Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Top 10 Tuesday

For those of you who asked, Yes! I'm still here. I didn't work today and I'm pretty bummed that I got very little done. I think I expended too much energy last week on the refrigerator...so today was spent recuperating. And if you believe that....here are the...

Top Ten Things I Didn't Get Done Today!

10. Take a Nap. (Didn't sleep late either. Not sure why, I had plenty of time!)

9. Make Bread for Mr. Fix-It. (I had all the ingredients...just not the gumption.)

8. Clean Off My Desk. (I actually ADDED to the stack.)

7. Get Dressed. (Aren't shorts and a tank-top good enough?)

6. Put Shoes On. (FlyLady would be ashamed of me.)

5. Laundry. (I didn't put the first load of clothes in the washer...Bex job...but I usually help.)

4. Have supper ready when Mr. Fix-It came home. (I didn't even start it until he called to say he was on the way! Doesn't everybody have supper at 9:30pm?)

3. Go Outside. (Unless you count walking out on the deck once.)

2. Walk. (Even though I had no excuse not to have walked.)

1. Come up with a fabulous, exciting blog post. ('Nuff said.)

I won't bore you with the things I did accomplish, like... made my bed, read my book, baked a new cookie recipe, read my book, reviewed retreat plans, read my book, washed the weekend dishes, finished my book, etc.

Stay tuned. Maybe something interesting will happen.

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Sue Glasco said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful day and just the kind of day you needed to revive yourself after the stress of getting acclimated to a new job.

Years ago a young teacaher (middle aged now) who was a friend of Katherine did not hesitate to call in ill when she needed a mental health day. I thought that was one of the wisest and most health producing policies I had ever heard of. Why drag yourself to work (at home or elsewhere) and then eventually miss a week of work being really sick when a day of stress-free taking it easy prevents that week of illness. Anyone in a new job needs to be good to him or herself. Sounds as if you managed to do so. Glad you finished the book.

Kelley said...

Wow, sounds like a WONDERFUL day! What book are you reading? (or read already?)

Meg in Tally said...

Next time I need a really good excuse for being just dadgum lazy, I'm going to call my cousin Sue. Thanks for the great excuse, Sue!

And to Kelley...I'll never tell, but it sure was good!

MamaHenClucks said...

I call days like that 'mental health' days and all the people who live here know that those are very, very important days.

Besides, you made cookies. Baking anything feels like a HUGE accomplishment to me!

Teresa said...

Hey meggy girl,
Sounds like you had a wonderful day! i wish i had time to have a down day like that! :) I have been running around like a hen with my head chopped off since friday. SO i wish i could have a day like that! ;) Sounds like fun! How was your book? And what book are you reading?

Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

I love the list. Things I didnt get done. Dont know if I could keep mine limited to ten though. hah

jamie in rose cottage said...

I'd have trouble with #6... I hardly ever have shoes on! It's barefoot in warm weather & monkey slippers in cool weather, and the shoes only go on if I'm going farther than my mailbox!

Thanks so much for stopping in to visit my blog! Hope to see you there again soon, and I'll be back to visit here, too! :-)

Fuschia said...

Why, yes THIS family eats at 9:30 frequently! And what are shoes?

Around here we call them "Do nothing days" and they are vital to Mama's sanity...and thereby everyone else's sanity ;)