Saturday, August 30, 2008

#100 is Just for Duh!

This is the 100th post on my blog.

It should be special. I had planned for it to be special. But the only thing that will make it special is that I am dedicating this particular post to my young friend, Duh Girl.

Tonight, Duh Girl sent a message through Bex that she was mad at me. Why was she mad, you ask? (Remember, I can read your minds...) Well, she said she was mad because I hadn't posted anything new on my blog in a few days.

Okay. That is true.

So, Duh Girl....walk with me, talk with me....

As you no doubt know from my last post on Wednesday, things have been a bit WET around Lonesome Pine lately. For each trip into town from our vast estate, we now must add a minimum of 25 minutes...just to get to where we would have started from. That could easily account for me NOT being able to take another hour of my day to blog. But maybe not, maybe there WAS a time I could have written something special...hmmm....

So, let's see when I could have posted... hmmmm....walk with me through the past few days...

I posted Wednesday, right? So Wednesday was covered.

Early Thursday morning, Bex and I piled into her car and headed to town. Her first class was at that means we had to leave home at 7am.... Okay? I was surely not an early-enough bird to want to get up and post Thursday morning.

After Bex completed her classes, we picked up one of my dear friends and took her to the bus station where she would begin her mission trip to Nicaraugua.

After dropping her off, we stopped at Arby's for lunch (they have a 5 for $5.95 special, we love!). We rang the bell because we got really good service. The manager was really sweet and actually had a personality! Go figure!!! (Arby's on Tennessee Street)

As soon as we were finished at Arby's we headed for the school so that we could take a very long, very hot, very airy, very loud ride on a very old school bus all the way to Dothan, AL to play our arch rivals in volleyball.

After arriving, we spent an excruciating 45 minutes watching our JV team, consisting of inexperienced 7th and 8th graders, play against a team of 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Needless to say, our young girls looked like deer in headlights --and played that way. But we were proud the girls never gave up --even taking the thrashing that they did--they kept trying!

Our evening improved when our Varsity took to the court --playing nearly the same team from the other school. Come on! Let's see how you do when you play someone your own size!

I'll just say...our Varsity kicked butt and didn't take names! The coach of the other team was not pleased. Our coach and the scorekeeper (yours truly) were VERY pleased at how our girls played as a team, took charge of the game and never looked back! We won in 3 sets. (Best 3 of 5)

Then, after the very long, very hot, very airy, very loud (and I'll add very smelly) ride on a very old bus all the way home to Tallytown...we finally arrived home at Lonesome Pine about 11pm. Didn't feel much like posting then, either!

So, now we're up to Friday. Well, after tossing and turning all night on the couch -- Oh! Did I forget to mention that when I arrived home Thursday night and tossed the coverlet back on my bed that it was covered with THOUSANDS of ants? My, my that was so much fun. It was especially fun because we didn't have any Bengal to kill them! So, Mr. Fix-It slept on one couch and I sort-of slept on the other one...

But I digress... Friday morning, Bex and I got up and started our normal routine around The Pine. About mid-morning, our new neighbor drove up in the driveway whilst I was still attired in my night-gown. Lest the dogs use her as a chew-toy, I quickly dressed and went out to rescue her and ascertain the reason for her visit. She had come to let Bex know that her beloved CJ was limping on 3-legs in the field behind her house --obviously injured.

Since you and Bex share hearts, you KNOW this bit of news sent her into a tailspin. She took off in her car towards the horse pasture...conveniently forgetting to take her mom with her. So, after profusely thanking our neighbor and making sure that she had our telephone numbers for future reference, I waved good-bye to her and headed back indoors.

My first order of business was to see if any of our 'horsey' neighbors were at home. It's always good to have one of them on hand, in case of emergency. So, while I'm trying to locate phone numbers, etc., Bex calls and gives me the update that CJ's hurting real bad, but she can't find the wound. Surely you can imagine the drama!!!

I won't go into the details of CJ's injury here...but just so the world knows...CJ is going to be fine. Praise the Lord! It may take a few days of healing, but he IS on the mend. We have a very good idea of the nature of his problem and are taking measures to keep it from happening again. (I'm trying not to defame our farrier, here!)

During the afternoon hours, I have no idea what went on. I do think a few of those hours might have been spent frivolously. You know-- cleaning the kitchen, sweeping my bathroom, getting the 6" of sand out of the kitchen floor and rugs, reminding Bex to keep the washing machine and dryer running...

At 5pm, I do know that I took a shower so that I could get ready to go to the Gala at the Car Museum --they were opening a new room featuring model trains and train memorabilia. Since Mr. Fix-It is such a VIP with the owner of the museum, we were invited to the "invitation only" festivities. The party was a veritable 'Who's Who' in Tallytown. We were hob-knobbing with the 'beautiful people', don't ya' know! Actually, we enjoyed visiting with quite a few old friends, too. The food was catered from a lot of local restaurants. Can you believe I ate a 'fish' taco and LIKED it? The artichoke dip and Paulina's (gourmet) Pizza was good, too!

After touring the entire museum, we headed towards town to drop Bex at the volleyball coach's new apartment where the team would spend the night prior to today's tournament.

As we were getting into town, we saw a pickup truck just about side-swipe two cars at an intersection. Mr. Fix-It observed that the driver continued to drive very erratically. So as I dialed 911, Mr. Fix-It continued to follow the truck. After following the truck for about 10 minutes, through several u-turns, etc., the 911 operator told us we had to quit following him. "They would keep a look out for the vehicle...but that was all they could do." What? If that is all you're going to do...why did you ask us to continue following him in the first place? So, don't bother calling in to report drunk drivers --the cops don't care until someone gets killed by the my friend Mr. Arnold's grandson who was standing on the sidewalk when the drunk decided to drive on the sidewalk, too! You can tell this didn't upset me very much.

After dropping Bex off at the Coach's, Mr. Fix-It and I had to make a trip to WAS Friday night, after all! (That may just be an inside joke here at The Pine about our life being so exciting that we go to Wal*Mart on Friday nights..I don't know if other people feel that way.)

After purchasing Bengal, our wonder-spray, we drove home our 'usual' route. We wanted to know how much the roads were still flooded --AND -- if our route to/from town could be shortened. After driving through and around much water, turning around, looking at the end of our road that is still covered with a foot or so of water, going around the long way again, we finally made it home about 11pm. Believe it or not, Duh Girl, I just didn't feel like typing a blog post then.

As the Saturday sunlight peeked through the blinds over the couch I sort-of slept on for the 2nd night because of ANTS!!!!, I heard this weird sound. About that time I figured out it was my cell-phone ringing. It was Bex calling to ask me to bring a list of things that either the Coach forgot or one of the players needed. (You know, the whole "Team Mom" thing.)

I scurried around and finally left home about 9am, went to the gym where the volleyball tournament was being held and decided to stay till it was over at 3pm. The Coach was kind of glad I decided to stay, since I kept the books for the team's usual. It might have been a bit awkward if I had left in the middle so I could run home and post to my blog, right? By the way, our team won each of its matches...Bex played a great game, as usual. Wahoo!

