Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Dear Destini

Before I get into today's September to Remember post... For Contest Purposes: I want to clarify that the post about my brother Beau was supposed to be dated September 2. I had already posted for September 1 -- but somehow with all the formatting glitches, the 2nd ended up on the same day. So...FOR THE RECORD...(whomever is keeping the RECORD), I have posted each far! (For those keeping score, because of the glitches, I'm awarding myself 25 points just for the frustration level...)

I finally figured out how to go back and fix it, and I have. So now, if you're curious and look back at the dates you'll think I'm a crazy person (which I am) for putting the paragraph above... just trying to adhere to the truth in blogging rule....

Thank you.

Now, on to today's post.

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Today I want to tell you about my niece, Destini. She is celebrating her 24th birthday today.

I remember the day she was born very well.

Back in 1984, Mr. Fix-It and I lived in Havana in a single-wide mobile home. We had only lived there for a few months.

Early one morning, before I had even gotten up to dress for work, there was a terrible banging on our back door. I jumped up, threw on my robe and went to find out what the commotion was all about. Or maybe Mr. Fix-It answered the door...but I was right there, I'm sure. Does it matter?

Anyway, we opened the door to find one of our neighbors from across the street. He said, "Your brother is on the telephone and needs to talk to you." (Can you believe, in 1984 we didn't even have a telephone? We had moved in a few months before and had not saved up enough money to have one installed, yet. Now, we even have cell phones and I can't imagine being without one…but you do strange things when you're young and newly married!)

Since Mr. Fix-It does not have a brother, I knew it must be one of mine. So I ran across the street to talk to my brother on the neighbor's telephone. It was my brother Randy, telling us the good news that he was a proud daddy of a baby girl. He couldn't have been happier! A Daddy at long last.

Happy Birthday, Destini!

Since my brother's family lived way down south, it was quite a while before we got to see this little beauty-I really don't even know how long it actually was.

I do remember that every time you would see Destini, she would be in a different outfit. I'm not sure she ever wore the same one twice! When she and her parents would visit for Christmas or whatever holiday at Granddaddy's, she would be bathed several times during the day and her outfit changed. Dirty was not in her Mom's vocabulary.

For church or special occasions, Destini was always decked out in ruffles and finery. Her Mom's choice -not necessarily Destini's. Now, I wonder if you could even wrestle her into something with ruffles!
(Sorry about the spots on the picture...must be that non-archival plastic!)

I remember she had (has) the most beautiful, thick, rich dark brown hair. As a child she always wore it long, long with bangs. Everybody said she reminded them of ME as a little girl! Growing up, I did wear my hair long with bangs and we both had that ever present sprinkling of freckles!

Oops! How did that get in there? That's me in 3rd grade...does she look like me?

This is obviously one of her prom pictures...nope, no ruffles there!

This is Destini with her family a few years ago. She's so grown up!

Now, Destini is in her 2nd year as a school teacher. She teaches English and is going back to school herself to get her Master's Degree. It only took a few months of teaching to let her know that being a classroom teacher was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

Last November she married her red-neck beau, Wes. He likes to hunt. He fits right in with our family.

Stay tuned.

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lea said...

will you have a birthday for every day in september.... that would be AMAZING and yet you might receive way too many points for that....

Lori said...

I loved all the pictures of Destini, especially the hair. I'm more of a change my hair once a decade kind of gal, so seeing other people change it up so much is great fun.

Laura said...

We can give ourselves points?!!!

MamaHenClucks said...

I think that she does look like you! I love going through old photo albums and I love seeing other peoples pictures, too!

Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday!