Monday, June 30, 2008

Our SS Class Rocks! ...or should I say...Eats!

Ummm.... Pretend the date of this post is Tuesday, July 1, 2008. Since I will be out and about in town tomorrow, I wanted to get this posted for all my SS friends to be able to see themselves in living color! Yes, I know I can "schedule" it to post in the morning...but I wanted it up tonight since I already sent the e-mail telling my class it was posted... so work with me here!

This post is simply to document that our Sunday School class (full of wonderful ladies, I just love!) actually got together away from church, for a change! We had a great time. Lots of good food and great fellowship. Thanks to Jeanne for opening her lovely home for us. I was kind in my picture-taking and no food was harmed in the process!

The "spread." Actually, there was even more than this! Comfort food, savory food, sweet food, cold food, hot food, salad, and non-salad. Yummy...except for the cantaloupe. I don't like cantaloupe...sorry. (Click on the picture and it will blow it up full size to see all the great food...except the cantaloupe, of course.)

Debbie posed all sweet and proper for her portrait.

Glenda slept through hers.

Nancy figured there was no sense fighting it!

Jeanne and Dawn were still trying to figure out where to put MORE stuff while we were already chowing down!

Linda, always ready for a picture and Susan trying to scope out a place to sit.

Jan and Kathy managed to evade my camera...but I got a far off shot here of Kathy and one of Jan's back with the food bar. Oh, well. I'll do better next month when we all meet at Linda's!

Oops! I missed myself, you say? Oh, my goodness....silly me!

Stay tuned.

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mamajil said...

Looks like y'all had a good time....I didn't realize Dawn was in your Sunday School class.... She was a familiar face..can you say "small world" lol :D

Kelsey said...

Wow what fun!!