As we were leaving the gym, the Coach reminded me that the FSU volleyball team had a match at 7pm and she thinks she will be going. You KNOW we love volleyball!!! Bex and I decided we would stay in town for that too! It's wayyyyy too expensive to go home and come back, don't ya' know. So we decided to make a beeline to anyplace air-conditioned with FOOD--we picked the Mall. We enjoyed a nice lunch, spent a few hours people watching, walking and looking. (Macy's had a mannequin in the front window wearing a pair of white short-shorts and no top at all. She looked cold, if ya' know what I mean... We thought it was a bit risque for Macy's...I wonder if that's the newest style?) About 5:30 pm, we headed for Tully Gym and the game. FSU smashed Stetson University...that was nice.

After stopping at Publix on the way home (which you know about because Bex was on the phone with YOU!) we headed home --the LONG way and arrived at The Pine about 9:30pm. A very long day --once again.

So, Duh Girl...

I've been a bit busy. Since I don't have any of those cool little conveniences like a Blackberry or a laptop (Mr. Fix-It frowns on me taking HIS!)...if I did, I could post to my blog while running around town and all over the country. So, I guess you'll just have to be mad at me until I gather my little brains together to come up with a better post here at home.

But even if you're mad...I know you love me anyway...because that's the kind of gal you are, right? Yes, I know I'm right. That is why I'm glad you're Bex (and MY) friend.

I promise to do better. Remind me to tell you about our blogging contest coming up...A September to Remember...

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bits, Pieces and LOTS of Water

Water, water everywhere! Fay has done such a number on our little edge of the world, we've barely been able to come up for air! Considering that most areas in our COUNTY received 20" or more of rain, the chaos should be expected. But I'm still in awe (or maybe shock would be a better word) of the damage that water can cause.

Do you think...just maybe...she could have figured out that driving through this wasn't a good idea? Maybe even figured when it got up on her DOOR that this wasn't a good idea?

Just a note here: Just because you LIVE in the country and buy a little tractor --it does NOT mean you know how to work it! Mr. Fix-It spent a bit of time pulling out "helpers" this weekend.

Late Sunday afternoon, with all the neighbor's hard work, our road was at least passable. Some have continued to get stuck--but mostly because they are city folks who don't understand the physics of mud and muck. Most think the faster they drive, the better. Unfortunately, since they aren't Jesus and don't walk (or drive) on water -- this is not the case. The old adage "Slow and steady wins the race" is very true when driving on mucky roads!

Bex has become a mud-bog pro--especially since she's my chauffeur, ya know!!! She has managed to drive through the bog several times --with grace and dignity (I must say!) AND without getting stuck. Last night when one of the tires started spinning, she remembered Mr. Fix-It's instruction and got us out of there without having to call in the handy tractor-man!

Speaking of Bex...we finally made it out of here to pick her up about 9pm on Sunday night. Even though she had a great time with her friend (boogie-boarding on the golf course in the rain)...she was really bummed that she missed all the excitement and adventure at home. I'm just glad to have her back at the hacienda!

Mr. Fix-It and the well-worked tractor. He LOVES tractors!

Although Fay moved off to our west, she decided it would be fun to pay us another visit -- so Monday and Tuesday brought more rain. We have all been holding our breath waiting to see how it affects our roads...we're starting to turn quite blue! Thankfully, today has dawned bright and sunny. It's been months since we've seen the sunshine...okay...maybe only a week...but it seems like months! Now we're watching Gustav head into the Gulf. Even if it heads to New Orleans as predicted, the rain on our side will still be significant! Though its probably not the Christian thing to do --we pray it goes somewhere else!

Our Monday was busy; completing the preparation for Bex 'college' career. We were able to get her books and check out where her classes were. This helped ease some of her anxiety of going to 'real' school for the first time. Okay...maybe it was her Mom's anxiety about her going to 'real' school for the first time... cut me some slack here. The majority of Mom's send their kids to school at 5 or 6 -- we're just late bloomers waiting until 16!

Since we weren't sure whether we would be able to get out of our road early Tuesday, Bex and I spent the night with Mr. Fix-It's sister closer to town. This was great fun until it came time to go to bed. I was attempting to share a double bed with Bex. BIG PROBLEM!!! I'm used to a big king-size bed and I DON'T sleep with Bex for a multitude of reasons.

Obviously, it might get a bit crowded with the 3 of us...but the BIGGEST reason is that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to actually get any sleep in the same bed as Bex --no matter the size. I pray for Bex's future husband often...and I'm adding to that prayer that she won't run him out of the bed with her...ummm....sleep habits.

Since Bex was a toddler, she has been a PAIN to sleep with. Really! Believe me! A PAIN!!! She cannot sleep straight like a normal person...she has to sleep side-ways with her legs kicking anything in her path. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING HERE!!! Ask the cat!!!

So after fighting her legs for about 2 hours, I gave up and took my pillow and a blanket to the floor. Needless to say, this wasn't any better. So when I had to get up at 4:30am to get ready to work the Election Polls, it was actually a relief. A hot shower never felt so good.

SIL and I arrived at our polling place about 5:30 am. Since I'm the Clerk (the head honcho) I was quickly engrossed in directing 11 adults in the chaos of getting ready to open our precinct by 7am. About 6:30, I was in the middle of dealing with a 'situation' when my cell phone rang. I glanced down at the number and since I didn't recognize it, I handed it to my SIL (who is my Asst. Clerk) to answer. From listening to one side of the conversation, it quickly became apparent that Bex was having a crisis!

We had left Bex in bed. Knowing the challenge of getting across town where 1/2 the roads have been closed due to flooding, she was planning to get up early, get dressed and pick her way across town to the campus. At about 6:30am, she went outside (in her PJ's and barefoot) to get something out of her car and inadvertently locked herself out of the house. EEEEEKKKK!!!! Long story short, she was brave and went to a neighbor's house two doors down and was able to call. SIL was able to redirect her own daughter to go unlock the door and all was well. Crisis resolved!

Eventually, Bex got to school on time (even though Mom didn't get to take a picture of her first day!! {sob!}) and had a great day.

My day at the polls was slow, tiring, but interesting. My hand-picked crew continues to be wonderful and fun. I've worked the polls for about 15 years and truly enjoy meeting the folks that come in. We also eat really, really well! Each worker brings a dish and we have a potluck lunch...okay...the truth is...we munch all day long.... it's always so yummy! Yesterday, the desserts included home-made Key Lime pie, Eclair Cake, and Peach Cobbler. YUMMMM!

Yesterday, I met an 82 yo man who served under Eisenhower in WWII. After 13 successful missions he was shot down and captured. As a POW they were forced to march from Poland to Belgium. Truly an American hero.

I also met a lady who came in during one of the downpours who fussed because the lights were out and she couldn't see the ballot -- "It's just WRONG!" she said. Like I could do something about it! Well, I'm sorry lady...maybe you could discuss this with God ~~ or maybe the electric company? What do you want me to do? I could have offered her a flashlight...but there would have been something 'wrong' with that too!

Several folks came in and profusely thanked us all for working and making it possible for them to cast their votes. Another sweet older lady was so happy to be able to vote because she had lost her wallet and didn't have ID, even though it meant wading through some paperwork.

One old lady told me a slightly off-color joke and made me promise to tell my husband. meet all kinds of folks at the polls! I love it!

We closed the polls at 7pm, got all the paperwork balanced, cleaned up our mess and were out of there by 8:30pm. Bex picked me up and took me and all the voting 'stuff' back to town to the County warehouse. After a quick stop at Wallyworld, we were able to get home by about 10pm....

