Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bits, Pieces and LOTS of Water

Water, water everywhere! Fay has done such a number on our little edge of the world, we've barely been able to come up for air! Considering that most areas in our COUNTY received 20" or more of rain, the chaos should be expected. But I'm still in awe (or maybe shock would be a better word) of the damage that water can cause.

Do you think...just maybe...she could have figured out that driving through this wasn't a good idea? Maybe even figured when it got up on her DOOR that this wasn't a good idea?

Just a note here: Just because you LIVE in the country and buy a little tractor --it does NOT mean you know how to work it! Mr. Fix-It spent a bit of time pulling out "helpers" this weekend.

Late Sunday afternoon, with all the neighbor's hard work, our road was at least passable. Some have continued to get stuck--but mostly because they are city folks who don't understand the physics of mud and muck. Most think the faster they drive, the better. Unfortunately, since they aren't Jesus and don't walk (or drive) on water -- this is not the case. The old adage "Slow and steady wins the race" is very true when driving on mucky roads!

Bex has become a mud-bog pro--especially since she's my chauffeur, ya know!!! She has managed to drive through the bog several times --with grace and dignity (I must say!) AND without getting stuck. Last night when one of the tires started spinning, she remembered Mr. Fix-It's instruction and got us out of there without having to call in the handy tractor-man!

Speaking of Bex...we finally made it out of here to pick her up about 9pm on Sunday night. Even though she had a great time with her friend (boogie-boarding on the golf course in the rain)...she was really bummed that she missed all the excitement and adventure at home. I'm just glad to have her back at the hacienda!

Mr. Fix-It and the well-worked tractor. He LOVES tractors!

Although Fay moved off to our west, she decided it would be fun to pay us another visit -- so Monday and Tuesday brought more rain. We have all been holding our breath waiting to see how it affects our roads...we're starting to turn quite blue! Thankfully, today has dawned bright and sunny. It's been months since we've seen the sunshine...okay...maybe only a week...but it seems like months! Now we're watching Gustav head into the Gulf. Even if it heads to New Orleans as predicted, the rain on our side will still be significant! Though its probably not the Christian thing to do --we pray it goes somewhere else!

Our Monday was busy; completing the preparation for Bex 'college' career. We were able to get her books and check out where her classes were. This helped ease some of her anxiety of going to 'real' school for the first time. Okay...maybe it was her Mom's anxiety about her going to 'real' school for the first time... cut me some slack here. The majority of Mom's send their kids to school at 5 or 6 -- we're just late bloomers waiting until 16!

Since we weren't sure whether we would be able to get out of our road early Tuesday, Bex and I spent the night with Mr. Fix-It's sister closer to town. This was great fun until it came time to go to bed. I was attempting to share a double bed with Bex. BIG PROBLEM!!! I'm used to a big king-size bed and I DON'T sleep with Bex for a multitude of reasons.

Obviously, it might get a bit crowded with the 3 of us...but the BIGGEST reason is that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to actually get any sleep in the same bed as Bex --no matter the size. I pray for Bex's future husband often...and I'm adding to that prayer that she won't run him out of the bed with her...ummm....sleep habits.

Since Bex was a toddler, she has been a PAIN to sleep with. Really! Believe me! A PAIN!!! She cannot sleep straight like a normal person...she has to sleep side-ways with her legs kicking anything in her path. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING HERE!!! Ask the cat!!!

So after fighting her legs for about 2 hours, I gave up and took my pillow and a blanket to the floor. Needless to say, this wasn't any better. So when I had to get up at 4:30am to get ready to work the Election Polls, it was actually a relief. A hot shower never felt so good.

SIL and I arrived at our polling place about 5:30 am. Since I'm the Clerk (the head honcho) I was quickly engrossed in directing 11 adults in the chaos of getting ready to open our precinct by 7am. About 6:30, I was in the middle of dealing with a 'situation' when my cell phone rang. I glanced down at the number and since I didn't recognize it, I handed it to my SIL (who is my Asst. Clerk) to answer. From listening to one side of the conversation, it quickly became apparent that Bex was having a crisis!

