Saturday, August 9, 2008

C-Day for Bex!

Yesterday was D-Day...or rather C-Day!

We got Bex her first C-A-R! Wahoo!

To say she was surprised would be quite an understatement. She knows how tight $$ is around Lonesome Pine these days --especially with Volleyball season coming and her starting college. All those expenses are bad enough...but gas to GET to those places across the world...well, I still don't even want to think about it. But when God hands you a sweet, sweet say "Thank you, Lord!" and take it!

So the big reveal was last night. We didn't tell her we were going to pick it up.

When her dad told her that this was HER car, she kept saying..."Nuh-uh!" .... "Nuh-uh!".... "Nuh-uh!"

I'm trying to write that out for posterity, but I'm not sure how to spell it! She was just so surprised. She kept saying that through our dinner and even shopping at Wal-Mart. She couldn't believe it! She just knew her first car was really going to be a bomb. She knows Mr. Fix-It will drive anything. So it was sure easy to exceed her expectations!

I think God is rewarding her for being such a great kid and teenager. She hardly ever asks for anything -- and she's always willing to spend her own money for things that parents just ought to pay deodorant, shampoo, etc. I have to put my foot down and say "Put your money away!"

Many times when we're shopping she will look at something she wants, then say "No, that's too expensive" or "That's sure not very modest!" Then another mother nearby will say, "I wish my teenager thought like that!" I just smile and thank God that He's given us such a level-headed girl. Maybe its because we're homeschoolers and have taught her the value of a dollar? Money has always been tight on one income and she can clearly see how we've been blessed. I don't know. She's just so much more trustworthy than I was at 16! Praise God!!!!

Sorry I lapsed into that "how good is my kid?" thingy. You all know I love her and I'm just so dadgum proud of her! We've had our 'teen' issues occasionally, but they don't last very long. Most of our 'teen issues' have involved another 'specific' teen...and that's another long story we won't go into here...but those of you who've known our family over the last 4 years know of whom I speak. Usually, the 'teen' issue comes back to being a 'mom' issue anyway...

So here she is driving her new car. I just noticed that her eyes were definitely NOT on the road...we'll have to work on that!

When she came in to kiss me goodnight last night, she told me we won't be eating Nerds in HER car because "they just go everywhere and make a mess!" Oh, my dear child...just wait!

Stay Tuned.

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MamaHen Em said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet child you have raised. I know that I don't really know you or your family (yet) but it appears that you have an incredible child living in your home. I can only assume that her parents have spent many, many hours teaching her, praying for her and raising her to be the child that she is.

Let's assume that she is checking the speed on her new car, to make sure she wasn't going over the limit :)

Mamajil said...

She sounds like a blessing of a girl!!
Very exciting to have a new car!! Mollie got her restricted license a week or so back and all she does is look at trucks...oh yeah and there was that one mustang she called on...(she can dream I suppose)....
BTW .....I agree with mama hen...I am sure she was only checking her speed!! :]

Laura said...

Of course she was checking her speed! You can't do much else while looking at the dashboard! Your experience with your sweet daughter continually gives me hope for the future with mine.

Anonymous said...

I hope you told Becky that she wasn't allowed to mention this gift to ANY of her girlfriends, especially ones with multiple siblings, who also won't ever get a vehicle. She can, however, mention that she pays for her own shampoo and deodorant.

You're a good mom, Meggie :)

I'm just back from Savannah, but I'm going to try to make up 6 things to say about myself so I can get your meme off my back!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh Meg, what an exciting time! It sounds like this baby girl of yours is just a doll. It makes my eyes sting to think of a teenager ACTAULLY being grateful! It seems like that is becoming such a rarity these days.

My day is coming up soon. This is my last year as a mommy of a pre-tween. :-)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hey, come to my blog...I have something for you!

Jackie said...

Just dropping in from Chel's at Leaving a Legacy...and thought I'd say hi!

What a sweet girl you have! And how fun to surprise her like that. You have every right to brag a little about what a great kid you've got...I love hearing parents that are proud of their children!

Anonymous said...

Aww she sounds like such a wonderful child!

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

You know what they say...It ain't braggin' if it's true! She is a great girl and you have every right to be pleased!!

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

You know what they say...It ain't braggin' if it's true! She is a great girl and you have every right to be pleased!!