A busy, busy few days and finally a chance to SLEEP at Lonesome Pine. Ummm...did I mention that with the high water, ants have invaded the house? Like on my bed????

Ahhhh...tomorrow starts the hustle and bustle again. But for today, all is well as we prepare to head to town for volleyball practice and possibly church.

Stay tuned for more riveting tales of "Life at Lonesome Pine!"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few Feet of Fay

We finally have power and internet back here on Lonesome Pine. Tonight's post will be short (as if you really believe I can actually HAVE a short post!). I'll post more about our Fay adventure tomorrow. We are all safe, dry and have power and internet --what more could we ask?

Here are a few pictures showing what Fay left us with --after more than 20" of rain. So far, we've been unable to leave our neighborhood in anything but a tractor. As we speak, Mr. Fix-It is playing on a tractor --TRYING-- to get things where folks can go to work tomorrow.

Bex has been safe at a friend's home since FRIDAY... so I'm having MAJOR problems with the fact we haven't been able to get out to pick her up. She may have to just walk through the mud to get home to her mommy...before mommy loses her mind!!!

Saturday night...I wish you could see how deep and fast this water was running.

This used to be a road, now it's a ditch.

Saturday NIGHT. Look at the fence posts.
The water was already 6"-12" deep.

Sunday MORNING. Can you see the very tops of the fence posts? I haven't been down to see how high it is this afternoon.

How about driving through this little pot hole?

Maybe a little bit of mud-bogging?

Life is good at Lonesome Pine. Always an adventure!

Stay tuned!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fickle Fay's Frenzy

Fay? Really? No offense to any of you toting that name around on your Driver's License...but for those of you here in the South...doesn't that name just make you think of some sweet lady that works in the diner down the road? Doesn't really sound like the name of a furious storm ruining the lives of normal folk by flooding them out. Well, I guess furious doesn't really fit this particular storm anyway...she's more like "fickle"! (As you can probably guess, Mr. Fix-It thinks that title fits pretty much any female!) Fay just can't seem to decide where she wants to go.

Around here this week -- Fay ain't been so sweet! She's been one of those unwanted guests who just won't leave. All week she's been wreaking havoc on S. Florida and now she's really messed up OUR weekend plans! Somebody should have told her that hurricanes and tropical storms are only supposed to threaten for a day or two, hit land, then be GONE! Maybe she just hasn't been ready to give up her Florida vacation?

My brother, who lives outside of the great metropolitan city of Immokalee, Florida (just 30 miles inland from the west coast of Florida) tells me they received over 12" of water as she made landfall and headed towards the east coast. Down there, the land is so flat that it doesn't have any place to run-off. As Fay come through they had a little bit of wind and a LOT of rain. They didn't have much damage.

Over on the east coast around Melbourne, it's still raining after receiving between 24" -30" of rain. This has put quite a few people in bad situations. They say that Lake Okeechobee's water level has risen by over 15". This is actually good news --they've been complaining for months about the low water levels in the lake.

On the other hand, my dad, who lives in central Florida near Gainesville, is reveling in the rain. They've had drought conditions for nearly five years and I wouldn't doubt he prayed Fay there! They just started getting rain this morning and he was thrilled! The eye went right over them.

Here, around Tallytown we're still waiting on the worst of the storm. It has rained here since about 7am. Our water-table needs the water. At noon today, our favorite weatherman, Robbie-boy, said we still have about 18 hours before she makes it to us. As I write this, after the 6pm news, they're telling us it won't be GONE until sometime Sunday.

Mr. Fix-It and I have been through several hurricanes since we've been married. In 1985, Kate came directly across us. It was a bit scary and we were without power for about 4 days. We've had several other big storms, some turned out to be just threats --others that actually made it here were not exciting enough to remember their names.

For those of you dear readers who wonder what it's like waiting for a hurricane, let me give you a glimpse into our world. The media whips everyone into a frenzy!! It's a crazy frenzy. Folks do really stupid things they wouldn't normally do -- but since there's a storm coming -- they MUST get prepared. Where have they been all year? Don't even TRY to get into Home Depot or Lowes!

In Florida, it starts in January -- everywhere you look there are signs saying "Hurricane Season Is Coming! Are you prepared?" These signs are on billboards, flashing signs beside the road, and anyplace else they can get your attention. By June 1 (the first DAY of hurricane season) the media is in full swing WARNING everyone about the dangers of hurricanes and how we should all have our family prepared for the event.

As the season opens and the first "tropical depression" is spotted wayyyyyyyyy out off the coast of Africa all the weathercasters get super excited and start WARNING us to get prepared. As the storm meanders closer to the US mainland, they get more excited with each mile and the frenzy begins when the Hurricane Center issues it's first 'watch' for the mainland. The storm could be 3000 miles away from Key West and they're trying to figure out where the first WARNING should go up!

Then the storm peters out and disappears. You can hear the disappointment in their voice as they tell about the "last update" from the National Weather Service on the storm. Awwww... They can't wait for the next one.

So for Fay, they've been really excited --they actually have something to talk about! Our first 'almost' hurricane to hit Florida soil. They were almost giddy telling us how often they would be updating us about the storm. So we've been listening to this all week. Listening to dire warnings of what 'could' happen, where it 'could' go.

For those of us southerners who have grown up with this threat -- we take it in stride and go on with our lives. Newbie's freak out. As the storms get closer, I start saving milk jugs-filling them with water and putting them in the freezer. As the rain starts, we fill up the bathtub with water. (My new-Floridian friend spent hours sanitizing her tub -- she was kind of disappointed when I told her the water ain't for drinking! LOL!!) Our electricity goes out if the wind blows at all!

For my family, it's always fun to go to town to watch the hurricane frenzy. Folks buying the stores out of batteries, water, milk and bread. There are usually long lines at the gas stations because folks wait until the last minute--where have they been? In a cave? We really enjoy all the crazies! We just watch the fun because we are prepared!!!

Since the Katrina debacle in New Orleans, all our elected officials have lost their minds when it comes to these storms. Every county within 100 miles around here canceled school today. Farther east, they've been closed all week. Here in Tallytown they canceled school, closed many of the State offices and even businesses closed. They've canceled so many activities -- most will have to be rescheduled. My opinion? What a waste!

We've had rain today, just rain. Not even any bad weather -- no thunder, no lightening, no tornadoes. I guess you could figure "better safe than sorry" but seems to me they could have used a little common sense and saved a lot of money. They KNEW the storm wouldn't be here today --so really, what's the big deal?

We've had some big limbs and some trees fall --but that's from being full of water more than anything else. I may change my tune as Fay glides through the area -- but as of now, she's been kind of a dud as storms go. Not that I'm hoping for more action -- I love the rain and I'm thankful we don't have much to worry about this time. Our electricity, as expected, was out for a few hours this afternoon. I just started supper on our stove (run by propane) while it was still light outside. But the power came back on --so I could finish this post.

So, soup's on the stove, I've had my shower and I'm ready to settle in and see whether Fay's good manners hold out. If we have power tonight, we'll watch the Olympics -- if not, I'll curl up with a good book read by hurricane lamplight. Sounds fine either way!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday Returns!

I've had a great day! Yep! TODAY has been a great day! I'm really thankful for that because I've needed a day like this for a while!

Has your day been as great as mine? Now you're asking, "What qualifies as a GREAT day, Meggy-girl?"

