Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Important Mall Information

It is so hard to believe its already 11pm, Wednesday night. I spent my whole day in town today, so I didn't have time to blog for myself. So, I'll reprise a short e-mail (with a few tweaks) I sent my homeschool group before becoming a real, live blogger!


I didn't learn everything I needed to know in Kindergarten, but I have learned some things while walking in the Mall today.

1. You don't sweat nearly as much walking in the air-conditioned mall.

2. It would be much more fun walking with an old (or new!) friend through the mall. (Especially someone who would huff and puff like myself--at least a little bit!)

3. There is no point going to the Mall in search of a "modest" bathing suit for your 16 yo dd. No salesperson can believe you are even ASKING such a stupid question!

4. Even while trying to maintain a decent (not pro-level) pace, you can walk through the bigger chain stores and check out their sales...maybe see that JC Penney has a lot of ladies dresses on sale for 50-75% off.

5. After you pass that cart with the hand lotion stuff and say "No Thanks" about the third time...don't you think they should quit asking you if you want to try their product?

6. If, like me, you like to sing while you walk...folks kind of look at you funny. Even when you don't have those funny earplugs in your ears!

7. Your pedometer will not count the steps on the escalator or elevator...bummer. Hey, you're moving up...shouldn't it notice?

8. It's probably a good thing to stay as far from the Food Court as might not have the time to walk the full 24 hours straight necessary to walk off one Cinnabon!

9. Sitting at a table, reading your book does not burn many calories. (But it's usually more fun!)

and #10...drum roll please..........

10. The MOST important thing I learned at the mall today is.....If you carry a shopping bag (or plastic bag) in one hand with your water bottle in it. You can pass yourself off as a "shopper" and not be embarrassed when little old ladies (walking for their health) pass you....leaving you in their dust!

Just thought you should know....

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Kelley said...

Ha ha...great tips that I'll definitely remember:-)