Friday, October 3, 2008

Memories I Kept on the Refrigerator

Here are just a few refrigerator memories....

This little girl is now 16 years old. It's hard to remember when she was this small. I LOVED those years.

Yes, the picture was STILL on the refrigerator after all these years. (The fridge was newer when she was this age!)

I miss those cute little dresses! She won't wear anything cute like this now! She's thinks that would be stupid. Okay...maybe she has a point.

This magnet has bittersweet memories, too. BB (before Bex) I worked in an office with about 5-6 women. This would mysteriously appear in your office depending on who the boss was mad at that day. I got it a LOT! I guess that's why it retired with me. Remember this, Cynthia?

Other than missing a couple of the people I worked with...I don't miss this at all! But I keep this magnet to remind me of what NOT to do--in a lot of areas.

This is a picture of Bex (R) and her bestest friend at Ms. Sandra's house. Remember, Ms. Sandra had "The Princess Bedroom!"

These two were the bestest friends for a lot of years...until the last few, actually. They're still friends, but they are each chasing different dreams now and have grown apart.

Kind of sad. I miss those days.

Did I mention I feel old?

Enough bittersweet and sad.

This was my motto when I had two teenagers in the house. Babies are easy...try having two teen girls with Learner's Permits!!!!

Stay Tuned!

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TNWalk said...

Love the monkeys.

Kelley said...

Ok, that (adorable) picture never came off your frig for all those years? How did it survive that long? I'm very impressed, again.

And that is awful that your boss would put that picture in your office when he was less than pleased! I don't think I could have handled that...I think I would have burned it!

Meg in Tally said...

Actually, the Boss didn't leave the did! It was a big joke that seemed to make the day better. The boss was always mad at SOMEBODY...the monkeys just told you that everybody else in the office understood and sympathized with you if it was YOUR day!

Mama Weso said...

Duct tape on the fridge? I'm horrified! :)

Fuschia said...

Those are so cute...the pics and the magnets.
Wittle Bex is so cwute! Now when she meets me, she'll already hate me ;)