If my attitude was always perfect like, say...The Princess Deb -- or my heart always seemed to be in the right place like...Mama Jil -- or I always had a servant's heart like ...that Daughter of a Polish Man -- or such great wisdom as Fuschia --or great hair like Bella...I would probably say that a GREAT day is every day you make it one.

But since I only have small amounts of these wonderful attributes, I'll say that a GREAT day for me is one in which things just really seem to go MY way!!!

My normal attitude is ...Well, this IS the day the Lord has it can't be too bad, right? But that's just a NORMAL day. Today was a GREAT day!

Here are a few of the highlight's of my day:

It started just after midnight when USA's own Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won the Gold medal in Beach Volleyball! Thank you, Lord! Don't bother asking why this would actually make a difference in MY life...'cuz I don't know...but it made my day better!

Since I stayed up late watching volleyball, it was nice to be able to sleep-in till about 8:30 am --when I seemed to be done sleeping! Thank you, Lord!

I didn't have to go to town early today! Thank you, Lord!

Bex and I enjoyed watching the USA Women's Volleyball team WIN against Cuba. Cuba is the ONLY team that has beat them in the entire Olympic tournament -- so this was a BIG deal! Thank you, Lord!

Then, me and Bex got busy on the computer trying to re-arrange her college schedule so that she could have a 4-day weekend each week. (Since we've always homeschooled, this is a new exercise for us. As homeschoolers your schedule is whatever you want it to be!) We found a fabulous course that we hadn't noticed before and it fit absolutely perfectly into the schedule she needed! It was also the ONE thing she is interested in learning about other than horses!

This 'out-of-the-blue' class solved another problem we had in her schedule. Now, instead of having to walk from one end of the campus to the other in 15 minutes, she only has to walk to the building next door! Thank you, Lord!

They actually showed the Equestrian Finals on television today and we were home to see it! Wahoo! I found out the other day that one reason they weren't showing many of the Equestrian events is that these events are NOT taking place in China. Did you know that? Apparently, due to quarantine restrictions, the Equestrian events are being held in Hong Kong -- not China. Go figure! Anyway, we were thrilled to watch the finals in the individual stadium jumping. Thank you, Lord!

Can you believe it actually got better after all that? It did!!!!

As Bex and I headed to the car to go to town for a few errands and Volleyball practice, we noticed an envelope tucked under her windshield wiper. It had all of our names on it. I opened it to find a sweet "Thank You" note from our neighbor.

Slight detour here ===>Did I mention that Mr. Fix-It is a wonderful neighbor to have --especially if you're a single mom? Well about a month ago, our neighbor called about 9:30 at night, slightly frantic. She had found a huge yellow-jacket nest in her yard that was causing some problems with her daughters and their animals. Of course, Mr. Fix-It went right over and 'fixed' it...and had to go again the next night because the nest was humongous! He loves danger! I'm so thankful to have him!

So...back to the story. Our neighbor's note included a $50 gift card that can be used at about 5 different restaurants. Wahoo! For those of us that rarely eat out, what a sweet treat!!! What a blessing. Thank you, Lord!

We arrived at the college to finalize a few things and Bex got her brand-new college ID. Ummm...may I say right here that that particular part of the day almost made me cry! (ALMOST...My baby is growing up!) Okay, back to the good stuff. Bex liked the picture! That may sound a bit silly to you, but do you know how rare that is for teens? She actually 'liked' the picture. Thank you, Lord!

As we went to the bookstore to check out how much her books were going to be -- we found that the book for the new class we chose is 1/2 the price of the other! Thank you, Lord!

So these are just a few highlights...lots of other good things were mixed in throughout the day. I can't wait to see what else GREAT will happen tonight! USA's Dalhouser/Rogers play for the Gold tonight at 11pm.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Losing sleep...Olympic's On My Mind...

I'm not usually such a fan of the Olympics. Professional sports are not really my thing. But for some reason, the games this year have caught my attention. Even Mr. Fix-It, who is definitely NOT a sports fan, has enjoyed our nightly dose of athletic prowess. I couldn't believe my ears the night I heard him in the living room cheering on Michael Phelps and the relay team. How can you not love the excitement generated by 8 Gold medals?

With that said...I do have a few "other" questions. Can you help me out here? Feel free to answer in the "comment" section (hint, hint)!

Considering each national team has a huge contingent of coaches (i.e., strength coach, dance coach, massage coach, toe-point coach, etc.) come they don't seem to employ a "Fashion Coach"?

Really. Who picks out the eye-makeup these gymnastic girls wear? Could maybe 'somebody' tell the Chinese girls that the bright blue is kind of ...ummm...UGLY? Sorry, but Nastia's 'gold' eye shadow wasn't really doing it for me either.

I have real modesty issues with some of these 'sports' outfits, too. Why must the gymnastics girls wear leotards with their hineys hanging out and the men wear long pants or shorts? Don't they pretty much do the same splits and twirls and twists? Doesn't sound quite fair to me. How can you concentrate on doing a triple round-off to a handstand double front twist on a 4" inch piece of wood when your leotard is climbing up your rear?

Why do the men wear shoes on the floor exercise and the girls go barefoot? Hmmm...

Another question. Why do the swimmers get to wear their warm-ups to get their medal...yet, the gymnastics girls have to take OFF their sweats to get their medals in their leotards? Aren't they cold, too?

Look at Track & Field athletes. Once again, why do the men wear these long spandex shorts and tank tops and the girls wear the briefest...briefs... they can? Do their legs move better? Do they need MORE movement than men? Yes, their thighs are tight and muscled but they are so big they must rub together once in a while...wouldn't the longer shorts offer some relief?

I thought it was interesting tonight that of the 3 American women competing in the hurdle finals --2 had very cut-out tank tops, yet the girl that won actually had sleeves! The interesting tops must not have helped them run faster!

Can we talk Volleyball -- my favorite sport?

Beach Volleyball. Seems interesting to me that the men wear loose sleeve-less shirts and shorts -- yet the girls must see how brief a bikini they can get away with. Why wear anything at all? The sand in those bikinis must be absolutely awful! Does the bikini help them play better?

Why do they only play American music at the Beach volleyball games? Have you seen the girl dancers come out in their bikini's for the time-outs? Doesn't seem very Chinese to me.

Team Volleyball. Same clothing issues here. The men wear loose shorts --yet the girls wear the tight, creep up your butt spandex. Is this fair and equitable treatment for women?

Swimming outfits seem to be a bit better this year with that fish suit they were all wearing. Maybe I should get one...or maybe not...they zip up the back. Could Michael Phelps torso be any longer? I liked watching his mom as much as I did him!

Maybe all the wardrobe issues come down to who wants to watch...or who they WANT to watch.

So enough with the wardrobe issues... tonight I watched grown men riding little boy's bikes. I cannot believe this is an Olympic sport! They looked so funny pedaling...kind of like the Flintstones.

Have any of you seen any of the Equestrian events? Do these sportscasters have something against horses? Maybe we've just not stayed awake quite long enough...Bex is distraught. Here's a thought...maybe they are afraid of showing the starving Chinese people where all the horses are?

I was also blown away when we watched the Badminton finals. Did you know badminton was an Olympic sport? Whew! What excitement!!!

Now that Ping Pong --really exciting! Just what athletic exercise do you need to do to get yourself in shape for this event? Hmmm...they probably train like the marathon runners!

