Friday, October 10, 2008

One Down -- Two to Go!

After a full day of volleyball games --ours and others -- I'm headed towards my bed for a long nights sleep! But I wanted to update you on our teams progress...

Here is a picture of the "Regular Season" Champions of the East Region Panhandle Christian Conference! They had a Conference record of 10-0.

It is also a picture of the East Region Tournament Champions!!! Yea!!!! Winning this tournament advances us on to the Final Four Tournament in Bainbridge next week.

Here is a picture of my favorite server, my favorite outside hitter and a member of the All-Conference First Team!

The All-Conference team is voted on by each conference team's coach. They each get 12 votes and cannot vote for any girl on their own team. So, that means 'other' coaches voted for her!

This is her first year being picked for the All-Conference Team and her parents are SOOOO proud of her. She had 10 kills in the last game tonight! That's a personal best for her.

These are 5 of the girls on the All-Conference Team -- the three in the middle are from our team. This was taken between they were all dressed differently...for some reason.

Our team now has an overall record of 20-1.

We're done with one tournament and have two more to go --Final Four next week and Nationals in two weeks. I can't wait!

Stay tuned.

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MamaHenClucks said...

Your team is doing GREAT!! How exciting and they have an awesome record, too!!

mamajil said...

Very exciting!! way to go Bex!!

Kelley said...

Go girls!

Mirra said...

You write very well.