep Mellissa.....ugh!!!! Have a great week!