Before the next Olympics we are definitely going to have to make a better plan to record all these late night shows. This staying up late is just about to get to me. I'm glad it will all be over soon. I just watched the US Men's Beach Volleyball team whoop the Georgians. The guys from Georgia were named Geor and Gia. Really creative, huh! Dalhouser and Rogers beat them easily and will now move on to the Gold medal round against one of the Brazilian teams. Wahoo!! Go USA!!! (Sorry, Kelley!)

Even though some of these "issues" don't seem to add up for me -- it's so hard not to get caught up in each athlete's story. These folks work so hard, for so long, to compete for just a few short minutes. I can't imagine how hard it is for those who mess up in that brief moment. I've cried with the best of them during the last 10 days.

The night that Dara (the 41-yr old swimmer) got her Silver medal, she had to go to the medal ceremony, then run to make it to the relay she was to swim next--7 minutes later. The commentators were talking about how she couldn't get emotional on the medal podium because she had to focus on her next event. I wanted to telepathically tell her not to worry...I was emotional and crying enough for us both!

I've always admitted to crying when I hear the Star-Spangled Banner...I've even cried at other country's anthems...I just get caught up in the moment thinking about how proud their mom's and dad's must be. Having a young athlete in the family kind of brings this all home... Do any of you admit to crying when they get their medals? Maybe I'm just weird. Bex thinks so.

Tonight I'm up's after midnight on Tuesday...but that is because I'm baking bread for Mr. Fix-It's birthday tomorrow--I mean TODAY! After making a big deal in my last post about not cooking him breakfast...he will wake tomorrow to his favorite fresh Egg Bread with way too many candles in the top!

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sometimes...they ARE teachable!

This morning during 'shaky-handy' time at church, I gave Mr. Reid (in his 80's) a hug. I thanked him for giving my husband such good advice. He grinned and with tears in his eyes said "My sweet Minnie has been gone 30 weeks today and I sure miss her!" (I'm crying just writing that, of course!)

So now you're asking "WHAT was the advice he gave Mr. Fix-It?"

Isn't it really cool that I can read your mind even though many of you don't ever leave me comments so I even know who you are? Like Sellersburg, Indiana or Marshalltown, Iowa!!! You know who you are...but I would like to!

Oops! ...Sorry about back to the story.

So what did Mr. Reid tell my sweet man? He told him he should go home every single day and give his wife a BIG hug -- no matter what-- because he will really miss her when she's not there!!! So Mr. Fix-It has taken that to heart and REALLY improved his 'Hug-Ratio".

"Now you're bragging!" you say.

Au contrair (French for Uh, Uh!...not really, I just wanted to add that in for Kaluha) After nearly 26 years, I know that Mr. Fix-It would definitely NOT qualify for a medal in the "being romantic" contest. He's so wonderful in other ways, I've come to accept that.

He told me once "Why do you want me to say 'I love you' all the time? I told you 'I loved you' when we got married and if that ever changes I'll let you know." (yes, that's just an old joke...) But sometimes I think he feels that way!

So now to the "Teachable" part... Remember: I attribute this remark to his time spent with some of these godly men who are passing on their wisdom.

Excerpt from a cell-phone conversation on Thursday:

Me: Hey sweetheart, (I call him that sometimes) I'm on my way to my hair appointment.

Mr. Fix-It: Okay...{insert any inane comment here that you like}

Me: So I'll be a new woman when I get home!

Mr. Fix-It: {moment's pause} Well, what was wrong with the old one?

Me: Awwwww! Right Answer!!!! Ding-ding-ding-ding!!!

So the moral of this story, for all you 'young' marrieds...NEVER give up hope. Old dogs CAN be taught new tricks!

Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

11:20? All Is Well

As I touched my dainty feet to the floor this morning, I looked at the clock.

It was 11:20 am (yes, you read that right...eleven-twenty A.M.!!!!)

"Aww shucks" said I. I was sooooo disappointed thinking how sleeping late was such an awful thing; a total waste of my morning-- not cleaning the house, not washing the dishes, not getting the car washed and waxed, not grooming the dogs pulling off each and every flea, not cleaning my kitchen floor with a toothbrush and ammonia and any number of other things.....NOT!!!! Actually, I was quite amazed and very proud of myself for sleeping so late!

Sleeping late used to be a hobby of mine --my brother's say I never slept past the crack of noon! But in the last few years it has become only a distant memory. Not because I don't have the time to sleep late -- but because for some reason I haven't been physically able to sleep late. For some reason, I wake up at 7 or 7:30 or maybe as late as 8 am... my eyes pop open and I can't seem to go back to sleep. Isn't that a sign that I'm getting old? Mercy.

Used to be, Mr. Fix-It would get up shower, dress, kiss me good-bye and leave. All I had to do was just turn back over to be off to sleepy-time again. NOW...for some reason when Mr. Fix-It leaves I just lie there WIDE awake! ...Until this morning.

Okay, a little rabbit trail here... I can just feel you asking... "But Meggy dear, what about Mr. Fix-It's breakfast? Are you saying you don't get up and lovingly prepare a nutritious breakfast for the man of your dreams? What about your husband's health?" Aha! really did ask that, didn't you? Well, here's my answer to that.

A long, long time ago (26 years to be exact)... before me and Mr. Fix-It tied the knot...I told him that if he was marrying me thinking he would have a hot breakfast every morning, then he needed to find some other young, beautiful, kind, loving, sweet, wonderful woman; 'cause that woman ain't me!

He decided that he could live without me cooking him breakfast. I was too good a catch to give up just for breakfast.

Fast forward a few years.... After we had been married several years, being the wonderful, submissive wife that I am... I started feeling guilty about the whole breakfast cooking thing. So I made a deal with him. Here are the parameters of said deal.

IF... he would get up and cook his own HOT breakfast for 30 days straight, no missing days...then (and only then) I would agree to get up and cook his breakfast for the rest of his life.

Remember, we had already been married for a few years when I offered this deal. I knew I would NEVER have to make good on this deal because Mr. Fix-It likes to sleep till the last possible moment and there was NO WAY he would ever cook 30 days straight. And so far, after 26 years, I still don't cook breakfast...except on special days. I did cook for Bex when she was young (I must be a better Mom than wife!). Now, we all pretty much fend for ourselves.

Okay, already...enough marital bliss....back to WHY I slept late.

The Olympics are addicting. Tell me why they don't show the good stuff until 3am. It drives me crazy! This is one of the few times I've wished for cable and Tivo. A few too many nights of this wears a girl out! We also had our first volleyball game last night. After riding in the loud, hot, school bus all the way to Albany, GA yesterday afternoon and not arriving home until 12:30 am this morning; sleeping late was not only a very pleasant indulgence, it was a necessity! (More on the volleyball trip tomorrow.) Bex slept until noon. Although I miss having little ones running around...there are some benefits!

After sleeping the morning away, Bex and I have spent a very lazy day just playing on the computer, eating, sleeping, playing with the cat, and watching the Olympics.

For me, playing on the computer included catching up on Bloggy-World. I read Lea's post about a cool website where you can make your own Wordle's. (Even the Princess probably didn't know what a Wordle was!) You can check it out here. Here's one I did by just putting in my blog address.

You can see it full size by clicking on the image or here. It takes the words most used on your blog and arranges them in a really cool way. I thought it was interesting that the word Lord was pretty big. Maybe I should use JESUS it would be bigger. I laughed when I saw that I must use the word "just" a lot...that's just me!

