Sunday, August 3, 2008

Propane, Priscilla, and Comment Quotas

We're finishing up a nice, relaxing weekend here at Lonesome Pine. With everybody home, no travel plans and lots of hot, hot weather things were pretty quiet this weekend. A lot of sleeping went on, the air conditioner worked hard and well, and my house got a bit of a clean-up for company.

Mr. Fix-It managed to fix my stove in his special way late Friday night --which equates to piecing together several other parts to make one part work! In his defense, he ordered the necessary part off the internet thinking it would be a quick fix. Apparently, there was a choice of two that would probably work on my 20-yr old stove. His guess wasn't exactly right...but he is very resourceful in making wrong parts work. Although I'm happy to have the use of my stove and oven again, I'm not really thrilled messing around with propane gas. Mr. Fix-It went to great pains to explain the science, physics, etc. of why this ummm...gerry-rigging works and is not dangerous...and he has assured me that it won't blow up. But I'm just sayin...maybe he'll get the correct part on it one day?

My sweet nephew will be finishing at FSU next week, so we invited him out for a home-cooked supper on Saturday night. Not knowing if the stove/oven would work properly when I invited him, I had planned a big chuck roast in the crock-pot with potatoes and carrots; and a cold salad. I was glad to be able to complete the menu with green beans on the stove and biscuits and brownies from the oven. The whole dinner and fellowship was wonderful!

Today after a sweet time of worship at church, we had a great Sunday School lesson from Hebrews about keeping our focus on Jesus. I really needed that!

After a quick nap, Mr. Fix-It and I headed back to the church for meetings. He went to a meeting about the future vision for our church's Youth Ministry. Why didn't I go too? The teen belongs to me too? Well, I felt like God could handle things fine without me and my I went to a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer entitled "Can We Talk? Soul-Stirring Conversations with God."

If you didn't know, Priscilla Shirer is the daughter of the famous preacher, Tony Evans. She is as good as her dad...but without the shouting! (I LOVE his preaching...but sometimes can't hear through the shouting!)

This was our 2nd meeting for the Bible study, so we had a discussion about our study from the past week. Let me tell you; the whole study this past week was on our TONGUE!!! Do you know how hard it is for ME to study and contemplate SCRIPTURE FROM GOD about the problems of my tongue? Talk about was excruciatingly painful to see how far MY tongue missed the mark set by God. Thankfully, God's grace and mercy are doled out lavishly! Now, you know why I didn't think it was necessary for me to state my opinion in the Teen meeting. (From all reports, God was able to deal with it quite well without me!)

This week's study is about juggling prize tomatoes. Sound intriguing? I think this gal is getting into a bit of meddlin'!

After returning home, I checked my e-mail to find that FINALLY the comment quota had been met for Thankful Thursday! Hallelujah! Normally, I wouldn't go for a comment quota...but since I asked you all to handle this easy request...I thought I would just throw it out there. It will probably be many years before I can take Kelsey's advice and beg for 25! Actually, I thought it might take a few more days to get 10...thus giving me a bit more of a 'Bloggy-break' but it's nice to be able to post again. I always have a lot to say. I'm trying to keep this as a 'fun' activity for myself and not be too legalistic with myself in trying to post each day...but sometimes I just get this itch to type and spill my guts.

I've spent several days this weekend printing out past blog posts for Bex's book. Reading some of the entries from May reminded me how quickly we forget things that seem so important at the time. In turn, this reminds me that our time on earth are as a vapor...

James 4:14:
14Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

It looks like the school year is going to bring MAJOR changes to Lonesome Pine. I don't know yet just how extensive those changes will be... but God does.

Stay tuned!

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Kimbosha said...

Yea! I get to make the first sweet comment. Sweet! I understand the propane concerns. My hubby, Mr. Fix it's long lost twin hooked up a gas dryer. I was slightly concerned but boy, does that dryer dry clothes quickly and it hardly uses any gas to do it! I'm liking it more and more!

MamaHenClucks said...

It sounds like you had a wonderfully nice weekend. I'm intrigued by your bible study, too. It may be that I should be attending alongside. . .

Kelsey @ MySweetLife said...

Sounds like a great weekend! So glad you met your quota!

SarahHub said...

I'm on the Blog Train!

Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm glad your stove is in working order, and it sounds like your Bible study was productive (as they always are!)

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I am VERY sorry I missed out on the Roast. Yummo! Also,I feel the same way about a study on the tongue. Ouch, what, watch what I say. Think before I speak, and all those great Proverbs about the foolish man and the wise man. Ohhhh. I tell you, that is my biggest problem. I'm just saying.
Also, scary... propane and all. Glad you hubby is handy. I am reminded of a show my hubby and I used to watch on Public Television. It was called "The Red/Green Show". Anyway, they had a saying "If the women can't find you handsome, at least they can find you handy." My hubby is handsom and handy. I am sure your' is, as well.
I enjoyed visiting you blog. I guess the blog train is working.