Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Folks, it was a hard it's been hard to get the gumption to write about it here. But I promised an update --so an update you shall have.

After Friday's win, our girls played in the Championship game on Saturday. Focus seemed really hard to come by for several of the players. Although I must say --in a totally unbiased fashion--that Bex played a great game. Yes, mistakes were made, but she was wonderfully consistent throughout. Bex had a personal best, 12 kills. She played with her whole heart, so it was a bit bruised and battered when they did not come out with a win. The Team Mom had a hard time, too. Being 2nd in the conference isn't quite as sweet as first...obviously. We had to keep remembering to "Praise You in the Storm." It was a tough day.

On a brighter note, we are still going to the National Tournament in Dayton next week. The team that beat us on Saturday will be playing in our same division so we may get a re-match up there. We're counting on it! They will still have OUR banner, but we will be able to reap some satisfaction if we can beat them there.

Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful morning of worship at our church. A young 21 year old from my Sunday School class was the featured soloist in the choir and touched my heart with a song about there being no orphans of God. It was beautiful. Then Bex played the piano during the offertory and did a wonderful, mistake-free rendition of "Sanctuary." Then we headed to Sunday School and had a wonderful lesson from Romans 7 about how we all still struggle with sin in our lives and how our awesome Savior, Jesus Christ, provides the answer to our struggles.

After a quick pancake lunch, I settled in for a sweet nap-time. After waking, I enjoyed the end of the NASCAR race with our favorite, Dale Jr., coming in 2nd. It was a nice quiet afternoon. Bex and I topped off the day with a moonlight walk in the crisp, cool evening air. It just doesn't get any better than that, folks!

Oh, one more thing! Congratulations to "Mar" from Light 'N The Way is the winner of my very first giveaway! Her FIRST comment on my blog and she wins. Who'd a thunk it? Bex truly drew the winning entry out of her hat.

One more thing, you can check out Lea's blog over at Blog It All and see the pictures from our grits fest the other day. We had a great time... Oh! and here's a big shout-out to my friend, Kara, over at Bella Blog...glad she's back into the blogosphere!

Stay tuned.

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MamaHenClucks said...

Hugs to the girls who played so hard and came in second. Oh sure, I could go on and on about gracious losing, but really, it's just plain hard. Hopefully you'll get a rematch and WIN IT ALL!!

Don't you just LOOOOOVE lazy Sunday afternoon's? Especially after a refreshing church service? It sounds like quite a lovely weekend indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh pooh!! We do hurt when our sweet pumpkins hurt don't we??! So hugs to both of you and the whole team too (even those who didn't play their best...they probably need it most). They are so blessed to have such a wonderful encourager for a Team Mother.


Anonymous said...

Hey meggie girl,
its Duh again, it has been a while, but i just wanted to say sorry that yall didn't win... :( Bex was really hopin yall would, i was prayin for yall! And sorry i coulnd't make it! :(
I wanted to, but i couldn't.... :(

Kelley said...

Oh no!!! Dale Jr??? If I cared about NASCAR I'd have to boycott your blog...but since I don't really give a flying zucchini (my hubby does, though) then I won't hold it against you...

Mama Weso said...

Who's throwing flying zuccinis? I want some. Perhaps we should take some to Dayton to throw at the opposing teams -- JUST JOKING. I'll be good, promise!