So, that's pretty much been my day. Sorry if you have a bunch of 'smallies' (like they say in Australia) and don't ever get to sleep in and sit around all day. God does throw in a few little perks when He only gives you ONE (very wonderful, I might add...) child. I hope this doesn't totally freak out all you neat-niks. I don't even care that there are still dishes in the sink and no clean bowls in the cabinet. They will still be there when I get a round tuit. If somebody needs one, they can just wash one themselves--like I do!

Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blessing Counting 101

After reading comments from yesterday's post, it occurred to me that in trying NOT to whine...I was whining! (You should have read the post I deleted...I would be crowned the Whining Queen!!!) Several who have commented privately and publicly in the comments section seem to think I've had a terrible week. My fault, I guess. But it's not true. I'm usually one of those 'glass is half-full' kind of gals...this week is no different...I just haven't been my normal perky self online for some reason.

So...just for the record let me clarify a few things from yesterday's post.

My week has NOT been crummy!!! Yes, things have happened this week that have put more strain on our already strained-to-the-max budget...but God has continued to bless us throughout the whole week as He always does!

Today I'm taking my own course in Blessing Counting 101. Of course, there are too many blessings to count -- but let me 'counter' some of the whining with these...

1 -- Even though my dryer died, it was a blessing in disguise. My old dryer was a commercial dryer in a previous life. It was loud and obnoxious and took forever to dry clothes sometimes. On the other hand, my new dryer works great and even has a short little buzzer that lets me know it's done! I love this!! So, I actually got a wonderful upgrade!! Thanks, Lord!

2--Not hearing from the job interview? Well, just maybe this isn't the job the Lord has waiting for me! I'm not in a terribly big rush to have to leave the house early every morning anyway... so I'll just be patient, send out my resume' and wait for God's clear direction in this matter. Thanks, Lord!

3--My friend, Pat left this earth Monday to spend the rest of her eternal life with Jesus!! How can that be bad? I'll miss her, but her passing was a blessing since she has been pretty much bed-bound since May and was miserable.

I'm thinking maybe Jesus let our mutual friend Edna (who went to Glory in May) meet her at the cool would that be? Here's a picture of a group of us girls who went to the mountains together last October. One of the best trips I've ever taken. Pat hadn't even been diagnosed with cancer at that time. Pat is sitting on the left in blue (in front of me), Edna is sitting in the middle. Two dear friends waiting for me to join them one day. Thanks, Lord!

4 -- One day, our foster-daughter will wake up and realize that her time with us was a good time in her life. Don't know when that will be. Bex learned a lot from her while she was with us--what NOT to do...surely that is a blessing? Although I sometimes feel like those 4 years were wasted, I know the Lord can redeem the years the locust ate. Ya'll can add your prayers to mine that the Lord will protect her in the coming years and she will come back to Him. Knowing God's promises are trustworthy has helped my broken heart. Thanks, Lord!

5--Okay, this one is a bit harder. Having no wheels when you live in the boonies, 12 miles from's hard to see the blessing. But we ARE blessed that Bex has wheels that are quickly becoming "family" wheels. God gave me that van 4 years ago and it was a huge blessing. I can't wait to see what is coming next! Thanks--in advance, Lord!

6--Unless you are married to a pack-rat like Mr. really, truly don't understand what a blessing it is that he carried the dead dryer to the dump yesterday. When I pleaded with him NOT to unload the old dryer from his truck unless it was at the dump...he laughed and said "Awwww...I had a place in the yard already picked out for it!" YOU think he was kidding, don't you? So, one less 'pile' in the back 40 is truly a blessing. Thanks, Lord!

7--Yesterday's full day of rain would normally not be considered a blessing around Lonesome Pine. Mr. Fix-It is self-employed -- so if he doesn't work (which he usually can't, if it's raining) he doesn't get paid. But yesterday's rain was a blessing. He was able to spend the day at home, get the dryer installed and working and we actually had a few "alone" hours to spend together while he was AWAKE! Our dirt roads are a mess, but the horse pasture really needed some rain! Thanks, Lord!

8-- Earlier in the week, my new bloggy-friend at Chel's Leaving a Legacy passed on some love mentioning in her blog that "she likes me!" Hey, Mikey, she likes me!!! Wahoo! Made my heart feel good, even though I was in semi-whine mode. Check out her blog, she's doing a Beth Moore study right now and sharing about what she's studying. Appears to me, she's just one of us Mom's just trying to live her life for Christ. It's very likely she is as crazy as I am!!! Thanks for this new friend, Lord!

9--Today, Bex and me will be meeting with her advisor at the community college so we can get her classes scheduled. Dual-enrollment is tuition free for 6 semesters!!! Wahoo! Thanks, Lord!

10--Tomorrow is Bex's first volleyball game of the season. I'm probably as excited as she is. I'll be traveling with them and keeping the books as I have for the last two years. I love watching her play and I love being the Team Mom! Thanks for the opportunity, Lord!

So my week is very much "NOT CRUMMY"!! -- I just have to sit back and thank my dear Lord for his continued blessing in my life and praising Him for the little corrections that keep my focus on HIM...instead of circumstances. Could someone please just slap me when I get whiny? be honest some of you have...sort of. Thanks, Lord for good friends who love me --whine and all!

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Would You Like Some Cheese with that WHINE?

I just wrote an incredibly long and extremely interesting post whining about my week so far. So sorry you won't get to read it. I deleted it. I'm learning lots of lessons in contentment these days. I'll just give you the high points. [Careful! I can hear your huge sigh of relief that I'm only hitting the high points!]

--Dryer died over the weekend.

--Still haven't heard anything about the job I interviewed for last week.

--Good friend died Monday afternoon. She's with Jesus! Praise the Lord!

--Realized yesterday that even though you spend 4 years of your life 'trying to help' someone you can still be considered Miss Monster. But I know God promised "His Word will not return void!"

--Beloved van died yesterday...It's still in the yard--possible permanent yard art.

--New (to me) dryer was installed by Mr. Fix-It this morning...has a buzzer!

--I now have clean AND dry underwear.

--Old dryer is NOT in my yard.

The Good News?

"Be anxious for NO-THING , but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING let your request be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7 NASB [ ..emphasis mine!]

Saturday, August 9, 2008

C-Day for Bex!

Yesterday was D-Day...or rather C-Day!

We got Bex her first C-A-R! Wahoo!

To say she was surprised would be quite an understatement. She knows how tight $$ is around Lonesome Pine these days --especially with Volleyball season coming and her starting college. All those expenses are bad enough...but gas to GET to those places across the world...well, I still don't even want to think about it. But when God hands you a sweet, sweet say "Thank you, Lord!" and take it!

So the big reveal was last night. We didn't tell her we were going to pick it up.

When her dad told her that this was HER car, she kept saying..."Nuh-uh!" .... "Nuh-uh!".... "Nuh-uh!"

I'm trying to write that out for posterity, but I'm not sure how to spell it! She was just so surprised. She kept saying that through our dinner and even shopping at Wal-Mart. She couldn't believe it! She just knew her first car was really going to be a bomb. She knows Mr. Fix-It will drive anything. So it was sure easy to exceed her expectations!

I think God is rewarding her for being such a great kid and teenager. She hardly ever asks for anything -- and she's always willing to spend her own money for things that parents just ought to pay deodorant, shampoo, etc. I have to put my foot down and say "Put your money away!"

