Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Ike Goes A Long Way!

It's Thursday night--this will be my Friday post because we have a volleyball game in Panama City tomorrow night and probably won't make it home before midnight. I surely can't miss a day posting and let the Princess get one up on me! That would just be wrong--not that I'm competitive or anything!!

Bex was outside late this afternoon and took some great photo's of some hurricane bands as they passed over Lonesome Pine. After watching the weather on the news tonight, it appears this was one of the outermost bands -- and really light. Well, if this is light, I sure don't want to have to go through the bands closer to the center. Hopefully, this is pretty much all we'll see of Ike. That's surely good with me!

Awesome cloud structure. It looks like a big, fluffy comforter, doesn't it?

It was so cool to see the sun shining on the tree-tops, yet with these huge rain clouds rolling in.

Now it's starting to look really nasty.

<== Right here... You can just see the edge of THE Lonesome Pine in this picture.

Oops! How did this get in there? (I just can't resist pictures of this gal.) But I wonder...How can this girl love such an ugly dog?

She's actually hugging the dog. Yuck! If you could see how nasty, dirty this dog is you would say ...Ewwww! Gross!

At 16, she still doesn't understand germs...

Stay tuned.

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Grandmama said...

WOW! What awesome pictures. You can just sense the power of God!

Have a blessed day.

Kelley said...

I especially like the first picture!

And also the last...although the picture shows enough of the cute, yet potentially slobbery doggie that I would probably need to love from a distance:-) The girl is beautiful, as always!

Laura said...

Love the pictures! I hope this is all we see if Ike, too.

sheridan said...
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sheridan said...

It is always amazing to watch the storm clouds come rolling in.

Praying that y'all don't see too much of Ike.

Debbie said...

Since you went ahead and fessed up I guess I won't report you to the September to Remember Police.

And the pictures were amazing. What kind of camera do you have?

Oh..and your car is niiiiicccceee.
You practically have enough room for all my remaining children. Just let me know when you want to take them all out for a drive in your new ride :)

Mama Weso said...

Great pix. I like the last one best, especially since I'm not the one hugging the dog!

Kelsey said...

What awesome photos! Stay safe!

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

All I can think is "Now she'll have to take a shower."