Thursday, September 18, 2008


So....yesterday I had the car after work.

I went shopping at Wallyworld.

After spending way too much of my first paycheck (even though it was quite fun!), I bundled my purchases into the spacious trunk of my daughter's car --which wasn't quite as spacious as it should be because it had a big bag of horsefeed, Bex's doctoring box (full of horse remedies), and other sundry horsey stuff. (How's that for a run-on sentence, Kell? Points worthy?)

As I was driving out of the parking lot maze (if any of you have been to the new Wallyworld, you know what I mean!) I stopped at a stop sign before crossing a small cross road (within the parking lot) that had the right-of-way. Yes, I really stopped all the way. As I looked both ways at the cross road, because of my stop, my tote bag fell over in the floorboard. As I started across the road, I glanced down to assess the spillage. When I looked up (as I'm halfway across the road) over my left shoulder, I saw a car slam on brakes. Where did it come from? I had looked! It wasn't there when I looked!!!

So...after vigorously mime-ing my apologies to the other driver for pulling out in front of her, I went on across the little road and continued to my destination.

After picking Bex up from Mrs. Becky's, we headed towards home with a Publix stop first. As I was driving, I thought I would bring up my little "faux pas" as a teaching moment for Bex. Surely, she could learn a great lesson from her mother's mistake. Right? Don't all the great psychologists say that we should admit wrong in front or our children to show that we're not infallible? Trust me, don't buy that junk!

Well, I proceeded to tell her of the incident, highlighting how easily even someone who has been driving over 30 years can get distracted and make a mistake while driving. Orating with such eloquence and insight on how even I, the perfect driver (and mother) could make an itty-bitty mistake, I was sure she was soaking this in and learning a deep, drivers-ed lesson from my admission.

Then, she spoke.

"That's great, Mom! Now you have something to tell everybody in the whole world something stupid YOU did for a change, instead of telling everybody all the stupid things I do!"

I was shocked!!! The NERVE of that child!!! I birthed her, don't ya know!!!

She didn't learn a thing! Her mother did!

NEVER, EVER, NEVER admit to your 16-year old
when you do something stupid!

Lesson learned.

Stay tuned!

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Laura said...

I don't think you did anything stupid. That driver was probably speeding abominably which would explain why they were suddenly there when you started across the intersection.

And I'm trying to think of the last stupid thing you told us about Bex. Nothing is coming to mind.

Meg in Tally said...

Thanks, Laura. Us moms have to stick together!

Unfortunately, she's right and I'm guilty ...and I do tend to run my mouth about some of her sillies...maybe just not on here.

lea said...

never admit anything again.. just blog it for us and hope she won't read it...

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OOOHHHH Meg, I am in SSSSSOOOOOOO much trouble!!!

My oldest is about to turn 11. How am I EVER going to keep from having this kind of conversation EVERY WEEK OF MY LIFE until he graduates to adulthood???

OOOHHHHH I'm in trouble.

Lori said...

Are you talking about the one next to Costco? That whole area IS a maze. I have taken the wrong turn several times and found myself at a dead end instead of back on the main road.

Kelley said...

Yeah, just share all of your funny, embarrassing stories on your blog so at least we can enjoy them WITH you!

♥ Bex said...

Yes, mother! lol you can share all you want, JUST DON'T WRECK MY CAR!!!!! I LOVE MY CAR!!!

...and I LOVE YOU! lol ♥

Colleen said...

Ha ha ha...sorry to laugh, but, well, its not my kid saying that. YET. But they will. And when they do? You may laugh back! ;-)

Thanks for the advice!