Many times when we're shopping she will look at something she wants, then say "No, that's too expensive" or "That's sure not very modest!" Then another mother nearby will say, "I wish my teenager thought like that!" I just smile and thank God that He's given us such a level-headed girl. Maybe its because we're homeschoolers and have taught her the value of a dollar? Money has always been tight on one income and she can clearly see how we've been blessed. I don't know. She's just so much more trustworthy than I was at 16! Praise God!!!!

Sorry I lapsed into that "how good is my kid?" thingy. You all know I love her and I'm just so dadgum proud of her! We've had our 'teen' issues occasionally, but they don't last very long. Most of our 'teen issues' have involved another 'specific' teen...and that's another long story we won't go into here...but those of you who've known our family over the last 4 years know of whom I speak. Usually, the 'teen' issue comes back to being a 'mom' issue anyway...

So here she is driving her new car. I just noticed that her eyes were definitely NOT on the road...we'll have to work on that!

When she came in to kiss me goodnight last night, she told me we won't be eating Nerds in HER car because "they just go everywhere and make a mess!" Oh, my dear child...just wait!

Stay Tuned.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Whining and eventually ...Listening!

I didn't make it to the mall to walk before volleyball practice yesterday afternoon.

Why didn't you make it before volleyball, you ask? Well, it wasn't because I went over my alloted 3 1/2 minutes posting on Lonesome Pine!

When Bex got in the car to start it -- it wouldn't start! Arrrggggghhhh.... No problemo (I couldn't say 'No Sweat' because I was sweating profusely!) -- I'll just call Mr. Fix-It and let him come home and jump it off because my van has had this electrical problem for over a YEAR!!!! and he hasn't FIXED it! Arrrggggh!

(Did I forget to mention that he's been kind of busy...replacing the transmission in my van and in his truck? Or that he works extremely hard to provide for us? No, I guess not...I was too busy whining...)

So, I pull out my trusty phone and call. Mr. Fix-It tells me that there is some sort of machine there under the carport, ready and waiting to jump-start the battery. He's prepared for this --because he KNEW this day would come!!!! Okay...I'm calm....deep breaths here....

So after a bit of instruction on the phone, me and Bex move the little machine in front of the car, find a long, orange cord, and plug it in. After we hook up the red thingy to the red post on the battery and the black thingy to the other post, I turn it on and we wait.

...Try the ignition. Nope. We wait.

...Try the ignition. Nope. We wait.

...Try the ignition. Nope. We wait...

At this point, we turn the dial on the machine to SUPER-CHARGE BLOW-IT-UP mode!!! (Not really, we just put it on another setting that is supposed to be a stronger charge.)

After a couple more tries, the car starts. Great! Let's go. I smile and explain to Bex that so many times in life we have to just go to Plan B. Not a problem. Don't I have such wisdom? Just passing on the love, here--and not whining (out loud!).

I drop Bex at practice and head to the mall to walk...alone. This isn't fun--it's too much like work. You see, walking with Bex is MUCH more enjoyable and do-able than walking by myself. Yes, she's a tough coach and pushes me --but she is such a delightful girl, it's so much better than me dragging my Plus size body through the mall alone.

If Bex isn't available, I've learned that it is much more enjoyable to be-bop through the mall listening to say... Josh Turner asking me if I'll go with him...or Casting Crowns reminding me that God forgives as far as the east is from the west...or various other music Bex has on her handy-dandy iPod. Thus, not having to think about the drudgery of walking.

When I walk and think-- I start making excuses with myself to stop walking. Or I start thinking about our finances, or how my mouth keeps getting me in trouble, or various other hard things to think about. Then I start feeling sorry for myself and things just go south from there... I'm just so pitiful!!!

So, I'm there at the mall...backed into the parking space to make it easier to jump-start in case the battery is too weak... and I start looking for Bex's iPod (that she had assured me WAS in the car). IT WAS NOT THERE! She must have left it in her purse. Oh, no!!!

I feel desperate! Surely, I can't walk without my props! So, I debate on whether to leave the mall and NOT walk. Can you believe that? I'm actually sitting in the parking lot and debating with myself about whether I should walk --just because I don't have the iPod!!! I am just so pitiful -AND- weak.

So, I tell myself..."Self, if you will just walk for 15 minutes that will be better than nothing...this is an EXTRA day, after all!" Now you know another of my secrets, I lie to myself too! But I step away from the car anyway and head inside.

Now I'm really in whiny mode. You spell that wh.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.n.e.e.e.e.e.e.e! First, my car won't start which changes my best laid plans, my husband hasn't fixed my car, it's hot, gas costs too much, MCS is soooo far away, and THEN I don't have an iPod to listen to...poor pitiful ME!

Do you get like this? Or is it just me? is the gist of my story (finally). I'm walking through the mall. For some reason my feet are hurting --my back is hurting --so I'll just walk the Belk end...then quit. 15 minutes, tops! I probably breathed a little prayer like "Lord, please help me get through this..." or something to that effect.

Then it happened.

I looked in front of me and saw a young man walking with crutches. He only had one leg. Hmmmm...Lord, I'M whining when I have two basically good legs? So, I start praying for him and thinking...

Ummm...what about my young friend Rachel who is in the hospital facing many surgeries on her leg (she was tubing yesterday and hit a dock pole with her leg--had to be Life-Flighted to the hospital)? Why am I whining? Hmmmm...what about my friend, Mary D. who had surgery on her foot last week and can't walk for another 6 weeks? I go ahead and lift them up in prayer to the Father....

Worse yet, I see Mrs. Becky several times a week, who is suffering in her lift-chair every day and can't even move her hands to scratch her nose sometimes??? What do I have to whine about? Am I just a crazy, ungrateful, pitiful wretch, or what?

I'm still walking.

Then, I look over and there is a lady in a wheelchair being pushed by her husband...she'd probably like to walk, too!

I'm still walking.

A few minutes later, I passed an older gentleman with stooped shoulders who was working hard to put one foot in front of the other. But he was walking.

Do you think I'm embarrassed enough here, Lord? Apparently, not.

I'm still walking.

By this time, I've gotten the message loud and clear and have made it through the entire mall and feel just fine...counting my blessings! But God wasn't finished with me yet.

On my way to the restroom I passed an older lady sitting at a table with an oxygen machine. If I DON'T walk--this is probably in my future. Yes, Lord. I'm walking!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me that I am an incredibly blessed woman --whether I have an iPod or not. I have two legs that tend to get me to the Food Court okay, so they can probably go other places too! Forgive me for all that whiny stuff...I'm listening!

Stay tuned. (Don't forget to vote on the sailboat from yesterday's post!)
Casey hosts Finding Beauty Friday -- Check it out!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Want a Sailboat?

I have 3 1/2 minutes to post something today if I want to get into town so I can get a walk in at the mall before Bex volleyball practice. So you have to listen--really fast. I need your help!

Here's the deal... (you know I like deals, but never find any, but I offer them all the time!) ...maybe this is one?

We've been offered a 28 foot sailboat for FREE! After seeing the pictures you tell me if YOU would take it--knowing that it will very likely sit in my yard with all the other projects Mr. Fix-It (who is perfectly capable of handling this) has not completed.

This boat was very sea-worthy when it was parked under these trees 10 years ago. I'm thinking a pressure-wash would go a long way in making it 'look' better!~

Yeah, the pressure washer might need to work really, really hard.

