Saturday, August 16, 2008

11:20? All Is Well

As I touched my dainty feet to the floor this morning, I looked at the clock.

It was 11:20 am (yes, you read that right...eleven-twenty A.M.!!!!)

"Aww shucks" said I. I was sooooo disappointed thinking how sleeping late was such an awful thing; a total waste of my morning-- not cleaning the house, not washing the dishes, not getting the car washed and waxed, not grooming the dogs pulling off each and every flea, not cleaning my kitchen floor with a toothbrush and ammonia and any number of other things.....NOT!!!! Actually, I was quite amazed and very proud of myself for sleeping so late!

Sleeping late used to be a hobby of mine --my brother's say I never slept past the crack of noon! But in the last few years it has become only a distant memory. Not because I don't have the time to sleep late -- but because for some reason I haven't been physically able to sleep late. For some reason, I wake up at 7 or 7:30 or maybe as late as 8 am... my eyes pop open and I can't seem to go back to sleep. Isn't that a sign that I'm getting old? Mercy.

Used to be, Mr. Fix-It would get up shower, dress, kiss me good-bye and leave. All I had to do was just turn back over to be off to sleepy-time again. NOW...for some reason when Mr. Fix-It leaves I just lie there WIDE awake! ...Until this morning.

Okay, a little rabbit trail here... I can just feel you asking... "But Meggy dear, what about Mr. Fix-It's breakfast? Are you saying you don't get up and lovingly prepare a nutritious breakfast for the man of your dreams? What about your husband's health?" Aha! really did ask that, didn't you? Well, here's my answer to that.

A long, long time ago (26 years to be exact)... before me and Mr. Fix-It tied the knot...I told him that if he was marrying me thinking he would have a hot breakfast every morning, then he needed to find some other young, beautiful, kind, loving, sweet, wonderful woman; 'cause that woman ain't me!

He decided that he could live without me cooking him breakfast. I was too good a catch to give up just for breakfast.

Fast forward a few years.... After we had been married several years, being the wonderful, submissive wife that I am... I started feeling guilty about the whole breakfast cooking thing. So I made a deal with him. Here are the parameters of said deal.

IF... he would get up and cook his own HOT breakfast for 30 days straight, no missing days...then (and only then) I would agree to get up and cook his breakfast for the rest of his life.

Remember, we had already been married for a few years when I offered this deal. I knew I would NEVER have to make good on this deal because Mr. Fix-It likes to sleep till the last possible moment and there was NO WAY he would ever cook 30 days straight. And so far, after 26 years, I still don't cook breakfast...except on special days. I did cook for Bex when she was young (I must be a better Mom than wife!). Now, we all pretty much fend for ourselves.

Okay, already...enough marital bliss....back to WHY I slept late.

The Olympics are addicting. Tell me why they don't show the good stuff until 3am. It drives me crazy! This is one of the few times I've wished for cable and Tivo. A few too many nights of this wears a girl out! We also had our first volleyball game last night. After riding in the loud, hot, school bus all the way to Albany, GA yesterday afternoon and not arriving home until 12:30 am this morning; sleeping late was not only a very pleasant indulgence, it was a necessity! (More on the volleyball trip tomorrow.) Bex slept until noon. Although I miss having little ones running around...there are some benefits!

After sleeping the morning away, Bex and I have spent a very lazy day just playing on the computer, eating, sleeping, playing with the cat, and watching the Olympics.

For me, playing on the computer included catching up on Bloggy-World. I read Lea's post about a cool website where you can make your own Wordle's. (Even the Princess probably didn't know what a Wordle was!) You can check it out here. Here's one I did by just putting in my blog address.

You can see it full size by clicking on the image or here. It takes the words most used on your blog and arranges them in a really cool way. I thought it was interesting that the word Lord was pretty big. Maybe I should use JESUS it would be bigger. I laughed when I saw that I must use the word "just" a lot...that's just me!

So, that's pretty much been my day. Sorry if you have a bunch of 'smallies' (like they say in Australia) and don't ever get to sleep in and sit around all day. God does throw in a few little perks when He only gives you ONE (very wonderful, I might add...) child. I hope this doesn't totally freak out all you neat-niks. I don't even care that there are still dishes in the sink and no clean bowls in the cabinet. They will still be there when I get a round tuit. If somebody needs one, they can just wash one themselves--like I do!

Stay tuned.

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MamaHenClucks said...

It actually sounds like the perfect Saturday. And I don't make breakfast for the love of my life, either. Just the chickies and hubby cooks on weekends :)

Kelley said...

So I guess I can console myself that if Karis does end up being an only child I could probably stay up late watching the Olympics 4 years from now and then sleep in the following morning :-)

I'm going to go try the wordle thing!

Kelley said...

Ok, I'm feeling guilty because my wordle wasn't near as spiritual...with HOUSE as the biggest and BATHROOM second biggest and then JUST as about third. Yeah, I'm feeling rather guilty :-)

Laura said...

I'm going to try the wordle thingy, too! I am curious to see what my most-used word is. My version of breakfast for the husband is stirring ovalteen into his chocolate milk. If he asks nicely, I will fix him an egg sandwich. We are both night owls, so it isn't an issue around here.

On another note, if you want to meet the beautiful and gracious Grandmama, she will be at Chuck-E-Cheese with me tommorrow from approximately 11am until approximately 1:30 pm.

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

You can put in the address of blogs you read and see what they write about! How cool. I checked out a few and wanna know what I found? Kelly gets "Just" right in the middle of her WORDLE.

Kara said...

O.K. I did the Wordle thing and I think it only does the current posting page, because Snake came up biggest next to house. Now I only talked about the snake in one post, so I don't think that would be my most used word in the history of my blog. Just is case you were interested in knowing any of this!

Kara said...

Correction. Actually Hair was the biggest word, followed by Snake and House. See, I did a haircut post the other day. I don't think I have ever mentioned bad hair days before. Not really an issue now that I am not a teenager anymore.