Thursday, October 9, 2008

Life is Fine at the Pine!

The last two days have been quite busy around Lonesome Pine and the next few will only add to the fun and frenzy!

Since Tuesday...hmmm...what's been going on?

The transmission out of my van has been taken to the Transmission Rehab Center in Quincy. Hopefully, within the next week or two it will be totally healed and ready to get back in gear! (Pun intended!) Having to carpool with Bex is really getting old--for both of us! After driving the 'new' van over to the Mr. Fix-It Hospital, I realized how much different and better driving a van is...rather than a midget car. I miss it--but I will continue to patiently wait.

My job is going great. I've pretty much worked myself out of it already! We're having trouble coming up with enough to do to keep me busy (thus, my frequent days off!). The work is very interesting...but my "attention to detail" seems to have abandoned me in my old age. Maybe its just rusty and can be polished to a bright gleam again...we'll have to wait and see.

Having something else to do seems to have improved my memory about other things, though! I've been able to get some church things done --without-- Ms. Nagger bugging me. Of course, maybe she's just given up?

A few other things I've been remembering...things on my grocery list. You may say "but if its on the list, how could you forget it?" Well, dear reader, you must surely not know me very well. I could probably forget something if it were tattooed on my forehead! I call it my "half-heimers" -- I'm only half gone....not ALLLLZHEIMERS.

Back to the grocery list. I told Bex, I'm only going to run into Publix for a few necessities --those on my list. Yes, I know...promises, promises... I get home, so proud that I've purchased EVERYTHING on my list (plus about 20 other things that were ON SALE!!). BUT --I get home without bread. Do you put bread on your list? I don't. I NEVER go to Publix without buying 2 things -- Milk and Bread. We go through these things FAST! So I always have extra on hand. It's a given -- grocery store = milk and bread!

Unfortunately, we had already used the last loaf out of the freezer (knowing I was going shopping Wednesday after church). So when I got home and started unloading groceries, I realized I had zero, none, nada left for the sandwich I was hankering after. So, I had to actually eat a SALAD for supper...bummer!

Today was a long day at work...then off to Bex volleyball practice. Tomorrow starts the Regional Tournament for our conference. Our conference has two sides --East and West. We are part of the East side. The cool thing is that our team is hosting the tournament this year! Wahoo! This is the first time I remember it being here.

The top two teams from this weekend will play in the Final Four Tournament next weekend in Bainbridge, GA. At that tournament, the top 2 east teams play the top 2 west teams to crown the conference champion. We are hoping that final champion will be US!

The following weekend (after the 2 tournaments) me and Bex will be headed to the beach for our annual fun weekend with several of my sister-in-laws and nieces. We call it the G-Girls weekend, because even though all our names aren't the same -- they all start with G! Aren't we clever?

Our beach weekend will be a time to relax and recharge in order to be ready for a busy week at the NACA National Volleyball Tournament in Dayton, TN. We're in a frenzy of fundraising right now trying to raise enough money to pay for the team to go. Raising $4,000 in 3-weeks is not for the faint of heart!

So keep us in your prayers, we have a busy few weeks ahead of us!

Stay tuned. Future posts can ONLY get better...right?

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Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

and I thought I was busy. HA! You are so funny.....transmission rehab - been there done that a time or toe (lol)

mamajil said...

I've missed reading your blog its been so nuts around here! So I am trying to catch up! Lots of prayers for the volley ball tournament!! Have a fun week! :)

Kelley said...

Wow, you are busy! What day do you all leave for Dayton?