Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want a Sailboat?

I have 3 1/2 minutes to post something today if I want to get into town so I can get a walk in at the mall before Bex volleyball practice. So you have to listen--really fast. I need your help!

Here's the deal... (you know I like deals, but never find any, but I offer them all the time!) ...maybe this is one?

We've been offered a 28 foot sailboat for FREE! After seeing the pictures you tell me if YOU would take it--knowing that it will very likely sit in my yard with all the other projects Mr. Fix-It (who is perfectly capable of handling this) has not completed.

This boat was very sea-worthy when it was parked under these trees 10 years ago. I'm thinking a pressure-wash would go a long way in making it 'look' better!~

Yeah, the pressure washer might need to work really, really hard.

Okay, let's look into a leaf blower too!


So, you tell me. IF you or your sweet Mr. Fix-It had the skills...would you do this? Remember, we do live in Florida -- an hour or so from the water...


Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

You are kidding...right!!??


MamaHenClucks said...

Oh I would totally take it. I am a sucker for FREE things. What will you be out? NOTHING!! So what if there is no water close by - it's FREE!!!

Laura said...

I'm sure my uncle, who is a master sailor would love to take this off your hands. Unfortunately, his wife would not be very encouraging of him taking on another project. I would also love to have a sailboat, but don't have the inclination or knowledge to fix it up. Hope you have fun in town today. See you soon!

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

Not in a 1x10^6 years.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh boy, that's a toughy.

I, too, have a "Mr. Fix-It" without much time. But how motivated is he to do something with it? Do you guys have money to put in it right away so it doesn't sit so long?

I just know my husband has a lot of steam for his projects when he first starts them, but usually NOT having all the money we need up front keeps him from ever finishing.

I say if you don't have resources, then maybe you should pass it up. If you do, then living in Florida...I think you should make a deal with the Hubs that you have "nagging rights" to keep him accountable!

Kelley said...

hmmmm...I would only take it if I knew for sure it wouldn't be permanent yard-art (as a friend calls it)...if there was even only a slight chance that it might never sail on WATER then I'd have to say, thanks, but no thanks. Then again I am the proud daughter of a Mr-Fix-it who would never (and I repeat NEVER) get around to this project.

And I am NO expert by any means, but I have heard that keeping a boat sea-worthy can be a rather pricey thing. If you were hoping for a "yeah! go for it!" then just erase this comment:-)

Jules said...

Well since you have a Mr. Fix-it, that's a tough decision. I guess the question is...... how much of Mr. Fix-it do you want to see? 'Cause I'm thinking that fixing it is going to take up A LOT of his time and he might not be available to do other things. Just saying, mnd you.

So I guess this is a cop-out. Um..... just do whatever you think is best. LOL

allhisblessings said...

It looks like a lot of work! I'd be worried that it would end up taking even longer to fix than I think it should take (you know how that always happens on a project) and it would never get finished. I like that "yard-art" comment! I'd say no thanks!