Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Day!

Thank you ALL for your kind birthday wishes. As it turned out, I had a very nice day.

To start my day, I didn't have to go in early with Bex...because...I started a new job today! Yep! I am now gainfully employed at an attorney's office in Tallytown.

Now you're wondering, "If she didn't ride with Bex and her car isn't did she get to town, walk?"

Thank you for wondering...I knew you folks really cared about me and our automobile challenges! In fact, a wonderful neighbor of ours left yesterday to visit her husband in Wyoming (where he's working right now). Before she left, she offered me the use of her brand-new car while she was gone. She told me where the keys were and to take it whenever I needed.

At first, I kindly thanked her for her generosity...but said no. But after thinking about the logistics of my day today and talking it over with Mr. Fix-It, we decided to take her up on her offer. So, today, on my birthday, I was able to leave home later in the morning-- driving a spiffy new car. Ain't God Good?!!!

My new job and my new boss are a gift from God. I know He's blessing me with this! This job offers flexible hours so that I can still travel with the volleyball team, enough hours to meet my employment needs, very good starting pay and the chance to work with an old friend. What more could I ask for?

In accordance with the Truth in Blogging thingy...I have to tell you that it wasn't all berries this morning. After Bex left at 7am, I headed into the bathroom to shower and get dressed to impress for my first day! After carefully blow-drying my hair into some semblance of order, I decided to go ahead and put on my makeup... yeah, my makeup...but where is my makeup bag? OH NO!!! It's in the car with Bex. What am I going to do?

Now, I know YOU would never have a dead-makeup drawer...but I do. Clutter is my life. So I started scratching around through this drawer full of rejects --TRYING to come up with something to put on my face so I wouldn't be nekked! Just so you know...I arrived at my new job with no eyelashes and no eyebrows...but I had eyelids, cheeks and lips!

Another thing that was kind of weird...remembering that this is my first job in a LONG I sat in my first conference with the new 'male' boss, two things kept running through my mind. I had trouble paying attention because of these two niggling things.

If you didn't think I was weird'll KNOW for sure when I tell you the two things. Thing #1 -- Did I brush my teeth this morning? I kept running my tongue over my teeth wondering...hmmmm.... Do they look hairy?
Thing #2 -- That orange juice I had before leaving home is really, really, really starting to cause a do I delicately ask.."Um, excuse me..Could we take a time out here? Where is the Ladies Room?"

Thankfully, my friend arrived and saved the day. No embarrassing moments on my first day--except for the no eyelash or eyebrow thing!

After work, I was able to run a few errands with Bex before our volleyball game this evening. At the game, our Varsity came through in high style and very handily won their match. Thank goodness! I was worried this might be a tough evening. So much for MY faith in the team! Huh?

After the game, the team gave me a sweet little party with cookies, cupcakes and Cokes...(such creative alliteration!)

THEN, after the team party, my buddy MamaWeso treated me to dinner at Sonny's. Then on to McDonald's for ice cream. Can you beat that? Forget the food --just being able to spend a few hours with my buddy and mentor was a HUGE blessing for me!

The only drawback of our evening was not really bad...but Good...but kind of phone kept ringing with well-wishers. My dad and all of my brothers called (who, curiously, all wanted to talk politics with me on my birthday?), even my foster-daughter called me for the first time in months!

The frustrating thing was that MamaWeso and I had to keep remembering where we were in our conversation before the phone rang! And for gal's who are 40+ that can be terribly frustrating!!! Thankfully, she loves me and was patient and understanding as I answered the calls. Normally, I would have let them go to voice-mail -- but tonight WAS my birthday, after all!

So, I finally arrived home (in my new car) about 11:30pm and the dogs just about attacked me because they didn't recognize me! I had to talk really fast as I got out of the car. They aren't very smart -- so it took a minute or so for them to figure out it was just me!

It has really blessed my heart to read all your sweet comments. Although points were offered for all the hard work I did by scanning all the old photo's -- I must admit that I did not scan a single one! I simply copied Lea's idea and took digital photo's of them all -- then posted them. I do believe I should get the points anyway because you all 'thought' they were scanned!

I'm also awarding myself a huge 100 point bonus because Grandmama from DanceMommy's blog posted a comment on mine!!!! Woohoo!!! I've never met Grandmama, but I LOVE the sweet, encouraging comments she leaves on her daughter's blog. I'm thinking my mom would have done the same. Thanks, Grandmama!!!

So for our bloggy contest -- A September to Remember -- I'm remembering today that I am loved. Thank you.

Stay tuned!

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lea said...

glad your day was full of new beginnings, brushed teeth, and time with friends....

Lori said...

So happy you had a good first day at work.

Laura said...

No eyelashes?! Oh the horror! Occassionaly I have run into this. My only help is glasses with dark frames. They distract from the fact that I am wearing no mascara :)

I'm going to have to try that thing of taking pictures of pictures. I'm too lazy to get Scott to show me what to do AGAIN to scan photos in.

So glad you had a good day.

Kelley said...

Well I was ready to give you major points for a lot of stuff but since you awarded yourself such a hefty amount of points I better save them for later (we wouldn't want you to get waaaaaay ahead of the others in points so soon, would we?)

I am SO glad to hear that Mamaweso was patient while you received your phone calls since going ANYWHERE with her involves HER phone ringing every 2.5 minutes (I'm sure you'll read this mom, so know i love you anyway and I'll forgive you...especially since half of the calls involve my siblings wanting to know if they can have a frozen burrito or something:-)

What are your hours at your new job? How exciting! (will you still find the time to comment on my blog though? I'd hate to lose my most faithful comment-leaver). Well, I'm happy for you either way!

Ok, last thing...if I were participating in September to Remember I'd get extra points for the longest comments. I think I'll award myself some anyway just so I don't feel too left out. Is that ok? Thanks.

Mama Weso said...

Okay Kell, just so you know, I think my phone only range once, perhaps twice, but you are correct that it does ring and it is often a sibling asking for permission to do something. I remember (speaking of remembering -- do I get points) the first time I ever went anywhere with a cell phone -- minutes were precious -- kids had been instructed NOT to call unless it was urgent. The phone rang, my heart skipped a beat and the child asked, "Can I have a popsicle?"

I did enjoy my time with Mary even if half the night was spent listening to her end of the phone conversations -- as well listening to her brother's sing to her when she put the phone on speaker (right in the middle of the restaurants). It was mui fun! (Do I get a point for Spanish words? What does one do with points?)

Mama Weso said...

Ooops that word "range" should read "rang." Hey, does this give you an extra comment? More points?

Kelsey said...

Im so glad your first day went well Meg!

Joan said...

congrats on the new job!