Okay, let's look into a leaf blower too!


So, you tell me. IF you or your sweet Mr. Fix-It had the skills...would you do this? Remember, we do live in Florida -- an hour or so from the water...


Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Six Things You Wish You Didn't Know?

So here's the deal...I've been tagged. Tagged? What in the world is that, you ask?

Well...I'm not totally sure, being the bloggy newbie that I am. I think it means that I have to do something tell people my deepest, darkest secrets. Hmmm...I'm not sure I have any deep dark secrets left...but I'll give it a shot.

My new friend Mama Hen over at Clucks from the Henhouse has tagged me for a meme ...a what? But, it makes me feel special that someone thought of me anyway! At the end, I'm tagging some of you to play. I don't know which is harder...coming up with 6 things or coming up with 6 folks to tag...

Rules of Engagement:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6).
3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).
4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, here we go...Six things you wish you didn't know about Meg in Tally:

1- Hmmm...Wish you didn't know? I have NEVER, in 40-something years, heard my Daddy (who is 71) say a cuss word in anger. I have heard him 'repeat' what someone else said..using the word if it was necessary--but NEVER when he was talking to somebody in conversation or in anger. Here's what you don't want to know... I'm not proud that Bex will never be able to say that about her Mom... wish you didn't know that....

2- I got kicked out of FSU as a Junior! (Please don't tell Bex!!) Yep, I graduated Valedictorian of my high school class, finished community college on the Dean's List...but flunked out of FSU. When I transferred to FSU, my major was PARTY!!! (Yes, I've learned better now...)

3- Today I went for my first job interview in 21 YEARS! I think it went okay, but I was really nervous. The man interviewing me was very nice and personable. I think I would enjoy working for him. Wonder what he thought of me?

4- My most embarrassing moment? Right after graduating from high school I went to Canada with a group of Sheriff's Explorers. We were visiting in the Prime Minister's quarters. Picture dark, blood-red carpet--a butler serving little white cookies from a silver platter. We're on our best behavior. I start to eat my cookie, it breaks apart and falls to the floor...where I promptly step back ON it, thus grinding it into the perfect, crumb-free carpet. Everybody gasps! Then the Sheriff tells the Prime Minister -- "We can dress her up, we just can't take her anywhere!" {{{cringe}}} I truly thought my face was on fire.

5- Since bodily fluids seem to be one of the theme's on this meme... Not a secret-- I don't do vomit. When Bex gets sick she hollers for Daddy -- NOT Mom! Thank you, Lord for a smart child! I was a good mommy once when we were visiting with my brother's family. Five year old Bex woke up before daylight one morning and threw up every hour on the hour for the next five--Daddy was NOT there. So, I cleaned her and sheets five times in one morning. We couldn't wait to get on the road to get back to Daddy!

6- One more thing...hmmmm... My husband proposed on our SECOND date! I said "YES!" on the second date. Now, 26 years later...WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Not that I think I made a mistake--but on the 2nd date????
(Please don't tell Bex!)

So there you have it... Now for the new tag-ee's...


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Monday, August 4, 2008

There's a new train out here in BloggyLand! It's the Blog Train. It's a surefire way to check out other blogs and get comments on your own!

Check it out at at The Sweet Life.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Propane, Priscilla, and Comment Quotas

We're finishing up a nice, relaxing weekend here at Lonesome Pine. With everybody home, no travel plans and lots of hot, hot weather things were pretty quiet this weekend. A lot of sleeping went on, the air conditioner worked hard and well, and my house got a bit of a clean-up for company.

Mr. Fix-It managed to fix my stove in his special way late Friday night --which equates to piecing together several other parts to make one part work! In his defense, he ordered the necessary part off the internet thinking it would be a quick fix. Apparently, there was a choice of two that would probably work on my 20-yr old stove. His guess wasn't exactly right...but he is very resourceful in making wrong parts work. Although I'm happy to have the use of my stove and oven again, I'm not really thrilled messing around with propane gas. Mr. Fix-It went to great pains to explain the science, physics, etc. of why this ummm...gerry-rigging works and is not dangerous...and he has assured me that it won't blow up. But I'm just sayin...maybe he'll get the correct part on it one day?

My sweet nephew will be finishing at FSU next week, so we invited him out for a home-cooked supper on Saturday night. Not knowing if the stove/oven would work properly when I invited him, I had planned a big chuck roast in the crock-pot with potatoes and carrots; and a cold salad. I was glad to be able to complete the menu with green beans on the stove and biscuits and brownies from the oven. The whole dinner and fellowship was wonderful!

Today after a sweet time of worship at church, we had a great Sunday School lesson from Hebrews about keeping our focus on Jesus. I really needed that!

After a quick nap, Mr. Fix-It and I headed back to the church for meetings. He went to a meeting about the future vision for our church's Youth Ministry. Why didn't I go too? The teen belongs to me too? Well, I felt like God could handle things fine without me and my I went to a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer entitled "Can We Talk? Soul-Stirring Conversations with God."

If you didn't know, Priscilla Shirer is the daughter of the famous preacher, Tony Evans. She is as good as her dad...but without the shouting! (I LOVE his preaching...but sometimes can't hear through the shouting!)

This was our 2nd meeting for the Bible study, so we had a discussion about our study from the past week. Let me tell you; the whole study this past week was on our TONGUE!!! Do you know how hard it is for ME to study and contemplate SCRIPTURE FROM GOD about the problems of my tongue? Talk about was excruciatingly painful to see how far MY tongue missed the mark set by God. Thankfully, God's grace and mercy are doled out lavishly! Now, you know why I didn't think it was necessary for me to state my opinion in the Teen meeting. (From all reports, God was able to deal with it quite well without me!)

This week's study is about juggling prize tomatoes. Sound intriguing? I think this gal is getting into a bit of meddlin'!

After returning home, I checked my e-mail to find that FINALLY the comment quota had been met for Thankful Thursday! Hallelujah! Normally, I wouldn't go for a comment quota...but since I asked you all to handle this easy request...I thought I would just throw it out there. It will probably be many years before I can take Kelsey's advice and beg for 25! Actually, I thought it might take a few more days to get 10...thus giving me a bit more of a 'Bloggy-break' but it's nice to be able to post again. I always have a lot to say. I'm trying to keep this as a 'fun' activity for myself and not be too legalistic with myself in trying to post each day...but sometimes I just get this itch to type and spill my guts.

I've spent several days this weekend printing out past blog posts for Bex's book. Reading some of the entries from May reminded me how quickly we forget things that seem so important at the time. In turn, this reminds me that our time on earth are as a vapor...

James 4:14:
14Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

It looks like the school year is going to bring MAJOR changes to Lonesome Pine. I don't know yet just how extensive those changes will be... but God does.

Stay tuned!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sorry, it's the Bloggy Rule!

Just so you keeping with Bloggy Rules...I can't post any excitingly funny adventures until I get at least 10 comments on my Thankful Thursday post. Double digits...

You folks need to do better when it's your turn to write my blog! I would have thought this would be easy to achieve; apparently not!

So, if you're a lurker and you're getting tired of looking at the Thankful Thursday post...COMMENT! As of right now, I only need 3 more!

We're waiting!!!!

Stay Tuned. (Okay, I admit it... I made up this particular Bloggy Rule!)