Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blessing Counting 101

After reading comments from yesterday's post, it occurred to me that in trying NOT to whine...I was whining! (You should have read the post I deleted...I would be crowned the Whining Queen!!!) Several who have commented privately and publicly in the comments section seem to think I've had a terrible week. My fault, I guess. But it's not true. I'm usually one of those 'glass is half-full' kind of gals...this week is no different...I just haven't been my normal perky self online for some reason.

So...just for the record let me clarify a few things from yesterday's post.

My week has NOT been crummy!!! Yes, things have happened this week that have put more strain on our already strained-to-the-max budget...but God has continued to bless us throughout the whole week as He always does!

Today I'm taking my own course in Blessing Counting 101. Of course, there are too many blessings to count -- but let me 'counter' some of the whining with these...

1 -- Even though my dryer died, it was a blessing in disguise. My old dryer was a commercial dryer in a previous life. It was loud and obnoxious and took forever to dry clothes sometimes. On the other hand, my new dryer works great and even has a short little buzzer that lets me know it's done! I love this!! So, I actually got a wonderful upgrade!! Thanks, Lord!

2--Not hearing from the job interview? Well, just maybe this isn't the job the Lord has waiting for me! I'm not in a terribly big rush to have to leave the house early every morning anyway... so I'll just be patient, send out my resume' and wait for God's clear direction in this matter. Thanks, Lord!

3--My friend, Pat left this earth Monday to spend the rest of her eternal life with Jesus!! How can that be bad? I'll miss her, but her passing was a blessing since she has been pretty much bed-bound since May and was miserable.

I'm thinking maybe Jesus let our mutual friend Edna (who went to Glory in May) meet her at the cool would that be? Here's a picture of a group of us girls who went to the mountains together last October. One of the best trips I've ever taken. Pat hadn't even been diagnosed with cancer at that time. Pat is sitting on the left in blue (in front of me), Edna is sitting in the middle. Two dear friends waiting for me to join them one day. Thanks, Lord!

4 -- One day, our foster-daughter will wake up and realize that her time with us was a good time in her life. Don't know when that will be. Bex learned a lot from her while she was with us--what NOT to do...surely that is a blessing? Although I sometimes feel like those 4 years were wasted, I know the Lord can redeem the years the locust ate. Ya'll can add your prayers to mine that the Lord will protect her in the coming years and she will come back to Him. Knowing God's promises are trustworthy has helped my broken heart. Thanks, Lord!

5--Okay, this one is a bit harder. Having no wheels when you live in the boonies, 12 miles from's hard to see the blessing. But we ARE blessed that Bex has wheels that are quickly becoming "family" wheels. God gave me that van 4 years ago and it was a huge blessing. I can't wait to see what is coming next! Thanks--in advance, Lord!

6--Unless you are married to a pack-rat like Mr. really, truly don't understand what a blessing it is that he carried the dead dryer to the dump yesterday. When I pleaded with him NOT to unload the old dryer from his truck unless it was at the dump...he laughed and said "Awwww...I had a place in the yard already picked out for it!" YOU think he was kidding, don't you? So, one less 'pile' in the back 40 is truly a blessing. Thanks, Lord!

7--Yesterday's full day of rain would normally not be considered a blessing around Lonesome Pine. Mr. Fix-It is self-employed -- so if he doesn't work (which he usually can't, if it's raining) he doesn't get paid. But yesterday's rain was a blessing. He was able to spend the day at home, get the dryer installed and working and we actually had a few "alone" hours to spend together while he was AWAKE! Our dirt roads are a mess, but the horse pasture really needed some rain! Thanks, Lord!

8-- Earlier in the week, my new bloggy-friend at Chel's Leaving a Legacy passed on some love mentioning in her blog that "she likes me!" Hey, Mikey, she likes me!!! Wahoo! Made my heart feel good, even though I was in semi-whine mode. Check out her blog, she's doing a Beth Moore study right now and sharing about what she's studying. Appears to me, she's just one of us Mom's just trying to live her life for Christ. It's very likely she is as crazy as I am!!! Thanks for this new friend, Lord!

9--Today, Bex and me will be meeting with her advisor at the community college so we can get her classes scheduled. Dual-enrollment is tuition free for 6 semesters!!! Wahoo! Thanks, Lord!

10--Tomorrow is Bex's first volleyball game of the season. I'm probably as excited as she is. I'll be traveling with them and keeping the books as I have for the last two years. I love watching her play and I love being the Team Mom! Thanks for the opportunity, Lord!

So my week is very much "NOT CRUMMY"!! -- I just have to sit back and thank my dear Lord for his continued blessing in my life and praising Him for the little corrections that keep my focus on HIM...instead of circumstances. Could someone please just slap me when I get whiny? be honest some of you have...sort of. Thanks, Lord for good friends who love me --whine and all!

Stay Tuned!

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Laura said...

I just love people who can keep it positive! You are one of those. I know there have been challenges, but even at the end of your so-called whiny post you were reminding us Who to go to in all times, asking and thanking in the same breath. I'm sorry about your friend and rejoice with you that she is with the Lord.

MamaHenClucks said...

Yeah. What she said. Exactly.

allhisblessings said...

and here's another "blessing" you forgot to count... :)

Kelsey said...

Aww sometimes i just wish I could be this positive!

mamajil said...

Thats what I love about makes you focus on the GOOD STUFF!!
You my friend are a blessed woman!

Kelley said...

Amen, sista! Maybe sometimes we think it sounds whiny to others only because we know it truly is a whine in our heart, yet it doesn't sound like a whine to others? Just wondering because I didn't think your post sounded like a whine either:-) Because you don't want to be superficial and make it sound like life is always care-free (I truly like to know if others are having a rough time to pray, etc) yet at the same time not have pity-parties. Just thinking to myself here on your comment space:-) Either way, the Lord has given you a cheerful heart that blesses many people!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Ha ha! Okay, okay, I stand corrected! I'm pretty sure I was one of the ones who called it a "crummy" week. It sounded crummy to me, Mrs. Positive. ;-)

I hear you on the old one that croaked made my house sound like it was going to get up and walk away.

And I CANNOT BELIEVE you call a part of your yard "the back 40"!!! I am NOT LYING...we have a "back 40" too!! How WEIRD is that??? :-)

Love ya girl!

The Princess Deb said...

Thanks for giving me a clue as to why I had to sit with "sobbing Meg" at the worldview seminar this week, feeling helpless and inadequate.

Here's to hoping your metanarrative stays positive :)