Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Birthday!


I've known Sandra for about 20 years. That's a long time to know someone and have them still like me! (Kind of makes me feel worthy, like Lea!) I had planned to post a few pictures of Sandra and a much younger Bex. (But since my camera is spending the night with a friend tonight, that little idea just got nixed.)

I do want to share a little bit about Sandra, though. She's a regular reader of Lonesome Pine, but is one of those notorious lurkers. Hope she doesn't KILL me for this...since she's pretty much my supervisor at my new job--that would not be good.

Sandra and her sweet hubby have kind of helped raise Bex. I think Bex got ALL her prissy from Ms. Sandra! She LOVED going to Ms. Sandra's because they would always play dress-up and have tea parties. Ms. Sandra had a "Princess Bedroom" at her house. It was always the bomb to get to sleep in that fancy room. It was prissy with a capital P!Then, when Bex graduated into MAKEUP ...oh, my goodness!

One year for Bex's birthday, Ms. Sandra totally redecorated Bex's bedroom. Believe me when I say TOTALLY!!! She 'designed' a bed to look like a princess throne and had her hubby build it. She sewed everything; the comforter, accent pillows, the window treatment, the lamp shade, even a cover for the trash can! Her hubby also painted all the furniture (dresser, hutch, bedside table, cedar chest, shelves, etc.) to match the bed. THEN, they moved it all in and arranged it while we had Bex safely away from home. She was soooo surprised. It was absolutely beautiful! (I'd love to show you the pictures (that room could have given the Princess Deb a run for her decorating money!)...but don't ya camera's traveling tonight...BEX!!!)

Another interesting thing about I'm REALLY going to spill the that SHE is the one that gave me the infamous pair of red shoes that exploded! I've forgiven her since I had probably had them 10 years, myself! If you didn't read about that most embarrassing day of my life -- read it here! It even has pictures of the blown out shoes!

Anyway, Ms. Sandra is now one of those Wild Wakulla Women...well, actually she's always been one of them, but now she's living in truth again in her beautiful new home there. We're going to her party tomorrow night...we're gonna figure out 'Who dun it in Cattle Skull.' I'm Stella. I've always wanted a cool name like Stella. Mr. Fix-It is the Sheriff, so we'll be SURE to get the truth out of them whipper-snappers!

Stay tuned.

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Laura said...

Just be sure to remind the sheriff of our nation's zero tollerance policy on torture (very sarcastic here).

I look forward to reading about your mystery night. Have a great time Stella!

MamaHenClucks said...

Ooooh! A mystery night! What a fun party to be attending! And happy birthday to your friend!

lea said...

i think my friends have all stuck with me out of FEAR... if they left me, i might blog badly about them....

Kelley said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful friend to do that to Bex's room! What a great idea...