We had left Bex in bed. Knowing the challenge of getting across town where 1/2 the roads have been closed due to flooding, she was planning to get up early, get dressed and pick her way across town to the campus. At about 6:30am, she went outside (in her PJ's and barefoot) to get something out of her car and inadvertently locked herself out of the house. EEEEEKKKK!!!! Long story short, she was brave and went to a neighbor's house two doors down and was able to call. SIL was able to redirect her own daughter to go unlock the door and all was well. Crisis resolved!

Eventually, Bex got to school on time (even though Mom didn't get to take a picture of her first day!! {sob!}) and had a great day.

My day at the polls was slow, tiring, but interesting. My hand-picked crew continues to be wonderful and fun. I've worked the polls for about 15 years and truly enjoy meeting the folks that come in. We also eat really, really well! Each worker brings a dish and we have a potluck lunch...okay...the truth is...we munch all day long.... it's always so yummy! Yesterday, the desserts included home-made Key Lime pie, Eclair Cake, and Peach Cobbler. YUMMMM!

Yesterday, I met an 82 yo man who served under Eisenhower in WWII. After 13 successful missions he was shot down and captured. As a POW they were forced to march from Poland to Belgium. Truly an American hero.

I also met a lady who came in during one of the downpours who fussed because the lights were out and she couldn't see the ballot -- "It's just WRONG!" she said. Like I could do something about it! Well, I'm sorry lady...maybe you could discuss this with God ~~ or maybe the electric company? What do you want me to do? I could have offered her a flashlight...but there would have been something 'wrong' with that too!

Several folks came in and profusely thanked us all for working and making it possible for them to cast their votes. Another sweet older lady was so happy to be able to vote because she had lost her wallet and didn't have ID, even though it meant wading through some paperwork.

One old lady told me a slightly off-color joke and made me promise to tell my husband. meet all kinds of folks at the polls! I love it!

We closed the polls at 7pm, got all the paperwork balanced, cleaned up our mess and were out of there by 8:30pm. Bex picked me up and took me and all the voting 'stuff' back to town to the County warehouse. After a quick stop at Wallyworld, we were able to get home by about 10pm....

A busy, busy few days and finally a chance to SLEEP at Lonesome Pine. Ummm...did I mention that with the high water, ants have invaded the house? Like on my bed????

Ahhhh...tomorrow starts the hustle and bustle again. But for today, all is well as we prepare to head to town for volleyball practice and possibly church.

Stay tuned for more riveting tales of "Life at Lonesome Pine!"

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mamajil said...

Glad you are well!!! I did get a picture of Megan's first day but only after I promised I wouldn't blog about her first day of school....I am trying to wiggle in the picture some how into a near future post....Meg stayed in town with Josh and Sarah because she was scared all the roads leading out of here would be closed....So I missed talking to her person to person on her first day....
I am with you on praying for the next storm to miss us!!

MamaHenClucks said...

I just noticed that another storm is headed in - towards New Orleans, it says. For now. It sounds like you have had a very busy last few days. Thankfully all is well, aside from water and ants.

Working the election polls sounds like so much fun. I keep thinking when my chickies are bigger, then I can do stuff like that!

Fuschia said...

After all that, all I can say is "Whew!"

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Okay, I have only ONE thing to say: Boogie-boarding on the golf course in the rain?

HOW FUN!!!!! :-)

I remember watching the lunatic surfers running out to the beach when a hurricane or tropical storm was on its way. It must have been some kinda fun to be out there!

Crazy, but fun! :-)

Kelley said...

It makes me so anxious to get some rain here! (we're nearing the end of dry season). Perhaps not a hurricane, but a nice rain storm would do.

Did that lady really just drive into the water? People do make life interesting.

Boogie-boarding sounds like a blast. If I happen to be in the vicinity for the next hurricane I just may join Bex!

Kelsey said...

Oh wow how scary! Glad you guys are safe!

Debbie said...

Just wanted to stop by and leave a comment. As per your not so subtle hint :)

I got my camera fixed and am ready to post again. So quit your nagging, already!

BTW- Tell Bex she's one up on most of us Floridians if she can get down a muddy dirt road without sliding off the side (and calling for help.)

♥Bex♥ said...

Boogie Boarding was sooooo much fun and I loved it, but I really missed being at home and missing all the neighborhood excitement!
Nothing exciting ever happens when I'm home!