Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday Returns!

I've had a great day! Yep! TODAY has been a great day! I'm really thankful for that because I've needed a day like this for a while!

Has your day been as great as mine? Now you're asking, "What qualifies as a GREAT day, Meggy-girl?"

If my attitude was always perfect like, say...The Princess Deb -- or my heart always seemed to be in the right place like...Mama Jil -- or I always had a servant's heart like ...that Daughter of a Polish Man -- or such great wisdom as Fuschia --or great hair like Bella...I would probably say that a GREAT day is every day you make it one.

But since I only have small amounts of these wonderful attributes, I'll say that a GREAT day for me is one in which things just really seem to go MY way!!!

My normal attitude is ...Well, this IS the day the Lord has it can't be too bad, right? But that's just a NORMAL day. Today was a GREAT day!

Here are a few of the highlight's of my day:

It started just after midnight when USA's own Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won the Gold medal in Beach Volleyball! Thank you, Lord! Don't bother asking why this would actually make a difference in MY life...'cuz I don't know...but it made my day better!

Since I stayed up late watching volleyball, it was nice to be able to sleep-in till about 8:30 am --when I seemed to be done sleeping! Thank you, Lord!

I didn't have to go to town early today! Thank you, Lord!

Bex and I enjoyed watching the USA Women's Volleyball team WIN against Cuba. Cuba is the ONLY team that has beat them in the entire Olympic tournament -- so this was a BIG deal! Thank you, Lord!

Then, me and Bex got busy on the computer trying to re-arrange her college schedule so that she could have a 4-day weekend each week. (Since we've always homeschooled, this is a new exercise for us. As homeschoolers your schedule is whatever you want it to be!) We found a fabulous course that we hadn't noticed before and it fit absolutely perfectly into the schedule she needed! It was also the ONE thing she is interested in learning about other than horses!

This 'out-of-the-blue' class solved another problem we had in her schedule. Now, instead of having to walk from one end of the campus to the other in 15 minutes, she only has to walk to the building next door! Thank you, Lord!

They actually showed the Equestrian Finals on television today and we were home to see it! Wahoo! I found out the other day that one reason they weren't showing many of the Equestrian events is that these events are NOT taking place in China. Did you know that? Apparently, due to quarantine restrictions, the Equestrian events are being held in Hong Kong -- not China. Go figure! Anyway, we were thrilled to watch the finals in the individual stadium jumping. Thank you, Lord!

Can you believe it actually got better after all that? It did!!!!

As Bex and I headed to the car to go to town for a few errands and Volleyball practice, we noticed an envelope tucked under her windshield wiper. It had all of our names on it. I opened it to find a sweet "Thank You" note from our neighbor.

Slight detour here ===>Did I mention that Mr. Fix-It is a wonderful neighbor to have --especially if you're a single mom? Well about a month ago, our neighbor called about 9:30 at night, slightly frantic. She had found a huge yellow-jacket nest in her yard that was causing some problems with her daughters and their animals. Of course, Mr. Fix-It went right over and 'fixed' it...and had to go again the next night because the nest was humongous! He loves danger! I'm so thankful to have him!

So...back to the story. Our neighbor's note included a $50 gift card that can be used at about 5 different restaurants. Wahoo! For those of us that rarely eat out, what a sweet treat!!! What a blessing. Thank you, Lord!

We arrived at the college to finalize a few things and Bex got her brand-new college ID. Ummm...may I say right here that that particular part of the day almost made me cry! (ALMOST...My baby is growing up!) Okay, back to the good stuff. Bex liked the picture! That may sound a bit silly to you, but do you know how rare that is for teens? She actually 'liked' the picture. Thank you, Lord!

As we went to the bookstore to check out how much her books were going to be -- we found that the book for the new class we chose is 1/2 the price of the other! Thank you, Lord!

So these are just a few highlights...lots of other good things were mixed in throughout the day. I can't wait to see what else GREAT will happen tonight! USA's Dalhouser/Rogers play for the Gold tonight at 11pm.

Stay tuned!

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Laura said...

Sounds like an awesome day, Meggy! Ours went well, ending with homeschool evaluations. What a relief! Now I can get ready to start again after Labor Day.

Kelley said...

Wow, that's great! We really need those kind of days every once in a while.

That is so funny/cool that you are so into the olympics! I'm slightly regretting not joining my husband for most of the events? Well, glad your v-ball girls won!

Debbie said...

I just can't get in to losing sleep over the Olympics. I've been known to stay up pretty late to clean the house with no one in my way...or even to be on the internet (surprise!), but takes more than sports to make me lose precious beauty sleep :)

I'm thankful that I found my sorry camera and was able to update my blog today.

Kara said...

Aahhh! You linked to my blog where there's a picture of me with no make-up! Aahhh! I knew I would regret that. LOL! I've had more page loads then ever from that post. I guess that is the key, if you want more people to visit your blog, just post a picture of yourself without make-up! :)